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Rev. Stephen McKenna makes the defense for rejecting the Covid-19 Injections and outlines the reasons by which receiving the “vaccine” would result in sin.

Before going to the hospital, there are some things you need to consider, as the trip there could very well be your last.

Temporally, there has been enough evidence that some hospitals are not acting in the best interest of their patients, resulting in a worse sickness, or even death. But leaving that for another time, the topic of this post focuses on the spiritual risks, especially for the Catholic, whose end of life sacraments and care from a priest could make all the difference in how one spends eternity.

The following is an e-mail sent by a priest to parishioners regarding his most recent run in with a local hospital regarding their inhumane treatment and disregard for the souls of those who are supposedly under their ‘care’.

Father writes

Dear Faithful,

In your charity please remember in your prayers the repose of the soul of William Harland from our Akron parish who passed away last night. The funeral will likely be sometime next week. I was finally able to get into the hospital to give him last rites this past Friday after five days of fighting with the hospital then again to visit him for an hour yesterday morning. There are some important thoughts below in that regard so I hope everyone will read those to avoid the risk of missing out on the sacrament of Extreme Unction when the time comes. First some thoughts on Bill then the details about problems getting in the hospital.

Many of you in the Akron parish may not have met Bill. He contacted the church in April 2019 and said he had been interested in the Catholic faith since childhood but various obstacles had prevented him from becoming Catholic. He had made up his mind finally to receive instruction (he was 60 when he passed away today).  For a long time his job prevented him from attending Mass on Sundays and often interfered with classes we had scheduled in the faith. We met when we could for an hour or two at a time over the past two years. That was a much longer time than usual for instruction of a convert but he persevered in coming when he could. This past May I received him into the Church with the profession of faith and conditional baptism. He said that was something he had wanted for a long time and it meant so much to him. When he could attend Mass over the past two years he would not stay afterward so most of you would not have had a chance to meet him.

A couple weeks ago Bill sent me a message saying he had covid and just asked for prayers. He said he thought he was on the mend and was doing fine. I had some nursing home visits to elderly parishioners I needed to make so I told Bill just to let me know if anything takes a turn for the worse. There didn’t seem an urgent need for Extreme Unction at that time so I thought it more prudent to take care of the nursing home visits. Three days later Bill messaged me to say he was admitted to Summa Health in Akron (City Hospital). I called the hospital immediately to ask about visiting to give him last rites. They bounced me around different departments for 35 minutes never getting a supervisor despite me asking repeatedly. All anyone would say is there are no visitors permitted for covid positive patients. The importance of last rites didn’t matter to them. Their actual visitor policy says administration can make exceptions to the policy, but they never would let me speak to anyone who had that authority. I messaged Bill to tell him what happened and he responded: “I was hoping to get to see you. I don’t know why they have to be like that.” I asked him if he remembered what Extreme Unction was from our classes in the faith and he responded: “I do remember it from our classes, yes. I would love that to happen, Father. Thank you.” I reminded him of the purpose and benefits of this sacrament and told him I would make sure he receives it. Unfortunately I got nowhere with the hospital staff.

Two days later he called me at 5 am in great distress. He had lost his eyesight and was feeling terrible. He said, “I don’t think I’m going to make it, Father.” I prepared him over the phone for last rites and told him what I would do for him just in case he was unconscious by the time I could get the hospital to finally let me in. I explained that Extreme Unction is valid when received by one who is unconscious provided the sick person has the intention to receive it. But I promised to do everything possible to get in while he was still alert enough to have the peace of mind to know he had received it and when he might still be conscious and alert enough to receive Holy Viaticum (the term for Holy Communion received in danger of death). I asked if I could let the parishioners know so they could pray for him and he said he would appreciate that.

The rest of that day from 5 am until 10 pm aside from Mass and my prayers all I did was fight with the hospital trying to get them to give me just 10-15 minutes to give him last rites. After much pushing I finally got to speak with a supervisor who was unfortunately no help. Then with more pushing I reached the unit director who was the one with authority to grant an exception to the visitor policy. Unfortunately for the next two days she did nothing but try to prevent me getting Bill last rites. Initially her excuse was that he was not critical or end-of-life. She said I could have 10-15 minutes if he became so. I reminded her that covid patients can throw a clot at any time. She admitted that but it didn’t matter to her. I asked how she thinks it is ok to leave a man in distress worrying whether or not he will get the spiritual help he wants? How does she think there is no urgency when a patient calls me at 5 am saying he doesn’t think he is going to make it? How does she think it is no big deal that he has lost his sight and they don’t even know why? I explained I would use all the short forms to be as brief as possible and would wear whatever PPE they wanted. I explained that I already had covid and have multiple positive antibody tests. None of that mattered to her.

I also explained that “danger of death” to a Catholic does not mean the same thing it means to a doctor. For a Catholic we are supposed to get last rites as soon as the danger is present, not when all hope of recovery has been lost and death is imminent. I explained it is much more spiritually profitable to receive last rites when conscious so that one can receive Holy Viaticum and can benefit from the effects of Extreme Unction throughout the course of the illness as well as be able to join their own conscious acts to reception of the sacrament. Again, none of that mattered to her. She simply clung to saying he wasn’t critical and I would be allowed to visit once he was. She said in the afternoon when he finished some tests she would check and make a decision as to whether or not there was reason to allow me to visit. Instead, she called me late afternoon to tell me that she talked to Bill and he doesn’t need me to come because their hospital lay chaplain was sufficient for his spiritual needs. I told her that cannot be true based on very clear phone and text conversations with him and his desperate call at 5 am that morning. I said I would ask Bill myself to verify her claim. Unfortunately they had him out for a test so by the time I could reach him in his room the director had already gone home. Bill told me that is not what he said and he still wanted me to come. In fact, at 5 am that morning since he lost his sight and couldn’t see his phone he specifically asked the nurse to look me up in his contacts and call me. He also gave my number to his mother with instructions to call me if anything happened and she also called that morning. Since the director had gone home I spoke with a supervisor and told her that Bill wanted me to come and that the director’s statement was false. The supervisor said nothing could be done until the next day when the director would be in again. I said that was not sufficient as he needed last rites as soon as possible and it was the director’s fault that he wasn’t getting what he needed. After calling multiple times until 10 pm that night the supervisor finally called the director at home to ask if I could visit. She still refused. I told them they had 2 hours to figure out how to get me in or I would be back with a lawyer in the morning and would go to the media as well. Needless to say they failed to care.

The next day I was busy all morning with a funeral but a lawyer contacted the hospital for me. They told the lawyer the director was not in and they said I was the one pushing to visit the patient and that it wasn’t the patient’s wishes (which is obviously absurd considering his 5 am call and multiple messages to me over days). I made multiple calls to the hospital that afternoon and evening trying to reach anyone with higher authority than the director but got nowhere. Also, I talked to a social worker at the hospital and asked her to help Bill put his wishes in writing as the lawyer had suggested (I don’t know that the hospital ever helped him do this as I never heard anything further from her even after leaving a voicemail the next day). So another day was lost with Bill left wondering whether or not he would receive last rites.

The next day (two days after Bill’s 5 am call) Bill’s mother called me to say they were putting him on a ventilator. He had thrown a clot and had a stroke. That was really frustrating because that was exactly the scenario I was trying to avoid by giving him last rites early. I called the hospital immediately hoping that I could get down there while he was still conscious before they put him on a ventilator. I assumed (sadly mistakenly) that at least now the director would let me in because Bill was undeniably in critical condition. The nurses station put me on hold for the director and she left me on hold 45 minutes without ever taking the call despite the fact that staff said she was going right in to take it. I hung up and called back and they said she was “busy with the family.” I asked them to have her call me back as soon as she was free since it was very critical that I get there before he goes on a ventilator. An hour later she finally called me back but I was at the hospital by then. Meanwhile the lawyer was left on hold 20 minutes at the nurses station without anyone taking the call and the lawyer finally had to hang up.

Since I had absolutely no trust in the director to call me back I just got the Blessed Sacrament and holy oils and drove down to the hospital. As I was walking in the door the director finally called me back. She had Bill on the phone and said he needed to tell me something. She said there was no need to have me come since she had their chaplain (a Novus Ordo “priest”) see him that morning. That’s what she wanted Bill to tell me. Instead, Bill said he didn’t remember anything and he still wanted me to come. She got on the phone and said Bill was confused and there was no reason to allow me to come. I argued with her and pointed out that there was no way she could deny his wishes which she and I both just heard explicitly. Sadly that didn’t matter to her and she denied my visit.

Since I was at the front desk of the lobby I asked to speak with an administrator. They called a supervisor who at first seemed understanding but then went upstairs to talk to the director. She came back down with two security guards and said I would not be allowed to visit and “I’m going to have to ask you to leave the property.” I wouldn’t leave and instead argued with her telling her about the lawyer’s phone calls that the director ignored and about several hospitals last year that got in trouble with HHS Office of Civil Rights for denying clergy visits. I asked if she had read CMS guidance on visits during covid which specifically say provision must be made for clergy visits (she admitted she had never read them and wasn’t even aware of what they say). I said if Bill dies without me giving him last rites the director and the hospital would be sued. I said I was going to publicly expose the hospital in the media and online. She walked away and left me with the two security guards. Ten minutes later someone (I don’t know who) made the decision to let me visit Bill but I would only get 5 minutes. Bill was in bad shape and barely responsive but knew I was there. I had to be quick about everything so it was a good thing Bill and I had already talked about what to expect. There was just enough time to do the short form of Extreme Unction with one anointing on the head and the short form of the Apostolic Blessing and make sure he had the Brown Scapular on. No time to talk or give him any words of consolation. It really was a shame. Even the 10-15 minutes the director had initially promised would have been far better.

Sadly, Bill was no longer able to swallow so he never had the opportunity to receive one last Holy Communion. That was totally preventable and the director’s failure to allow me a visit in a timely fashion was solely responsible (in addition to Summa’s terrible visiting policy). There was also no reason to leave Bill in such a state without the spiritual help he wanted for five days until he barely had consciousness left to know he got what he wanted.

Yesterday morning I was able to visit Bill again as they had moved him to palliative care (presumably because they decided he was no longer covid positive). I completed the rest of the anointings and said the prayers for the dying and a rosary. He still had his scapular on. He passed away last night. May he rest in peace.

The moral of all of this is that if you want to be sure to receive the last rites it is far better to ask me to come give them at home before going to the hospital. Summa has been more of a problem than other hospitals in the past year, so I would especially say this about them, but with everything changing all the time there is really no guarantee with any hospital. I cannot promise I can get in to give last rites once you are in the hospital. I will try everything possible but it is far easier just to take care of it before going into the hospital. Even if a particular hospital has a policy allowing clergy to visit covid or other patients at any time they generally ask me a series of questions about health before allowing me to enter. I cannot lie in answering the questions so if I had any kind of symptom from even a mild cold I would not be allowed in, or if I had been around someone with confirmed covid. When I visited Summa yesterday to see Bill they asked about 20 questions including about travel. It was just ridiculous and far beyond anything reasonable.

The other thing of great importance is when you go into a hospital it is critically important not to assume they will let me in or follow your wishes or even understand your wishes. You have to make it super clear to them that the Novus Ordo is a different religion and you want nothing to do with a Novus Ordo chaplain (even to pray with you). The lawyer told me if the patient is very insistent and does not take no for an answer from hospital staff it is much easier to make the hospital allow the priest to visit. Bill understood this but was not in a condition to be able to advocate for himself very well. Incidentally, this is one of the terrible effects of not allowing family to visit patients; they have no one by their bedside to advocate for them and they are too sick to advocate for themselves. Family just has to take the word of the hospital that they are treating the patient right and respecting his wishes. Bill’s sister lamented this fact to me. No hospital staff would have enough time to give the same personalized attention a family member could by the bedside. It’s so sad. I tried to get the hospital to give Bill a patient advocate but I don’t know if it was ever done.

Lastly, every Catholic should pray often for the grace not to die unprepared and to have the benefit of Extreme Unction if it is God’s will. That way you clearly have the intention to receive this sacrament and it could be given validly even if you are unconscious when receiving it. Also God may grant you this grace in answer to an often repeated prayer. We should also live every day in the state of grace as if we were going to die that day so we will never be unprepared. The saints died in many different circumstances: some old, some young; some with advance warning, some suddenly; some with last rites, others not. But what they had in common was they lived a good life always ready. We should too.

In Jesus and Mary,
Fr. Gabriel M.

The Absolute Truth About Coronavirus

April 16th, 2020 by Vigilo

It’s time to reveal the absolute truth about the coronavirus…covid19…Chinese Communist virus…

This truth is not regarding its origin, or the diabolical plans of Bill Gates, or the Wuhan P4 lab, and such… there are plenty of places elsewhere for that. However, this absolute truth about the covid19 coronavirus, concerns the fact that God has permitted it to come into existence, and has allowed it to spread across the world. This is not meant to address specific cases, and prayerfully, those who have succumbed to the virus were able to make amends with God.

Now, Before continuing, I acknowledge that I am not a saint, so please excuse me if the delivery comes across as anything but perfectly charitable. It is just that, sometimes simply pointing out truths will sting those whom are the most in need of them.

This coronavirus, permitted by God, has become a supernatural spotlight on man, exposing truths which otherwise have been hidden or obfuscated until now. It also has greatly diminished many evils, notably, many abortion clinics are closed, and sinful nightclubs are empty.

For the truths exposed, we can see them in every individual… the pious, and the power hungry, the indifferent, and the devout.

The purpose of this article though, is to extrapolate on the bright light shown upon the Catholic Church.

Throughout all of history, in the face of plagues, and in the face of wars; in persecutions and executions, the Catholic Church has always been willing, through it’s clergy, by the grace of God, to provide soul saving sacraments to the faithful. Because as tough as the aforementioned trials may be, they are nothing when compared to the infinitely important salvation of the soul. Further, the clergyman’s very vocation is to administer these sacraments. He is, so to say, defined by them.

And in this time, with the threat of coronavirus, we are able to find peace in knowing that our faith and our Church, which Jesus Christ left for us, is there for us as always. It is prudent and responsible to take precautions. But more than that, we must remember that a virus, manmade or not, can only kill the body. What is of utmost importance is God, who judges our soul.

And so, through the True Church of Jesus Christ, the Catholic Church, we are able to navigate this world without fear.

Naturally, when acknowledging the bright light shown upon the Catholic Church, we can not ignore that which is NOT the Church. Namely, we all have seen the cockroaches of the Novus Ordo / Vatican 2 sect scurry out of the bright light, and into their shadows. For so long, they posed as “Catholics”, took over the Vatican, wrote ‘Catholic’ on the signs of their buildings, fooled numerous souls into thinking they were “Catholic”….but when it came to serving souls in this trying time, they could only display the void they spiritually harbored all along … and they scattered like cockroaches, because they are NOT the Church.

Where are they? Where are these Novus Ordo / Vatican 2 sect clergy?

Now, one might give the hapless defense saying, “The state has closed churches, what can they do about it?”

Well, by divine law, the state has no right to close the Church or forbid sacraments. But what is most damning here, is that many states, including the one from which I write, have categorized religious organizations as ESSENTIAL. The Vatican 2 sect, of which Jorge Bergoglio is the head (whose stage name is “‘pope’ Francis”), shut themselves down without state mandate!

The devout Catholics already know that the counterfeit church has invalidated the ‘Mass’, changed the ‘sacraments’, and promulgated heresies….proving it NOT to be Catholic. But there are still a great many souls still in that false church, who until now have been able to worm their way out of acknowledging this truth. Sometimes they claimed ignorance, family ties, human respect, convenience, etc. But what now? Their so called church has abandoned them. It now is all in the open that these fake priests don’t actually care for souls.

How many souls are awaiting Baptism? Matrimony? Confession? Confirmation? Extreme Unction? (which doesn’t even exist in the false church)

And for their ‘flock’, after decades of being able, in their minds, to avoid confronting the wrongs of the Novus Ordo / Vatican 2 sect, they now are faced with the big bold line between the Catholic Church and this imposter religion. Of course, to any Catholic who knows his faith, the line was already there. But to those who went out of their way NOT to learn the faith, NOT to be confronted with the painful reality that their church was not Catholic….where did all that effort get them?

Here! The point in which God now has shown the light and made it quite clear to them that souls are not the primary concern of the Novus Ordo Religion.

Now what can the Novus Ordo followers who call themselves ‘Catholics’ say? They personally see with their own eyes that the sect they pretended was ‘Catholic’ will refuse sacraments to those seemingly of good disposition. Something the actual Catholic Church can not do.

For these Novus Ordo followers, Catholic Church teaching was deflected… the heresies of the Novus Ordo deflected…the changing ‘sacraments’ deflected… the protestantized ‘Mass’ deflected… but what now? How can one honestly deflect the fact that the Novus Ordo clergy has personally shown them that they care not for souls? How can one deflect the fact that they shut down churches and refuse sacraments because of a coronavirus? They simply can not deflect any longer.

It is time that the decision must be made… the choice to stay on the wrong side of the line, in the counter church…or to finally cross the line, and join the Catholic Church of the ages.

What more reason can be given to not see the truth? There is none.

All that remains now is the free will to offend God or not. What more reasons can be given that one would ignore the truth and remain in the false church? What is holding one back from leaving the church that has shown itself to be a fraud, and instead, joining the Catholic Church founded by Jesus Christ?

Is it ‘too strict’ for modern times? Are the Mary-like standards for modest clothing not modern enough? Is it just too inconvenient to truly learn the faith and catechism and all that goes along with it? Is it for want of human respect? Is it worldly pleasures?

Christ died for us, God gave us our life.

Is it too much to ask that we follow disciplines given to us through His Church?!

Is it too much to ask that we follow the commandments and the guidelines for modest clothing as to not offend God?! Are we slaves to Christ, or slaves to fashion and comfort?

Is it too much to ask to be learned of the faith that is supposed to be the most important thing in our life?! How can we fulfill our purpose, to know, to love, and to serve God…if we refuse to learn how?!

Is it too much to ask to put God first, ahead of our co-workers, friends, and family?! Would you rather acknowledge an adultery as legitimate and offend God, instead of offend the adulterers and obey God?

Is it too much to ask to not watch the sinful movie, listen to that sinful music, take part in that sinful activity?! Is it really worth losing your soul over?

About human respect… do not forget that Christ came “to set a man at variance.” That is to say, not that this was the end or design of the coming of our Saviour; but that his coming and his doctrine would have this effect, by reason of the obstinate resistance that many would make, and of their persecuting all such as should adhere to him. (Read Matthew Chapter 10)

In the Novus Ordo church, many of these things get the ‘look the other way’ treatment, if not actual encouragement. But you know that they always were and always will be offensive to God. So you do have a choice to make with your free will.

You can choose to remain comfortable… stay in the false church.. and do things which you know are offensive to God. But know it is only because you are lying to yourself, because you know that the false church permits such things, not the Catholic Church.

How can you possibly continue in the teachings of faith and morals from a false church, when that same false church has demonstrated to you that it cares not for your soul?! Since it cares not for your soul, then why would you follow it in faith and morals?!

So will you respond to this grace God has given you? The bright light of the coronavirus was revealed the truth in a way that can not be deflected and ignored any longer. How will you respond? Will you be a coward and give in to satan and return to that which you know is not right.. or will you save your soul and leave the false church and the false popes of Roncalli (John XIII) through Bergoglio (Francis)?

God gave you the grace, you have the free will to respond.

List of locations for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

In-depth book Vatican II Exposed as Counterfeit Catholicism

God bless you.

from Daily Catholic

Instead of partying and drinking to usher in the New Year, Catholics can best prepare for the everlasting years by focusing on the One Who governs the years and determines when we will arrive at our final year before Judgment. It is far better to be in the mindset of being mindful always of the Four Last Things, Death, Judgment, Heaven or, God forbid, hell.

An indulgence of 7 years is granted to all the faithful with a contrite heart, during the last half hour of the year and the first half hour of the following year, shall pray to the Most Holy Trinity in thanksgiving for benefits received; beseeching the same Holy Trinity for peace among Christians nations, for concord among Christians princes, for the conversion of sinners, and for the triumph of holy Mother Church and its visible head, the Roman Pontiff. [In our case, the traditional intentions of a true Pope were we to have one

Signing off on the Old Year

OLD YEAR AND NEW YEAR (From Lapsus est Annus)

A year is dead, a year is born;
Thus time flies by on silent wing:
Thou, Lord, alone canst guide our course
And safe to heaven Thy people bring.
For all past gifts we render thanks;
For graces new we humbly pray.
Oh, grant that we and those we love
May ne’er from faith and duty stray.

O Lord, our daily wants supply;
Protect from sickness and disease;
And deign to give, O God of love
The blessings of unbroken peace.

Oh, blot out all our ancient sins
And give us strength to fall no more;
When fight is o’er and victory won,
Then crown us on the eternal shore.

For all the old year’s sins we grieve;
Our hearts we consecrate to Thee.
Grant us, when all our years are sped,
Our heavenly father’s face to see.


    We offer to the Most Holy Trinity the merits of Jesus Christ in thanksgiving for the Precious Blood which He shed in the Garden for us; and by His merits we beseech the divine majesty to grant us the pardon of all our sins.Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be to the Father

    We offer to the Most Holy Trinity the merits of Jesus Christ, in thanksgiving for His most precious death endured on the cross for us; and by His merits we beseech the divine majesty to free us from the punishment due to our sins.Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be to the Father

    We offer to the Most Holy Trinity the merits of Jesus Christ, in thanksgiving for His unspeakable charity, by which He descended from heaven to earth to take upon Himself our flesh, and to suffer and die for us on the cross; and by His merits we beseech the divine majesty to bring our souls to the glory of heaven after our death.Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be to the Father(Indulgence of 100 days each time. His Holiness Pope Pius IX, June 18, 1876)

    Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, behold us prostrate in Thy divine presence. We humble ourselves profoundly and beg of Thee pardon for our sins. We adore Thee, omnipotent Father, and with the outpouring of our hearts we thank Thee for having given us Thy divine Son Jesus to be our Redeemer, and for having left Him with us to the consummation of the world in the most august Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist, in which mystery of faith and love He reveals to us the wonders of His Sacred Heart.Glory Be to the Father…

    O Divine Word, most adorable Jesus, our Redeemer, we adore Thee in Thy Sacrament, and with the outpouring of our hearts we thank Thee for having taken human flesh and for having made Thyself, for our redemption, both Priest and Victim in the sacrifice of the Cross, a sacrifice which, by an excess of the love of Thy adorable Sacred Heart, Thou dost renew every moment on our altars throughout the world. O Supreme Priest, O divine Victim, grant us the grace to honor Thy holy sacrifice in the most adorable Eucharist with the homage of Mary most holy and of all Thy Holy Church, triumphant, suffering and warfare. We offer ourselves wholly to Thee, and since Thou dost deign to have victims associated with Thee, accept our offering, and, uniting it with Thine, bless us.Glory Be to the Father…

    O Divine Spirit the Paraclete, we adore Thee and with the outpourings of our hearts we give Thee thanks that Thou hast, with such great love for us, wrought the ineffable blessings of the Incarnation of the Word of God, a blessing which is being continually extended and enlarged in the most august Sacrament of the Eucharist. Ah, by this adorable mystery of love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, do Thou grant unto us and all poor sinners Thy holy grace. Pour forth Thy holy gifts upon us and upon all redeemed souls, and in an especial manner upon Holy Church, the spouse of Jesus Christ and our mother, upon its visible head, the supreme Roman Pontiff, upon all Cardinals, Bishops and Pastors of souls, upon Priests and all other ministers of Thy sanctuary. Amen.Glory Be to the Father…An indulgence of 3 years (S. C. Ind., Mar. 22, 1905; S. P. Ap., Dec. 9, 1932). Raccolta No. 45


    O God, the beginning and the end of all things, Who art always the selfsame, and Whose years fail not, we now, at the close of another year, kneel in adoration before Thee, and offer Thee our deepest gratitude for the fatherly care with which Thou has watched over us during the past, for the many times Thou hast shielded us from evils of soul and body, and for the numberless blessings, both temporal and spiritual, which Thou hast showered upon us. May it please Thee to accept the homage of our grateful hearts which we offer Thee in union with the infinite thanksgiving of Thy divine Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, Who with Thee liveth and reigneth forever and ever. Amen.

Welcoming the New Year


    O Eternal Father, after having thanked thy infinite bounty for thy exceeding benefits in the past, we humbly implore pardon for our manifold sins and negligences, for the time we have consumed and wasted in vanities and in things that profit not unto salvation, and for the woeful want of correspondence with Thy graces which we have so habitually manifested.

    But filled with confidence in Thy mercy, so lavishly displayed in a multitude of ways, we ask Thy blessings upon our good purposes and resolutions. For now we renew the sacred promises we made in Baptism, when we first became Thy children and heirs of the heavenly kingdom, and we renounce Satan with all his works and pomps.

    Firmly convinced that the salvation of our immortal souls is the one great business of life, the purpose for which we have come into the world, we solemnly resolve for the future not only to do all in our power to avoid every grievous sin in thought, word, and deed but also to shun every unnecessary occasion that might imperil our souls. We further resolve to fulfill with greater exactness and fidelity the duties of our station in life, to give more attention to our progress in things spiritual, to be more devoted to holy Mass, to receive the Sacraments more frequently, and to pray more often and more fervently.

    Bless, O my God, these good resolutions which we offer to Thee at this, the threshold of a new year. Give us Thy precious grace and make us truly wise. The days and years of our life are passing so swiftly away. Help us, in Thy mercy, to utilize them, as we ought to do, for Thy greater honor and glory, for the good of our neighbor, and for our sanctification. The night cometh in which no man can work longer; soon, at best, we shall have to appear before Thee to render an account of our stewardship. May we then be found worthy to receive from Thee that divine welcome: “Well done, good and faithful servants, enter into the joy of thy Lord.”


Holy God, we praise Thy name!
Lord of all, we bow before Thee!
All on earth Thy scepter claim,
All in heav’n above adore Thee:
Infinite Thy vast domain,
Everlasting is Thy reign.
Hark! The loud celestial hymn,
Angel choirs above are raising!
Cherubim and seraphim,
In unceasing chorus praising,
Fill the heavens with sweet accord;
Holy, holy, holy Lord.

Holy father, holy Son,
Holy Spirit, three we name Thee,
While in essence only one,
Undivided God we claim Thee;
And adoring bend the knee,
While we own the mystery.

V. Let us bless the Father and the Son with the Holy Ghost.
R. Let us praise and exalt Him above all forever.

Let us Pray

    O God, Whose mercy is without measure and the treasure of Whose goodness is infinite, we give thanks to Thy most comforting Majesty for the gifts conferred upon us, and we beg Thee continually through Thy clemency, that Thou Who grantest the request of those who ask Thee, mayest not abandon them now but rather dispose them for future rewards. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.


    O sacred and adorable Trinity, hear our prayers on behalf of our holy Father the Pope, our Bishops, our clergy, and for all that are in authority over us. Bless, we beseech Thee, during the coming year, the whole Catholic Church; convert heretics and unbelievers; soften the hearts of sinners so that they may return to Thy friendship; give prosperity to our country and peace among the nations of the world; pour down Thy blessings upon our friends, relatives, and acquaintances, and upon our enemies, if we have any; assist the poor and the sick; have pity on the souls of those whom this year has taken from us; and do Thou be merciful to those who during the coming year will be summoned before Thy judgment seat. May all our actions be preceded by Thy inspirations and carried on by Thy assistance, so that all our prayers and works, having been begun in Thee, may likewise be ended through Thee. Amen.


   Lord, Thou hast been our refuge from generation to generation. Before the mountains were made, or the earth and the world was formed; from eternity to eternity Thou art God. Thou makest man to return to atoms, and sayest, return, ye children of men. For a thousand years in Thy sight are as yesterday when it is past, And as a watch in the night. Thou carriest them (men) away as with a flood; they are as a sleep. In the morning they are like grass which growth up. In the morning it flourisheth and growth up; in the evening it fadeth, growth dry, and withereth. For in Thine anger we are consumed, and in Thy wrath we are troubled. Thou hast set our iniquities before Thine eyes, our secret sins in the light of Thy countenance. For all our days are past away in Thy wrath; our years are consumed as a sigh.

    The days of our years are threescore and ten; and if in the strong they are fourscore years, yet their pride is but labor and sorrow; for it is soon past, and we fly away. Who knoweth the power of Thine anger, and Thy wrath according to the fear that is due Thee? So teach us to number our days, that we may have a heart of wisdom. Return, O’Lord, how long? And be entreated in favor of Thy servants. O satisfy us in the morning with Thy loving-kindness, that we may rejoice and be glad all our days. Make us glad according to the days in which we have been afflicted and the years wherein we have seen evil. Look upon Thy servants and upon their works, and direct their children. And the gracious kindness of the Lord Our God be upon us, and direct Thou the works of our hands upon us; Yea, the work of our hands, do Thou direct.

THE EVENING OF LIFE (From the Rerum Deus)

O Strength, and stay upholden all creation,
who ever dost Thyself unmoved abide,
yet day by day the light in due gradation
from hour to hour through its changes guide:
Grant to life’s day a calm, unclouded ending,
and eve, untouched by shadows of decay,
the brightness of a holy death-bed blending
with dawning glories of th’ eternal day.

Hear us, O Father, gracious and forgiven,
And Thou, O Christ, the co-eternal Word,
Who, with the Holy Ghost, by all things living
Now and to endless ages art adored.


    O Sweet Savior of my Soul! From the depths of my heart I salute Thee at the beginning of this year. O my Infant Savior, I most confidently approach Thy crib and implore Thee to give efficacy by Thy Precious Blood to the resolutions I now make, of living from this moment in the manner I shall wish to have done when time shall be about to close forever on me.

    May each action of the coming year be offered in union with the adorable actions of Thy mortal life; may every intention be renounced save that of laboring for Thy love and glory. O merciful Jesus! By the helplessness of Thy Holy Infancy, strengthen my weakness and fortify my resolution nevermore to offend Thee. Amen.

As we enter the New Year, I thought it a good time to stay grounded as to the current situation in the Church and the world. And as always, when dealing with prophecies, keep in mind what the Church teaches about contemporary prophecies.

from Novus Ordo Watch

In all the frightening confusion, difficulties, and distress we have to endure in the face of the eclipse of the holy Catholic Church by the Modernist Vatican II Sect, it is good to call to mind now and again that what has happened since the death of Pope Pius XII in 1958 is something that has, in one way or another, been predicted and foretold in Holy Scripture, Sacred Tradition, and approved private revelations.

The following list consists of links to posts and pages on this web site that mention, directly or indirectly, various predictions of the ecclesiastical catastrophe that has befallen the Catholic world since Vatican II, or that prescribe remedies to certain evils which, if not applied, will lead to precisely the sort of situation we find ourselves in at this time. We must remember that this terrible affliction for Holy Mother Church was foreknown and preordained by God from all eternity. Just as Our Lord’s Sacred Passion was not a defeat of His Mission but its very essence, so this “Mystical” Passion of the Church is likewise part of the divine plan. Let us remain faithful, then, to the true Church as to the true Messiah, who will restore His Mystical Body no less miraculously than He restored His own Body at the Resurrection.

from Novus Ordo Watch

If you thought that the whole Mother Earth/Pachamama/Gaia worship at the Vatican was simply an excess of the turbulent Amazon Synod and therefore a thing of an inglorious past, you are sorely mistaken. Far from it being a one-time aberration, it is now becoming a recurring theme that is popping up again and again in Novus Ordo Land.

Not only was the idol worshipped before and during the Amazon Synod in and around the Vatican, even at the closing “Mass” in St. Peter’s Basilica; an image of it was also recently featured on a Christmas card mailed out by the Franciscans International, who even defended the move when challenged. And of course Francis even published a book entitled Our Mother Earth recently.

While the false pope’s useful idiots are still trying to argue that this nasty pagan figure isn’t really Pachamama — although even Francis has admitted as much — or if it is, then that’s OK because Pachamama is really the Virgin Mary, or, in any case, not an idol (even “Cardinals” Marc Ouellet and Christoph Schonborn have now weighed in), the Vatican continues to push Mother Earth worship ever further into the consciousness of those still trapped in the Novus Ordo religion.

Case in point: this year’s Christmas concert in Vatican City. It was held on Saturday, Dec. 14, in the Paul VI audience hall, which is the usual venue for this annual spectacle.

According to a report by Gloria TV, there were approximately 5,000 people in attendance, and another 2,000,000 watched it on TV. At roughly 105 minutes into the program, a young indigenous woman from Latin America was brought onto the stage. Here’s what happened next:

She asked the audience to cross their arms over their chest and to feel a strong vibration, explaining that this is “your heart” but also “the heart of Mother Earth.”

Where there is silence, she explained, there is “the Spirit” who allows “to hear the message of Mother Earth.” She added that “for us indigenous peoples, Mother Earth, the Hicha Guaia, is everything” because the demon Guaia – a synonym for Pachamama – “gives us food, sacred water, medicinal plants” and therefore receives sacrifices like “the placenta and the first hair of man which are cut.”

Cardinals and bishops present at this “catechesis” eagerly followed the woman’s instructions.

(“Francis’ Christmas Concert Included Pachamama Catechesis (Video)”Gloria TV, Dec. 26, 2019; italics given.)

A video clip of this part of the concert may be watched here:

In the full concert video, this incident occurs beginning at the 1:44:32 mark.

Long-time Vatican reporter and commentator Marco Tosatti also reported on this abomination, quoting the young woman as follows:

You will feel a strong vibration. It’s the heart. Your heart, but also the heart of Mother Earth.

On the other side, where there is silence, is the Spirit. The Spirit who allows you to feel the message of the Mother.

For us indigenous peoples, Mother Earth, the Hicha Gueia, is everything. It is the Mother who gives us food, sacred water, medicinal plants; and what we offer to the earth is to pay homage to her, the placenta and the first hair we cut. For us, Mother Earth is fundamental, our connection with her is constant, how the pulse feels, how the heart feels.

(Translation by DeepL)

Everything is connected, see?

You can’t make this stuff up, folks. Earth worship is now par for the course in Bergoglio’s Vatican. This is light years beyond turning a blind eye to adultery, which, although horrific enough, is practically a peccadillo by comparison.

Then again, what can you expect from an event taking place in a hall whose stage looks like this?

For those not familiar with it: What you see in the above image is a gigantic bronze sculpture called La Resurrezione (“The Resurrection”), perpetrated by Pericle Fazzini (1913-1987). This diabolical piece of “art” has been sitting there as the backdrop for indoor “papal” audiences in the serpentine Paul VI audience hall since 1977. It is out there in the open for anyone who can be bothered to look. Why no one has run away in utter horror at the sight of this blasphemous junk, is anyone’s guess. It has been reported that there is not a single crucifix or other Catholic work of art in the entire hall.

Call it what you will: Gaia, Pachamama, Mother Earth — worship of this demon is becoming the “new normal” in Vatican City, and it won’t take long before it spreads through the rest of Novus Ordo Land. The worship of creation is gradually replacing the worship of the Creator, and this is happening under the pretext of caring for the environment. One is reminded of St. Paul’s teaching in his Epistle to the Romans:

For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and injustice of those men that detain the truth of God in injustice: Because that which is known of God is manifest in them. For God hath manifested it unto them. For the invisible things of him, from the creation of the world, are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made; his eternal power also, and divinity: so that they are inexcusable. Because that, when they knew God, they have not glorified him as God, or given thanks; but became vain in their thoughts, and their foolish heart was darkened. For professing themselves to be wise, they became fools. And they changed the glory of the incorruptible God into the likeness of the image of a corruptible man, and of birds, and of fourfooted beasts, and of creeping things. Wherefore God gave them up to the desires of their heart, unto uncleanness, to dishonour their own bodies among themselves. Who changed the truth of God into a lie; and worshipped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.

(Romans 1:18-25)

Idolatry is the next logical step after apostasy. And remember, Francis said earlier this year that God wills there to be a diversity of religions, so it’s all good because it comes with divine approval, according to the apostate Jesuit. “Our differences are necessary”, he said addressing interreligious youngsters in Mozambique. This new, false gospel is being channeled wherever Bergoglio is in control — and not even Christmas is safe from it!

So now people have been taught to cross their arms, feel their heart, and channel their inner Gaia.

Perhaps we can now understand why Francis’ hideous pectoral cross shows a (false) shepherd with his arms crossed.