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Tax day 2013 will also be known as the ‘Day of Terror.’ From the bombings at the Boston Marathon, to the economic terrorism in the gold and silver market, this day will catapult us into the next era. (I’m sure an Alex Jones devotee can have a field day connecting the two)

We first will briefly address the Boston Marathon bombing. Briefly, because it seems to be the only attack noticeable by the mainstream media, and the coverage is already plentiful. So I will only add that may God comfort those that need comforted and that the rest of you pay attention. An even tighter clampdown of ‘security’ is expected. And hopefully you just take a moment to appreciate what you have.


The rest of this Day of Terror post will be dedicated to the never-before-seen economic terrorism in the gold and silver market. Even totally missed the mark on this one. The day following the event, NOT ONE headline was mentioned concerning gold and silver. However, if a divorcee or a heavy metal robot was of importance to you, then you were in luck!

But what’s worse, if you did go to Drudge on the Patriot Day of Terror, this was one of his stories for gold and silver.


abcnews | New Day of Terror | Boston Bombing & Economic Terrorism of Gold Silver


That is just incomplete logic. The article makes no mention of manipulation, no mention of the COMEX, no CME, no JPMorgan, no HSBC, no ScotiaBank, no shortselling, no margin call requirements, no supply, no demand, no differentiation between the paper price and the real physical price, etc. I just wonder if this Richard Davies character is really this ignorant or if he is deliberately misleading people…

Oh, and HIS reasons for gold’s ‘fall’?? “…the recent rise in the stock market, the slow, steady improvement of the US economy and the recent strength of the dollar.” HA HA HA

Well, I’m sorry, but if  one believes this drivel from the mainstream media, then maybe they do deserve what’s coming to them. This information is laughable. If one doesn’t realize that, and they don’t search for the truth, then there’s not much you can do for them.

The brilliant Richard Davies uses the term ‘investor.’ But even here, his understanding of an investor is flawed. Is a big bank shorting a market an investor? Well yeah, but not at all in the traditional sense. Are high-frequency traders considered investors? Maybe, but the term ‘speculator’ is more appropriate.

To me, a real investor in the gold and silver market is someone who takes their wealth, and physically invests it in the actual metal. So let’s take a look at THESE investors. Upon the price smash, they went out in full force and began investing even more into what they believed to have value, real physical gold and silver. Now you will see the disconnect between reality and the fictitious financial world we are conditioned to live in.


While supposedly investors were flocking away from gold and silver, in actuality, they bought it all up! Silver has since become very difficult to get at a decent price…..unless you enjoy paying $6 premiums on a basic American Silver Eagle. So let’s take a look at some of the major suppliers in America, and how much silver they have left to sell you. Then you can ask yourself again…. Is the gold and silver market collapsing?…. Are investors fleeing from silver? | New Day of Terror | Boston Bombing & Economic Terrorism of Gold Silver | New Day of Terror | Boston Bombing & Economic Terrorism of Gold Silver


apmex | New Day of Terror | Boston Bombing & Economic Terrorism of Gold Silver | New Day of Terror | Boston Bombing & Economic Terrorism of Gold Silver

Hopefully by now you can see this is just a set-up. It is a big con game perpetrated to give the illusion that ‘investors’ are leaving metals. They want you to believe the illusion that all is well with the US dollar… all is well with the Euro…. all is well with the world…. and every other la la land mind control they want you to believe.

In reality, all is NOT well. And you best start preparing for the inevitable future. Lest one day you wake up to a bank holiday with your wealth stolen Cyprus-style. In that case, you will experience the Day of Terror up close and personal.


In truth, this stunt is actually exciting to me. No, not the bombing, but the fact that the days of the 10%+ swings in silver and gold are here! The Ted Butler’s of the world have been anticipated these times for decades. Because the cartel took the price so low, they in turn will cause a shortage or at least shipment delays. In that case, the price that JPMorgan or the government wants, won’t really matter. Companies and industrialists will need to acquire the silver at any price necessary so that they can keep production going of whatever product they are manufacturing. Will a COMEX default be next? Will paper contracts be settled in paper dollars? Is enough metal even available to satisfy the demand?

So indeed, these are exciting times and we are on the verge of a new era. If you haven’t already, start buying your physical silver now while you can. Even if it’s on backorder, lock in your price and wait the four or five weeks or however long it takes them to ship it.

On the Day of Terror, we are one step closer to the next paradigm. It’s about time we get prepared to live in it.

Disclaimer: Invest in gold and silver at your own risk. Whether you buy gold or silver or you put your faith in evil sycophants, I am not responsible for your decision.

Have you struggled to diet in order to get lean? Does the thought of counting calories and being miserable sound a bit crazy to you? Welcome to the club! Under Eating and Intermittent Fasting may be just what you need.

fight club | Under Eating | Use Intermittent Fasting to Get Lean W/OUT Starvation

join the club.

The great news is that in this article I’m gonna show you how getting lean (I’m talking a body fat % between 10 – 18%) doesn’t have to be as hard as the supplement companies and muscle mags want you to believe.

As vital as exercise is in stripping body fat to get into ‘peak season’ shape, the truth is that what you EAT is the key whether we like it or not.

The problem is that most of us are confused and bogged down by counting calories and examining macronutrients and weighing food portions to the gram. The truth is that you do NOT need to go to such extremes.

Under Eating | Intermittent Fasting

An easier way to re-organize your diet without putting your life on hold is by under eating and intermittent fasting. This tactic of under eating involves going a set period of time without eating any food. Simple huh?

digestive system | Under Eating | Use Intermittent Fasting to Get Lean W/OUT Starvation

i need a break.

When you are under eating and fasting, you give your digestive system and liver a break so your body can break down and release toxins. Once the toxins are removed from your body you naturally burn more fat. The other reason under eating works so well is because you keep your body free of insulin(a storage hormone). So there’s no way your body can be dumping fat cells on your stomach during this time.

There are a million different ways of under eating and fasting coming out right now by all sorts of ‘gurus’ but the one simple under eating method I’ve been using is the 16 hour overnight fast.

To do this, I eat my normal evening meal as usual, and then eat my next meal 16 hours later.

So if my evening meal is at 7pm, the first meal of the following day will be at 11am. Easy.

This fasting method is easy since you spend half the time asleep and not craving food! And fasting in this way burns fat and builds muscle at the same time due to your body producing more HGH (growth hormone) and reduced insulin.

breakfast club | Under Eating | Use Intermittent Fasting to Get Lean W/OUT Starvation

wrong club. breakfast is so 80’s.

Just remember the old rule – no matter what, you can’t out train a bad diet.

I can tell you this – under eating and intermittent fasting WORKS. I never thought it would. I couldn’t imagine going without breakfast at first. But after just a few days my body adapted and I now have 10 x the energy for my morning training session that I used to.

Not only that, but I keep my abs perfectly on show all year round without any trouble at all.


“But won’t I lose muscle mass?”

This is the most common question when I tell guys about fasting.

The truth is that most of what you’ve heard about losing muscle mass quickly and ‘starvation mode’ is a pile of stinkin’ horse crap. Studies have shown that you can starve your body totally for up to 96 hours before any sort of muscle breakdown occurs.

This myth is the fault of the muscle & bodybuilding magazines who secretly own most of the bodybuilding supplement companies. They tell you over and over again in their magazines that muscle wastes away unless you eat every 4 hours, just so you’ll buy their high-calorie protein (more like sugar) supplements.

I’m telling you – its nonsense.

How to Start

weight vest | Under Eating | Use Intermittent Fasting to Get Lean W/OUT Starvation

walk with me.

All you need to do to avoid losing any muscle mass is perform a few full body resistance training sessions each week. 3-4 will be fine. Add to this some light walking or cardio for 10-20 minutes in order to reduce inflammation and you’re set. This is the simple and more convenient way to start getting lean and ripped.

Forget ‘bulking and cutting’ cycles. Forget expensive supplements (although they aren’t all bad), and forget long, draining bouts of cardio.

Remember these steps:

  1. Start fasting for 16 hours after your main evening meal (and make sure you include a huge dark green salad and a good carb souce such as sweet potato or pumkin)
  2. Perform 3-4 strength training workouts each week
  3. Add in 10 – 20 minutes of light walking after each session to burn off any lingering fatty acids and toxins from the bloodstream (which will be released and ready to burn thanks to the fasting protocol).


This is a great way to get introduced to intermittent fasting without the inconveniences and psychological difficulties that come with a haphazard approach.


Author Bio:

Justin Devonshire is a Men’s Fitness & Conditioning Specialist. He is the author of the 21-Day Emergency Muscle Building Blueprint – a unique workout & diet plan he used to gain 6lbs of muscle in just 21 days.

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