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Most of the world confuses the Vatican II sect (or Novus Ordo Church) with the Catholic Church. Even we used to be of those led astray! However, with the guidance of the Holy Ghost, and God’s grace, we have been led to the True Catholic Church.

The Catholic Church can no longer be found in Vatican City, it longer has a pope, and it no longer has many of the ‘catholic church buildings’ in which it once resided. When trying to alert other souls of this ‘radical’ reality, it is often dismissed. People put up walls faster than President Trump, and we are branded as ‘extreme’ or ‘too intense’.

Hopefully this 2-3 minute video below can act as a gateway. People don’t like to hear that they are led astray and tricked. They don’t want to hear about nearly 2,000 years of church history. They don’t have time to review a history of the heresies against the Church, nor the Church Councils which were formed to combat them. But will people find 3 minutes to review this video? We hope so!