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The Absolute Truth About Coronavirus

April 16th, 2020 by Vigilo

It’s time to reveal the absolute truth about the coronavirus…covid19…Chinese Communist virus…

This truth is not regarding its origin, or the diabolical plans of Bill Gates, or the Wuhan P4 lab, and such… there are plenty of places elsewhere for that. However, this absolute truth about the covid19 coronavirus, concerns the fact that God has permitted it to come into existence, and has allowed it to spread across the world. This is not meant to address specific cases, and prayerfully, those who have succumbed to the virus were able to make amends with God.

Now, Before continuing, I acknowledge that I am not a saint, so please excuse me if the delivery comes across as anything but perfectly charitable. It is just that, sometimes simply pointing out truths will sting those whom are the most in need of them.

This coronavirus, permitted by God, has become a supernatural spotlight on man, exposing truths which otherwise have been hidden or obfuscated until now. It also has greatly diminished many evils, notably, many abortion clinics are closed, and sinful nightclubs are empty.

For the truths exposed, we can see them in every individual… the pious, and the power hungry, the indifferent, and the devout.

The purpose of this article though, is to extrapolate on the bright light shown upon the Catholic Church.

Throughout all of history, in the face of plagues, and in the face of wars; in persecutions and executions, the Catholic Church has always been willing, through it’s clergy, by the grace of God, to provide soul saving sacraments to the faithful. Because as tough as the aforementioned trials may be, they are nothing when compared to the infinitely important salvation of the soul. Further, the clergyman’s very vocation is to administer these sacraments. He is, so to say, defined by them.

And in this time, with the threat of coronavirus, we are able to find peace in knowing that our faith and our Church, which Jesus Christ left for us, is there for us as always. It is prudent and responsible to take precautions. But more than that, we must remember that a virus, manmade or not, can only kill the body. What is of utmost importance is God, who judges our soul.

And so, through the True Church of Jesus Christ, the Catholic Church, we are able to navigate this world without fear.

Naturally, when acknowledging the bright light shown upon the Catholic Church, we can not ignore that which is NOT the Church. Namely, we all have seen the cockroaches of the Novus Ordo / Vatican 2 sect scurry out of the bright light, and into their shadows. For so long, they posed as “Catholics”, took over the Vatican, wrote ‘Catholic’ on the signs of their buildings, fooled numerous souls into thinking they were “Catholic”….but when it came to serving souls in this trying time, they could only display the void they spiritually harbored all along … and they scattered like cockroaches, because they are NOT the Church.

Where are they? Where are these Novus Ordo / Vatican 2 sect clergy?

Now, one might give the hapless defense saying, “The state has closed churches, what can they do about it?”

Well, by divine law, the state has no right to close the Church or forbid sacraments. But what is most damning here, is that many states, including the one from which I write, have categorized religious organizations as ESSENTIAL. The Vatican 2 sect, of which Jorge Bergoglio is the head (whose stage name is “‘pope’ Francis”), shut themselves down without state mandate!

The devout Catholics already know that the counterfeit church has invalidated the ‘Mass’, changed the ‘sacraments’, and promulgated heresies….proving it NOT to be Catholic. But there are still a great many souls still in that false church, who until now have been able to worm their way out of acknowledging this truth. Sometimes they claimed ignorance, family ties, human respect, convenience, etc. But what now? Their so called church has abandoned them. It now is all in the open that these fake priests don’t actually care for souls.

How many souls are awaiting Baptism? Matrimony? Confession? Confirmation? Extreme Unction? (which doesn’t even exist in the false church)

And for their ‘flock’, after decades of being able, in their minds, to avoid confronting the wrongs of the Novus Ordo / Vatican 2 sect, they now are faced with the big bold line between the Catholic Church and this imposter religion. Of course, to any Catholic who knows his faith, the line was already there. But to those who went out of their way NOT to learn the faith, NOT to be confronted with the painful reality that their church was not Catholic….where did all that effort get them?

Here! The point in which God now has shown the light and made it quite clear to them that souls are not the primary concern of the Novus Ordo Religion.

Now what can the Novus Ordo followers who call themselves ‘Catholics’ say? They personally see with their own eyes that the sect they pretended was ‘Catholic’ will refuse sacraments to those seemingly of good disposition. Something the actual Catholic Church can not do.

For these Novus Ordo followers, Catholic Church teaching was deflected… the heresies of the Novus Ordo deflected…the changing ‘sacraments’ deflected… the protestantized ‘Mass’ deflected… but what now? How can one honestly deflect the fact that the Novus Ordo clergy has personally shown them that they care not for souls? How can one deflect the fact that they shut down churches and refuse sacraments because of a coronavirus? They simply can not deflect any longer.

It is time that the decision must be made… the choice to stay on the wrong side of the line, in the counter church…or to finally cross the line, and join the Catholic Church of the ages.

What more reason can be given to not see the truth? There is none.

All that remains now is the free will to offend God or not. What more reasons can be given that one would ignore the truth and remain in the false church? What is holding one back from leaving the church that has shown itself to be a fraud, and instead, joining the Catholic Church founded by Jesus Christ?

Is it ‘too strict’ for modern times? Are the Mary-like standards for modest clothing not modern enough? Is it just too inconvenient to truly learn the faith and catechism and all that goes along with it? Is it for want of human respect? Is it worldly pleasures?

Christ died for us, God gave us our life.

Is it too much to ask that we follow disciplines given to us through His Church?!

Is it too much to ask that we follow the commandments and the guidelines for modest clothing as to not offend God?! Are we slaves to Christ, or slaves to fashion and comfort?

Is it too much to ask to be learned of the faith that is supposed to be the most important thing in our life?! How can we fulfill our purpose, to know, to love, and to serve God…if we refuse to learn how?!

Is it too much to ask to put God first, ahead of our co-workers, friends, and family?! Would you rather acknowledge an adultery as legitimate and offend God, instead of offend the adulterers and obey God?

Is it too much to ask to not watch the sinful movie, listen to that sinful music, take part in that sinful activity?! Is it really worth losing your soul over?

About human respect… do not forget that Christ came “to set a man at variance.” That is to say, not that this was the end or design of the coming of our Saviour; but that his coming and his doctrine would have this effect, by reason of the obstinate resistance that many would make, and of their persecuting all such as should adhere to him. (Read Matthew Chapter 10)

In the Novus Ordo church, many of these things get the ‘look the other way’ treatment, if not actual encouragement. But you know that they always were and always will be offensive to God. So you do have a choice to make with your free will.

You can choose to remain comfortable… stay in the false church.. and do things which you know are offensive to God. But know it is only because you are lying to yourself, because you know that the false church permits such things, not the Catholic Church.

How can you possibly continue in the teachings of faith and morals from a false church, when that same false church has demonstrated to you that it cares not for your soul?! Since it cares not for your soul, then why would you follow it in faith and morals?!

So will you respond to this grace God has given you? The bright light of the coronavirus was revealed the truth in a way that can not be deflected and ignored any longer. How will you respond? Will you be a coward and give in to satan and return to that which you know is not right.. or will you save your soul and leave the false church and the false popes of Roncalli (John XIII) through Bergoglio (Francis)?

God gave you the grace, you have the free will to respond.

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God bless you.