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Ways to Save Energy | Rules for Facebook

October 26th, 2012 by Vigilo

The stark reality is that you can’t save everyone. True, this is an empowerment website, and it will continue to work towards empowering others. But we also must be cognizant of the fact that there is only so much energy we have to expend. In order to positively affect the most people, we need to chose how to expend our energy and time wisely. One of the ways to save your energy is to follow some simple “Rules for Facebook.” This post will highlight 2 stories to drive home the point and explore ways to save energy.

“War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.”
― George Orwell, 1984


A bird was lingering around the truck tire for several hours. The truck was behind a restaurant establishment, sandwiched infront of one vehicle and behind another. It came time to play musical chairs with the vehicles and change positions since shifts were changing for work at the establishment.

The vehicle behind the truck was pulling out to leave and the vehicle in front would take its place. The truck would pretty much end up where it started.

As I went to move the truck, I pushed aside the bird a good 3 feet away from the truck tire. This was a significant area since it hadn’t moved for quite some time. I proceded to pull away to let the one vehicle out and the other in. So as I am off to the side, watching the rotation, what does the bird do? The bird walks 30 feet over to the wheel of the car about to back in!

Dodo Bird | Ways to Save Energy | Rules for Facebook

there was a picture of our actual ‘deathwish bird,’ but phone was stolen, so you’ll have to settle for the Dodo.

As I watched the bird disappear under the wheel, I was reminded that you can’t save everyone. If someone has a deathwish, sometimes there’s nothing you can do. That damn bird didn’t move from danger for hours, then when it was whisked to safety, it actually traveled great lengths to get back into danger!

Not to equate a person with a bird, but you can’t deny that plenty of people are similar to the Dodo. You can only spend so much time on them as they wish to willingly be culled. Many more people can be helped if we focus on ways to save energy and not waste it on those who won’t be helped.

Procinctu is still dedicated to arming the public with knowledge, but the public isn’t always seeking knowledge. Whats worse, sometimes the public blocks and deletes knowledge.


“He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.”
― George Orwell, 1984

Imagine yourself in the next story. You have a friend who posted a photo on facebook. Now, we dont care if people ignore the truth, it happens all the time. We do care when people delete the truth….it’s a bit too close to 1984.

The photo featured your friend with First Lady Michelle Obama. The caption went something like this, ‘the worst picture of me, but with the best people…’

You couldn’t resist the quip, “If living extravagantly off of the taxpayers and advocating the malnourishment of kids in school is the best, then yeah, the BEST”

Instead of ignoring you, or asking what you meant, or telling you to ‘shut up’ or something, she actually just deleted the comment. Does she not know about the lavishness in which the First Lady lives at other’s expense, or doens’t she care? Does she not know about the Michelle Obama endorsed Federal Guidelines for school food, or does she not care? Why should you spend any time thinking about the answer?

These Parasites in Power should not be able to live a 24/7 party lifestyle with other peoples money. And some lawyer (First) Lady, who was court ordered to ‘voluntarily’ cease practicing law, should not be able to direct people on their food choices.

Then and Now , Eisenhower and Obama | Ways to Save Energy | Rules for Facebook

Then and Now

Then, Mamie Eisenhower personally paid for the salary for her ONE personal secretary.

Now, YOU pay for the Michelle Obama’s staff of over 20!


Supposedly, we still have freedom. If someone wants to keep their money in US dollars, consume posionous salt, not utilize coconut oil, etc, they have the freedom to choose that.

“The Ministry of Peace concerns itself with war, the Ministry of Truth with lies, the Ministry of Love with torture and the Ministry of Plenty with starvation. These contradictions are not accidental , nor do they result from from ordinary hypocrisy: they are deliberate exercises in doublethink”
― George Orwell, 1984

That said, there are some who will delete facts and prevent others from gaining the knowledge. So it is still up to the individual to SEEK knowledge. ALL of the Information is there if you are ready for it. It ultimately is your choice, whichever one you make.

One great source, Craig Ballantyne, often says “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” When people are ready to make positive life altering changes in their lives, we’ll be here ready for them.

For example, if the censor crowd weren’t so insecure in their positions, we could have had an honest discussion about the Obama food topic. Instead of just mandating less sodium, why don’t they educate people on the CORRECT sodium? Salt is Good and you NEED it in your diet. Or let’s take vegetables, instead of just mandating to eat more veggies, why don’t they first talk about the sources of the veggies. Organic vs Conventional vs Genetically Modified is a huge difference. Unless you think that all public schools supply organic produce, in which case, you may leave this website now. We can go on and on with the food, but back to the topic.


Many times though, even when you throw facts in someone’s face, they are still hopeless. In the video below, you can see an amazing example of the process. In it, We Are Change’s Luke Rudkowski presses people on the street about dangerous and sinister policies of Barack Obama.  However, as he frames the questions towards Obama supporters, he explains them as Romney’s policies. All of the interviewees HATE the policies. Luke then admits that all the policies are actually Obama’s. What happens? Most of the interviewees actually become defiant and still maintain their allegiance to Obama! It is a video like this that makes people like Hitler possible. These hardliners are the ones who wave enthusiastically to Jews as they marched into Auschwitz. Forget them and get back to ways to save energy. There are plenty others you can reach instead.


We have to balance between wasting resources on converting people and truly helping those on the fence, ready to learn.

What can we really do? We can save the bird and push it so safety. But how many times must we waste time on one bird? Unfortunately  there comes a time when we just morbidly watch on as the bird executes its deathwish.

If a friend doesn’t want to even SEE a challenging point of view, it’s probably best not to wander into their zone any more.

How about most people with their government’s fiat dollars? If they want to go down with the ship, clinging to their paper ‘money,’ there is only so much you can say. Just move on to someone who thirsts for your knowledge. How many times must we warn them of impending collapse? Should we waste all our energy trying to get one person? No, it is best to spend energy reaching the most people as the undecided or ignorant will be more likely to grasp it.

You also need be a a little selfish with your time. You need to look out for yourself because you are no good being on the ship too. If you go down with the ship, just how many other people did you rob of gaining your knowledge?


Another angle is to look at the voting in the US. In the 2008 election, 130 million people voted. 130 million out of 213 million eligible voters! Let’s say you were on one side, trying to raise support for your view… 35 million are really supportive and 35 million are really against. That leaves 60 million who can be influenced and another 80 million who don’t want to be bothered. Why would you waste time arguing with the 35 million who just won’t see it your way? Instead, it is much more productive to craft a pitch to appeal to the 140 million who can be reached.

When dealing with ardent opposition, it may be best to employ a ‘one and done’ strategy, especially on social networks like facebook. Why sit at a computer and debate on a facebook thread when the chances of you converting them are slim.


When is comes to Facebook, you can lose A LOT of valuable time and energy. The “Rules for facebook” system to employ is this….

  • Make your comment, whether it will be received well or not
  • If someone asks a question, you may answer it
  • ONLY present facts, using our facts, we can get this done n 1 or 2 posts
  • NEVER get into a debate

If they don’t get it by a total of 3 posts, they probably never will…

Even now, you may find yourself defending capitalism….in America! Seriously, if someone doesn’t realize that people ESCAPE communism, there is not much you can say on a facebook post. Are boaters fleeing Miami to go to Cuba? Are South Koreans risking their life to enjoy the North Korean communist dictatorship? Hell, why not leave the Berlin Wall in place? Yet, you still have those who subscribe to communism. Why even waste your breath on them.

Maybe South Koreans knew Gangnam Style was coming, so they had to flee to the freedom of North Korea…

You are better off looking for the people who don’t know the difference between communism and capitalism. Educate them on the UNEQUAL BLESSINGS that await you in capitalism versus the EQUAL MISERIES under communism, where the state owns everything and you have no private property. (thanks Churchill)

O- “You are a slow learner, Winston.”
W- “How can I help it? How can I help but see what is in front of my eyes? Two and two are four.”
O- “Sometimes, Winston. Sometimes they are five. Sometimes they are three. Sometimes they are all of them at once. You must try harder. It is not easy to become sane.”
― George Orwell, 1984

Of course these “Rules for Facebook’ are for the political stuff. You can leisurely ‘comment’ and ‘like’ away when your friend posts the day’s 18th picture of their son.

Just remember, whether it is freedom, food, political systems, exercise, diets…..whatever, you can approach everybody once. There are ways to save energy and “Rules for Facebook” is one place to start. If people want to spend time arguing instead of learning, then move on and don’t waste time with them. There are plenty other lost sheep looking for a shepherd, even if they don’t know it yet.

“Until they became conscious they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious.”
― George Orwell, 1984

To be Culled or Called…Find your flock.

disclaimer: unfortunately, all examples used in this post actually happened.

Average American’s Voting Guide 2012

October 25th, 2012 by Vigilo

Mitt Obama or Barack Romney? These guys are the same, right? Does it really matter for whom the vote is cast this November? Maybe you can protest the system and just vote for Gary Johnson. Wait, Gary who?…. This is the dreaded ‘who to vote for post’ from an empowerment website. We’ll call it….. “The Average American’s Voting Guide 2012.” If this is totally unamusing, at least scroll down for “THE REAL THREAT” and the “NDAA.” Read the rest of this entry »

The Savage Nation has been off the air for several weeks. Following Michael Savage’s victory in court over previous syndicator, TRN (Talk Radio Network), Savage has been a free agent looking for his next ‘team.’ Michael Savage was listed in Procinctu’s Top 12 Information Resources for 2012, so we have been tracking the situation, especially with an election coming up in the US. Starting October 23, 2012, Michael Savage Returns to the airwaves just in time for the election stretch run. Read the rest of this entry »

Whether we accept reality or not, there ARE perpetual threats of large scale disruptions, be it man-made or natural. Admitting that the possibility exists for flooding, EMP attacks, financial collapse, earthquakes, tornadoes, war, and so on, does NOT leave you captive in the land of conspiracy theories. Though it is true that your location will determine the likelihood of these threats coming to fruition, they are all real threats nonetheless. Survival preparation is paramount in ensuring you and your family are better equipped to handle whatever comes your way. That’s where Squad Survival School steps in.

Is being prepared for disaster worth your time? Is attaining the skill of self-reliance really gonna make much of a difference? Can it really ever get that bad? The answer to all of those questions is an unequivocal YES!

survival preparation | squad survival school |

Squad Survival School comes recommended by Sovereign Man who was featured in our Top 12 Information Resources for 2012. Why? Because Squad Survival School boasts a hodgepodge of instructors with backgrounds consisting of army snipers, hunters, martial artists, marksmen, marines and adventurers. We’ll just call the line-up organized chaos, which is actually quite fitting since they will help you to be organized during chaos.

The array of survival preparation skills to be learned is quite impressive. But what is even more notable, is their self-imposed instructor to student ratio, capped at 1 : 2.5. For the mathematically inept, that means for every 5 students there will be 2 teachers. This allows for a more personal experience in which you can maximize the time spent with instructors and gain more from their knowledge.


More knowledge? Great! What’s that you say Thomas Jefferson? “…the important truths, that knolege is power, that knolege is safety, and that knolege is happiness.” Yeah, we agree. So just what kind of knowledge can be gained from the Squad Survival School? Let’s take a look at an agenda for their next 5-day course, Intro to Survival.

If you were to lose EVERYTHING tomorrow, would you be able to survive?

Day 1:

  • Bug-out plan review and priorities
  • Scenario discussions
  • First Aid
  • What to expect
  • Gear analysis
  • Working with others in squad formation
  • How to escape
  • How to lead
  • Train to survive

Day 2:

  • Camouflage and disguising techniquesghillie NOT girlie | survival preparation |
  • Ghillie suit and approach
  • Target detection (how to spot one trying to kill you)
  • Target analysis
  • Field navigation exercises.

Day 3:

  • Bug-out exercise to the hills
  • How to build a debris shelter (where you will sleep)
  • Fire pit construction and maintenance
  • Kill the food
  • Prepare the food (this ain’t KFC)
  • Find the water

Day 4:

  • Mistake analysis and preparation for next night
  • Base defense
  • Move in formation
  • Rifle marksmanship training
  • Focus on Position, Sights, Trigger Control, Breathing, Repeat ability.

Day 5:

  • After Action Report
  • Review of what was learned
  • What works, what doesn’t, how to improve

There it is, the Intro to Survival course. This particular course runs October 17-21, but it is SOLD OUT. However, if you are ‘cool’ in any way, you are going to want to make the next one. Sign-up HERE to receive updates on future courses.

The only thing that is certain in these times is uncertainty. Though it is hard to predict which specific calamity will strike, having survival preparation will greatly increase your chances of prevailing.

So, if you were to lose everything tomorrow, would you be able to survive? Check out Squad Survival School for your survival preparation. And make sure the answer to that question is a confident HELL YEAH!

Manipulation of Silver has Run Rampant

October 10th, 2012 by Vigilo

Silver Manipulation | October 2012 | In Plain Sight


Silver Manipulation is nothing new. For thousands of years, the elites have devised systems and techniques in which to cleverly steal from others. However, in sheer magnitude, the story of modern day silver may be unparalleled in all of human history.

Manipulation of Silver | ocotber 2012 |


Though the motives are uncertain, the manipulation taking place is not. Is the cabal’s interest in silver suppression only to prop up the US dollar for a little longer? Or are they quietly acquiring physical silver while shorting its paper price? Whatever their motives may be, let’s take this time to review events from the past week to put you in a better position to succeed.

First, we begin with a recent Ted Butler column published on 24hgold.comTed Butler has been a constant voice calling for investigations into silver manipulation and has been publishing content concerning precious metals online since 1996. He recently published ‘The Arguments Against Silver Manipulation‘ to take a devil’s advocate approach and run through the points of those who disagree with manipulation. JPMorgan has been the ‘alleged’ biggest culprit in the silver manipulation. Those who disagree that silver manipulation is even taking place often point to these reasons for JPMorgan’s short positions:

  • JPMorgan is selling short paper contracts aggressively in order to buy physical cheaply.
  • JPMorgan is only hedging for clients.
  • JPMorgan is only selling more silver short to serve as a counter party to speculative buying.
  • JPMorgan’s COMEX short position is offset by (presumably long) OTC positions, netting out and neutralizing the COMEX short.

To which Ted remarks..

‘Interestingly, none of the arguments defending JPMorgan’s concentrated COMEX short position denies that the position exists; the arguments attempt to excuse or legitimize the position.’

Here are a few other points form Ted’s column, and then we will get into a current example..

  • …’The CFTC has certainly denied that a Silver manipulation existed on multiple occasions in the past, including public explanations in May of both 2004 and 2008; but since the evidence of a short side concentration by JPMorgan was revealed in August 2008, the Commission has been investigating silver again’…
  • …’The bottom line is that after 4 years, no real response has been offered by those who should have responded’…’because to respond, risks expanding the discussion further. If they say anything, it risks truly opening up a legitimate debate. That’s because they (JPM, CFTC, and CME) know there is no legitimate explanation possible. So blatant is the short concentration by JPMorgan that any attempt to legitimately explain it away would invite additional scrutiny…’
  • …There is no excuse possible that would permit JPMorgan to hold 31% of the entire net COMEX silver market (minus spreads) or for the four largest shorts to hold 49% of COMEX silver (as of the most recent COT). Just to give you a sense of the lopsided nature of big shorts compared to big longs, on the same methodology (no spreads) the 4 biggest longs hold only 13.4% of the COMEX silver market. JPMorgan, alone, holds a position more than 2.3 times larger than the 4 biggest longs combined. That’s obscenely manipulative…
  • …JPMorgan has sold roughly 80 million ounces of paper contracts short on the COMEX over the past 2 months, increasing their total silver short position to nearly 150 million oz. Does this mean they bought 80 million physical ounces in the past two months or that they had the 150 million physical oz all along?…
  • …150 million ounces is more silver than the Hunts or Warren Buffet ever held and we are to believe JPMorgan amassed that position secretly? Did JPM get it from Bear Stearns? You have to use some common sense here – if JPMorgan ever did hold 150 million oz of silver, I would bet they would drive the price to $500, not short it aggressively…
  • …Regulators would never permit Exxon or Saudi Arabia to hold a concentrated position that comprised 31% of the entire oil futures market, no matter what cockeyed excuse was offered. If any US bank held 31% of the corn or wheat futures market, heads would roll the day it became known. It is the outsized concentration that is the issue, not the invented excuses…
  • …Without JPMorgan’s additional short sales, the reasoning goes, silver prices would shoot up dramatically. Hello? This is what I’m saying, namely, that without JPMorgan in the picture, the price of silver would be dramatically higher…

We know that there is silver manipulation. But now let’s see it in action following Silver Doctors timeline of events.

It has been discussed that the $35 spot price was critical for silver and if it held that level for several days, another outbreak to the upside would ensue. On Thursday, October 4, Silver Doctors reported that silver spiked through $35 at the opening of trading..

Silver clears $35 on the COMEX open after consolidating above $34.90 overnight:

$35 | silver manipulation | October 2012 |

And is then immediately raided by the cartel:
cartel raid | silver manipulation | October 2012 |

Then on Friday, October 5th, SD called out widely known Kitco for erasing evidence of the cartel silver raid.

Kitco has just decided to erase the evidence, as they have just removed the entire manipulative takedown from their charts. There’s no manipulation in silver! See? Show me on the chart any manipulative price action!‘This morning’s raid just after it occurred:

big raid | silver manipulation | October 2012 |

And on NetDania:

raid | silver manipulation | October 2012 |

And poof: like that, all evidence of the NFP raid is simply digitally erased!

raid gone | silver manipulation | October 2012 |

See? What silver manipulation?

Also on Friday, Silver Doctors spoke more about the ‘flash-smash’ on the price of silver. The goal was to keep silver below the $35 level….by flooding the market with about 50 million ounces of paper silver!! The headline read Cartel DUMPS 1.5X US ANNUAL SILVER PRODUCTION on futures market in 5 MINUTES on NFP release. [1 silver contract = 5,000 ounces of silver]

Net Dania’s spot silver chart, which is not a precise futures volume measure but approximates the volume, indicates nearly 10,500 contracts were dumped in a span of merely 5 minutes, and half of those were dumped in a span of 2 minutes between 8:30 and 8:32am EST.

dump | silver manipulation | October 2012 |

Surprisingly, the takedowns are having less and less of an impact. In spite of the massive amounts of short sells, silver still held it’s own to finish the week, though missing the $35 mark.

Next, on Monday, October 8, Silver Doctors once more pointed out the sharp drop in silver during Asian trading.

This week’s silver COT report revealed that the cartel piled on another 31 million ounces to their net shorts, bringing the commercial net short position in silver to a mind-blowing 289 million ounces.

Thus, it should be no surprise to SD readers that the cartel has just initiated another water-fall decline smash in silver.

Silver had been trading in a tight range near $34.50 over the first 2 hours of Globex trading, prior to being sent down another mine shaft to $34.20.  The cartel made 3 or 4 attempts to initiate a 2nd wave of selling, and finally triggered the raid as silver again dropped vertically another .30 to $33.90, and a 3rd wave took silver under $33.70:

october 8 drop | silver manipulation | October 2012 |

Clearly the cartel understands just how significant a break through $1800 gold and $35 ($35.50) would be for the gold and silver markets.
Rather than retreating to higher ground, they appear ready to throw everything but the kitchen sink at the precious metals market.

Either that, or a hedge fund just dumped about 20 million ounces of silver on the market in 5 minutes at 9pm on a Sunday evening to ensure they received the worst possible price for their position.

With these events all taking place within 3 trading days, an SD contributor put out a column contending that the cartel is at risk of flipping over the precious metals poker table.

Frequently, silver worrywarts claim the cartel can ultimately control the price of silver, and that no advance will come beyond levels the cartel deems appropriate.  This logic fails in the face of the 12 year old bull market.  More to the point, the argument fails to factor the importance the powers that be assign to keeping the rigged game going.  Sure, the cartel cheats.  It’s like they play poker with 15 extra decks of cards under the table, able to pull needed cards at will just as easily as manufacturing naked short sales.  But they sure as heck don’t want to flip the entire poker table over and end the game forever.  It’s critical that you understand this analogy.  On an incremental basis, as the cartel’s manufacture of naked shorting becomes increasingly brazen and ever more separated from the realities of the true physical market, they run the risk of flipping over the poker table.  They lose all power to control paper prices when the game is seen by all as over — when the poker table is flipped over.

…More and more people are coming to understand what the cartel is doing and these people are buying the dips.  You don’t see it on the COMEX as easily as expressed in the comparison above.  But the buying is here, and it’s not going away.

In early September when silver first challenged $35 there was quite a bit of discussion in the precious metals community about the cartel having the ability to crash the price back down to the $32 and change area — if not a full retest of $30.  I noted at the time it was unlikely given the qualitative shift that had happened with physical market demand.  Indeed, that case proved out — and will continue.  For all the monumental capping efforts the cartel has executed, they’ve only been able to get silver to just a bit below $34 on a spot basis for mere hours…. The past two months have proven to be a cartel failure and the smart money knows it.

So Now What?

buy on dips | Manipulation of Silver | ocotber 2012 |

They look happy…..MUST be buying!

Silver For Beginners has always advocated acquiring silver in its physical form. But while doing so, you need to have a white knuckle frame of mind. It is a volatile market in which to be involved. You see that it’s paper price fluctuates greatly and you need to take the roller coaster mindset. Or you could always cling to your fiat paper dollars while rocking it on the Teacups…

teacup | Manipulation of Silver | ocotber 2012 |

US Dollar ‘security’

Acquiring the physical, we want to try to buy on the dips. However, in 5 years, you won’t be that upset if you bought your silver at $27 an ounce vs $35 an ounce. All that will matter is if you actually have silver or not. Keep in mind the current pricing paradigm is only temporary.

That’s the long-term. But now, in the short-term, there is some heed to pay to all of this market and silver manipulation. You need to have a firm standing and not get restless IF the cartel does suceed in taking silver down into the $20′s. Instead of getting discouraged, thank them, and BUY MORE PHYSICAL.

Possible Scenarios?

We need to understand that the global money masters didn’t gain the power they have by being stupid. There is a reason they are ramping up short positions right now. Is it because they fear what will happen if the US dollar’s weakness is exploited through further rising precious metals? Or do they know more tumultuous times are ahead for the Eurozone and that will stun silver in the near-term? A further Euro crises may result in a relative US dollar strength. Though the supply-demand fundamentals can only see silver down for so long, be prepared for another take down.

Just remember, eventually, silver is in for a dramatic rise. In the face of the paper market, investment demand, industrial demand, and global population will only continue to grow (unless Bill Gates has his way). And with those growths, a disconnect between the paper and physical markets will become more pronounced. The long-term value of silver will rise, not unless the companies that make phones and computers can figure out how to do so with paper certificates of silver instead of the real thing.

We DON’T know for sure, but here are 2 ppossible scenarios resulting from the short sells:

  1. JPMorgan knows precious metals and global commodities will tank with the final stage of the Eurozone crisis and they will hold their positions with that KNOWLEDGE…and totally crush all speculative holders of paper silver…
  2. Just like Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers, JPM IS prepping for the worst and plan on biting the dust. That, or be reconfigured and taken over through government bailouts and/or stimulus… in this case Goldman Sachs will be there to reap the rewards of assets.


We DO know for sure that global reserves of silver are dwindling. At current consumption, there are no longer decades of silver available, but only several years or months worth. We can do the math of what will happen if consumption increases in any sector. Yearly, Global Mining production is already consumed as it is pulled out of the ground. When demand increases, where will the silver come from?

For that reason, Silver For Beginners and Procinctu will advocate staying in buy mode for the foreseeable future. Whether today’s silver is $27, $35, $50, $65…..Our tomorrow’s target is much, much higher.

That said, we still believe the big-time, ultimate silver price won’t be realized until AFTER the Eurozone crises is figured out. All fiat currencies are weighted against each other, so a Euro fall would likely result in a strong US dollar. We only just now started Spanish Revolution 2012, so there are still many moves to play out. Also, large scale war would stun the silver market initially, but give it an even bigger boost shortly thereafter.

In closing, as you acquire your PHYSICAL precious metals, understand why it is in the central banks best interest to suppress precious metals prices. Silver and gold are your way out of the system. By delegitimizing precious metals, the average person is kept ignorant of the power they really possess. The only way the money masters can control the mass of people is if all the people are enslaved to their system.

Harriet Tubman once said, “I freed a thousand slaves, I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.” If only the average person knew about the rigged game, we would have revolution tomorrow. Even in the bastion of indifference, the United States of America (and by extension, the world).