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In any given time, in any given land, a segment of the population looks 5, 10, 20 years ahead. That is not to say that those people do not also live in their ‘here and now.’ But they are cognizant of trends, and how those trends correlate with world history. They then are able to plan their own course of the future, based on lessons of the past. Geopolitical hot spots come and go, empires rise and fall, but the script stays the same. One script is that of firearm control.

Soveriegn man 2012 email | Firearm Control | Warning to Americans and Gun OwnersBeginning with an e-mail from Sovereign Man on January 2, 2012, Simon warned of 6 things. These were what he believed to be ‘mathematical near-certainties’ that the ever expanding federal government would tackle in the coming years. Simon even noted that the timing of these certainties was loose. Some things may happen in 2012, others in 3, 4, or 5 years. But as it were, at least one of them did gain momentum in 2012. Number three on the list…..gun control. Simon was not the first to warn of this step to tyranny, but his is just an example used to show you that with the correct information sources, you too can plan for what is to come.

According to history, firearm control precedes tyrannical actions. Ask the ol’ boys Pol Pot, Mao,  Hitler,  Stalin, Idi Amin, etc. just how well firearm control worked for them.



Whether you like it or not, the point of the Second Amendment was not to sanctify hunting. That’s included, of course, but the Second Amendment pertains to much bigger responsibilities than that. It’s about your responsibility to protect your country and your liberties….protection from enemies both foreign and domestic. Firearm control stands in the way of that responsibility.

Let’s be real though. Some guy named Bubba, armed with a bunch of military grade weapons in the woods, is not going to fare well in taking on the government. Even a foreign invader would make pretty quick work of Bubba. It’s just not realistic to think otherwise. However, if you have a bunch of networked Bubbas, or a neighborhood fortified with Bubbas, the task becomes a bit more challenging. Firearm control would obviously prevent that defense network from being successful.

That is why the most naïve viewpoint regarding guns is…. “I believe in gun rights, I just don’t see why people have to have military style weapons. Just the police and military should have them.”

Hey, that’s a brilliant idea! So only the people who are most likely to abuse their power, should be allowed the best weapons! WRONG!


They would if they could, They will when they can.

In light of last month’s highly anticipated executive orders by President Barack Obama, there are much more sinister motives beneath the surface. On the face of it, these actions by the president may appear as ‘benign’ and ‘practical,’ but don’t be fooled. Not only will Obama’s executive orders NOT stop a madman, but these orders were a call for sycophants to move on firearm control nationally AND locally.

So do you see what’s going on with massive firearm control? Well then the next section makes it all come together.

DHS secures over 1.5 BILLION bullets

In less than 1 year, the Department of Homeland Security, National Weather Service, Social Security Adminstration, etc. have accumulated over 1.5 Billion (with a B) rounds of ammunition. Why the sudden need for so many bullets? To put into perspective, it is estimated that only 70 million (with an m) rounds are used per year in the Iraq War. Looks like DHS is getting ready for quite a figh-…er, uh, a training exercise.

hollow-point | Firearm Control | Warning to Americans and Gun OwnersThat’s not even all though. Hundreds of millions of the bullets are reported to be hollow points. A hollow point bullet is one that has a hollowed out tip. Simple enough, right? Well, when that hollowed tip reaches it’s target, it expands. By expanding, penetration is decreased, and more tissue is disrupted. That ‘more tissue’ equals more blood loss and a lodged bullet in the target.

All is well, though. You are just a conspiratorial skeptic if you fail to see the reason to train with hollow points. Naturally, when you can’t find that reason, you will ask the next question? But don’t. You aren’t supposed to be thinking about that question. It is just a coincidence that firearm control measures are being taken while the federals are stockpiling ammo. Instead, watch American Idol or something productive like that.

The Plan?

O.K. fine, ask the question. What are they getting ready for? It doesn’t make sense to train with such ammo, so why do they need so much of it? This site has written many times before about societal collapse and moral decay. Things are moving lightning fast, both in the U.S. and abroad. The Petrodollar won’t be around forever, and the U.S. won’t be the global reserve currency forever. But the powertrip of those in high places will continue.

Of course, not to endorse any illegal activity, but just as a commentator, one would not be surprised to see a coup attempt in America. Law-abiding citizens will only take a methodical gun grab for only so long until they react. That is what a novelist would see here. A government prodding it’s people to react, in order to justify bringing the hammer. Is more firearm control just the tip of the iceberg?



procinctu silver | Firearm Control | Warning to Americans and Gun OwnersThis author, being a devout Catholic, is still aware of numerology and astrology. This being the Year of the Snake is a big deal. In fact, 3 of the biggest events in America during the last century occurred in Snake years. Stock Market Crash of 1929, Attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, and the Twin Towers destruction of 2001 all happened under the Snake.

Here in 2013, it is not a stretch to say something big is in the works. A major world changing event is expected. Firearm control ahead of that event may soften the response from the citizenry.


Back to Bubba | Their Threat…Bubba’s Glory

Now for some fun. Let’s play a little extremist, right-wing, fantasy scenario. Let’s pretend the friendly British were coming to greet you circa 1780. They were equal distance from three neighborhoods, and were deciding which to attack. Their scouts report that:

  • One had no guns. They believed only in peace.
  • The other had only pistols. They believed the other weapons were for the military.
  • The final had a bunch of Bubba’s armed with pistols, rifles, cannons, bayonets, swords, dogs, fire ants….. they even had a turtle sub in case there was a flood!

Which of these neighborhoods do you think the British would likely attack? Which would they go after next? Which neighborhood would they avoid like the plague?

Now let’s modernize the scenario. Replace British with Chinese (crazy, the Chinese government would never harm you). Next, let’s just switch out some weapons. Who would the Chinese attack? Even moving beyond the neighborhood example, you can see who China DOES dispute with right now. Are they more enthused to mess with Tawain, Japan, or India?

Hell, you can even look to a school yard for a similar example. Who will the bully pick on? That kid you is armed with martial arts mastery……that weird kid who plays with knives….or the wimp who always tattles? O.K., so maybe not the best example, but you should get the point by now.

Again, ONE dude isn’t going to be much of a match to an army. But you can tell a lot about a government’s intentions, by their firearm control and the infringement on that dude’s RIGHT to acquire the firepower.



There are many instances throughout history where we see that it’s not firearms, but firearm CONTROL that kills.

All you have to do is go back several decades to Nazi Germany. Many Germans were either naïve as what Hitler was doing, or they were so wrapped up into his nationalist Socialism, that they were willing to look the other way. Think about it. A segment of the population was rounded up and exterminated. Neighbors, business companions, long-time associates, and friends……all gone… the name of….

Is that an extreme example? No. Why? Try reasoning with one of Obama’s followers. You can argue they are borderline cult like. You don’t think a segment of that population would pledge allegiance to Obama over all else? How do you think they would react to a gun confiscation order or any tighter firearm control? Call Procinctu radical or a conspiracy quack or whatever… but we don’t believe they would hesitate for one second to honor Obama and NOT the constitution. They would shoot you without a second thought….. for the common good, of course.

Do you think the history would have been different if the first Jews in Hitler’s Germany showed resistance? But with no weapon, what fight could they put up? Though at first, many of them didn’t know they would be exterminated. But at some point, they did. Firearm control was an aid to see them go along sheepishly into the night.


In recent months, we have seen a purge of numerous combat generals in the U.S. Military. Why?

Then, there is this Full Disclosure episode from Ben Swann. In it, Ben addresses the rumor with Dr. Jim Garrow who claims the Obama administration is weeding out top military brass who are unwilling to fire upon Americans. Below is the video.


Heresay, of course. But why would the military be needed to fire upon U.S. citizens? Suddenly it all makes sense. Remember, Obama wanted to create the Civilian Security Force to be ‘just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded’ as the military. Didn’t that short mustached guy from Germany have a similar force a few decades ago? Just look at the drones in the background of Obama’s little declaration. You don’t think they wouldn’t shoot you or take your guns?? Ha ha.


And there is this, which was kind of picked at random since Procinctu is such a proponent of REAL RAW milk. It’s really an interesting video about food freedom and the war against raw milk. But if you want to stay on point, forward to 11:11 of the video. When the sheriff deputy is asked if he would confiscate guns of the citizens of their county. You’d think it would be an easy answer…..


islamist | Firearm Control | Warning to Americans and Gun OwnersHopefully it all comes together for you by now, these are extraordinary times. Some of us would much rather be watching Sidney Crosby have another multi-point game for the Pittsburgh Penguins. But as it is, we are stuck researching firearm control and how these sycophants are trying to strip away our rights.

Stay vigilant. Even if this round of firearm control is staved off, you can bet your ass they will try again. Their whole existence is based on controlling you and maintaining their power. And they know that the bolder they get, the more likely something like a coup may be attempted. And the more economic conditions worsen, the tighter their vice grip becomes.

As governments grow, and their deficits deepen, their need for control must follow. Firearm control is just one type of many forms. Recognizing this sequence will help you to prepare in whatever way suits you and your family. For some, it may be moving to a rural area. For others, it may be getting out of dodge completely (expatriation). Yet for some, it may be fortifying their current residence. Everyone’s situation is different, but the overall threat to liberty is not.

Beware of terms like ‘public safety’ and ‘practical’ and ‘common sense.’ The opposite is likely true. In most cases, when a government overreaches to ‘protect’ you, it just means that you’ll lose something or be worse off by it. Also, we don’t doubt that Obama is just playing his part. This effort to disarm America, we believe is bigger than one man or one group… much bigger.

Moving ahead, there will always be a segment of the population aware of the impending future, even at the ridicule of others. Conversely, there will always be a segment of the population whose main purpose in life is to limit the freedoms of others. In between, will be the sheeple, pissing in the wind, and getting it all over you. Position yourself wisely. Or Mr. and Mrs. America, turn ’em all in.

a bat if you need it | Firearm Control | Warning to Americans and Gun Owners

Here is a bat.