About Procinctu

procinctu: (v, latin) prepared or ready for battle


Every day is a battle…….with external forces, and also, within our inner self. With God’s grace, by challenging modern day conventional wisdom, Procinctu aims to arm you with the ammunition to be victorious in this battle, respect our earthly temples, and prevent the ruin of souls.

Touching on topics such as money, health, fitness, food, morals, etc.,  hopefully you can count on Procinctu for that extra push in keeping your arsenal fully stocked.

Arming the Soul for Physical, Spiritual, and Psychological Combat.


reprofAbout Travis

Though I am not perfect, I seek to serve the one true God – consisting of three persons – the Father, the Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost.

I believe the Blessed Mother led me to find my wife, Анжелика. We were blessed with a son, Zephaniah.

I’ve always seen myself as different and I feel as though I don’t belong in this world. Yet, it is that exact feeling that has convinced me that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be, and God has me here for a reason. There is a certain way I see the world, and a certain way I do things. So this site is my way of sharing those things, and I hope they can be of benefit to you.

Some topics are more palatable than others. Some of the things I say will do the opposite of attract friends. Some may be considered certain internet death. But I decided to go all in as far as what I will address…..anything.

With this wide array of topics, I pretty much ignored all the rules of making money on the internet. This is the opposite of a ‘niche’ site, so there isn’t even really a specific target….everyone is the target audience. Originally, I wanted Procinctu to become a revenue generating business. I’m still open to that, but it is secondary. The main goal is to glorify God. The value of fulfilling this goal can not be quantified in monetary terms.

Politically, I’m a party of one. I call the libertarians and conservatives allies, though I’m not really sure what’s worth ‘conserving’ at this point. So a “nationalistic-independent-conservatarian-revolutionary” might almost describe me. In a perfect world, a form of feudalism could even work better than the charade we have now.

Spiritually, I’m a traditional devout Catholic…..a sedevacantist (the seat of St. Peter is vacant). I used to attend daily Mass of the Novus Ordo church (which most people confuse with the true Catholic Church), but after listening to the Holy Ghost, I have found the true Catholic Church went underground in 1958, as every ‘pope’ since then is a heretic.  Are you still here?  Great.

If I am out of line with anything published, please bring it to my attention. The last thing I want to do is offend God and lead anyone astray.

I like certain heavy metal styles of music (though I haven’t listened to any lately until further information from my priest), and also some ancient sacred music, much of it a cappella.

If you would like to know anything else, just ask.