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Once again, in ‘nothing to see here, folks’ news, the market irregularities in precious metals continue. Previously, yesterday’s silver bomb was brought to light, in which we saw silver tank to open trading. This drop was not because of any change to the fundamentals, and that is why it was newsworthy. But even more newsworthy was the action of silver the rest of the day. It actually made a violent swing back to the upside overshooting it’s original open price. It jumped almost 15% off of it’s low!…in less than a day!

Now, i think there are quite a few people who would be pretty happy to see a 15% return over the course of a year on an investment. So just imagine how one of those ‘connected’ people felt when they pulled off that little magic trick in one day. There is not much more to add to the discussion.

Elsewhere you will see all of the….”There is a cartel out to manipulate the metals markets!”…and the … “Federal Reserve is distorting markets!”…and the… “Hong Kong exchange doesn’t have silver on hand!”…and on and on it goes. Then you will see the… “For sure this is the bottom!”…. and the…”Yeah! Those short sellers are really sweating now!”… and, of course, the….”The game is over! We will see 2,000 silver next year!”

While the manipulations are true, I have no idea when the masses will view silver at it’s proper value. Next week, next month, next year, I don’t know. But I do know that I view it at it’s proper value. The world can join me and others like me when they are ready to wake up. For now, I’m just going to enjoy these graphs and nonchalantly laugh at the whole charade. I encourage you to not be discouraged, but to get a laugh at the charts also (and view silver at it’s proper value if you don’t already). Living well is the best revenge. Now just move along, there is nothing to see here.

silver swing 1 | Silver's Spike | Nothing to See Here Folks | May 20, 2013

silver swing 2 | Silver's Spike | Nothing to See Here Folks | May 20, 2013

Another day, another silver flash crash! The latest silver bomb occurred just after the market opened on the New York Global Exchange. Silver plundered yet again, this time, losing over a $1 per ounce (over 5%) in about 15 minutes.

These flash crash waterfall charts have become more of an amusement than anything else. To my knowledge, there has not been a significant supply source discovery, nor has there been a significant change in demand for silver in industry. So can we chalk this take down as another score for the global bankster cartel? There is this explanation from Zero Hedge. Another possible explanation may be the default in Hong Kong as noted by Silver Doctors…..lower paper price means lower cash settlement. Read the rest of this entry »

Mother’s Importance | Moms Day 2013

May 12th, 2013 by Vigilo

Mother’s Day is here. If I were to properly convey the magnitude of my mother’s importance to me, we would end up with a book that may not finish. As such, this Moms Day web page will be only a fraction of my thoughts. Though not complete, I hope that these few paragraphs will still do more justice than any flowers, chocolates, or Hallmark card ever could (but I don’t buy those anyway). So Happy Mother’s Day, mom. Here is your Moms Day web page.


Thank you for…… well, everything really. Thank you for choosing life for me. Thank you for NOT drugging while carrying me. Thanks you for NOT boozing while carrying me. Thank you for breast feeding me (seriously, research the benefits of this). Thank you for raising me ATTENTIVELY….. and here is where I’m going to sharpen the focus and pre-empt the ‘thank you’s.’

Mother's Importance | Moms Day 2013 | moms favorite hockey played Ron Francis Pittsburgh Penguins

mom’s favorite hockey player

A few texts I saved from you in my phone are “Trav you are unique    goodnight    love u” and “thank you for being you…” Well, mom, thank YOU for letting me be unique and letting me be me. Thank you for raising me! I believe you handled my development perfectly. You instilled in me the morals by which to live, yet gave me just enough freedom not to stifle me. I can’t stress enough the importance of the balance you struck with this.

I see too many whose mothers didn’t care enough about their children’s moral compass. And also, during my formative years (before my teens) we lost the household father figure. (He chose another direction, and eventually a life opposite of the one he had with his wife and six kids) I can’t imagine the burden that put on you, yet you always put on a happy face. You never brought other men into the home (or even out). Instead, you sacrificed all personal ‘needs’ in order to focus on raising your children. Looking back, though our family has it’s problems like any other, it would have been outright totally dysfunctional if not for your care.

With no father figure in the house, I could have easily been influenced by the wrong crowd in that vulnerable age. But instead, (even with my faults) I feel as if I became the man of the house. This can be largely attributed to your guidance and me not wanting to disappoint you. You gave up much and suffered for us, so could I make your sacrifice all for not? So to me, I grew up at a young age and this helped shape my view on the larger state of society, even to this moms day.


Some people say that they live by “What Would Jesus Do?” That doesn’t quite work for me. Jesus was from a different era and I don’t pretend to be on equal footing with the King of kings anyway. So for me, it’s “What Would Mom Think/Say?”

Mother's Importance | Moms Day 2013 | moms favorite color purple

mom’s favorite color

Yes, I’m Catholic and I try to live a life in accordance with God’s will. But also, I consciously ask myself, “What Would Mom Think/Say?” Here, Mother’s importance once again is felt. Though presented with ample opportunity to get too caught up in worldly things, I instead ask if the undertaking would disappoint my mother. I just assume that anything I do will be found out. And I think, when my mom hears of this, would she approve. “Can I justify this to her?” Wherever I am, in whatever age bracket, this question still holds it’s significance.

So mom, thank you for not smothering me. You allowed me to come face to face with things of the world, and let me react with what you taught me to be just.

On this moms day and beyond, maybe we would benefit by asking ourselves “What Would Mom Think?”


To the Mothers of the world on this moms day: Please, please, please, instill in your children a sense of worth. Teach your girls that their bodies are their temples. They must respect themselves and not trash their bodies with negative substances and promiscuity. Teach them to be gentle, yet firm. Be gracious, yet command respect, especially from the boys when courting.

Teach your boys integrity. Their bodies are also temples, but more like a fortified temple. Teach them the proper use of their weapons. Treat people with respect. Stand up for their beliefs, but don’t go around being confrontational with the fellow man. And again, when courting, treat the girl with the respect you would treat your mother. If she is not worth it, then respectfully decline her company.

Mother's Importance | Moms Day 2013 | mother and childFinally, this may seem obvious, but from what I have seen, it’s not. Take the time to care about your children. Make yourself a positive influence and a part of their daily decisions even when thousands of miles or lifetimes away. Start their formation at a very young age and precondition them to live a life of integrity. Then, when the ‘world’ tries to condition them to it’s way, it will be no match for what mom has already ingrained.

Also, I want to say Happy Moms day to my nana. Again, a nana post won’t properly fit in a few paragraphs. But thanks to you as well. Not only for the same reasons mentioned above, but also because my mom used you as her example by which to parent. Plus, in the difficult times, my mom relied on you as her shoulder to cry on. If she didn’t have you to lean upon so many times, would she have been able to continue her devotion to us kids? Thankfully, that question’s answer need not be known.

Mom and nana, Happy Mother’s Day. I love you.

May Day 2013 in here! On May 1, 2013, many of the folks in the ‘silver movement’ will be taking part in a concerted effort to buy physical silver bullion. This being in commemoration of the May 1, 2011 slaughter. That raid that began two years ago saw the ‘price’ of silver plunge 25%! It since has been taken down much more, much more as in 50%. And so on May 1st, 2013, the people strike back…… or not. Read the rest of this entry »