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Another attack on raw milk? Why should you care? What IS raw milk? Is there really a Raw War? Hopefully, by the end of this post, you will have enough information to better answer these questions and make more informed health decisions for yourself.   [updated at end]


We begin with Vernon Hershberger. Vernon is an Amish dairy farmer in Wisconsin and a father of 10. He recently faced jail time and fines while being charged with 4 misdemeanor counts. The crime? Providing quality fresh food to his community. Read the rest of this entry »

[by Nick Pineault] In September 2012, the President of France decided that his country would maintain a ban on GMO corn crops. (1) GMO rats do nothing but justify this action.

healthy or not | gmo rats | truth about gmos

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At the time this article is published (November 2012), over 50 countries require labeling of GMO foods, and many of them are starting to follow the French and plan on ruling the GMO case in court.

In 2010, Haiti refused the 475 tons of seeds offered by Monsanto (the corporation that developed GMOs), right after they went through the most damaging natural disaster the country had ever seen.

Are all these people freaking out about GMOs for no reason, or are they acting on better information than what we get in North America? I found the latter to be true.

GMO rats to death |GMO Rats Reveal The Truth About Genetically Modified OrganismsIn the US and in Canada, talking about GMOs make you come across a “conspiracy theorist” or an extremist. That gotta hurt.

In February 2012, Procinctu published a post concerning a 90-day study of GMO rats. In it, samples of rats were fed Genetically Modified Organisms. The result showed that they had an issue with kidney and liver function, and some effects on heartadrenalspleen and blood cells.

Fast forward to now, and we have some more unsettling facts on the subject and another study on GMO rats.

GMO Rats | GMO Rats Reveal The Truth About Genetically Modified OrganismsGMO’s have only been widespread in the last decade.

Their initial promise: increasing crops yield and reducing the need for pesticides. By introducing a foreign gene that wards off certain diseases or bugs in corn, soy, sugar beets or alfalfa, Monsanto tried to create the next generation of “super-foods”.

In 2012, unfortunately, countless analyses show that this great idea failed.

Farmers all around the world are experiencing reductions in crop yield, and more problems with diseases and super-bugs than ever before. Nothing that lives up to the initial hype.

This failure extends to other areas, which I’m fond of…..nutrition.

Turns out, this genetic modification leads to gut flora destruction, and suppresses your immune system long term. GMO rats aren’t the only victim, YOU are too.

Something to keep in mind when recent studies show that the American population consumes 10% of their calories in the form of soybean oil.


GMO Rats star in another blockbuster study

A scarier long-term study was published in September 2012. (2)

This time, the GMO rats were monitored for two years. The results of the feeding were even more scary than before:

  • Some rats developed massive tumors that represent 25 percent of their body weight.
  • Liver damage was up to 5 times higher in the GMO group than in the non-GMO group.
  • Female rats that ate GMO’s had a 3 times higher risk of premature death.

GMO rats together | GMO Rats Reveal The Truth About Genetically Modified Organisms

I honestly don’t know if all the activism around GMO’s are based on real studies, or if everyone should just tone it down. Either way, GMO rats don’t get a voice in the matter.

One thing I do know is: people should have the right to choose what kind of diet they want to follow.

If yours involves trying to reduce the amount of toxins you eat on a daily basis and you think GMOs are one of them, here’s what I suggest you do:

When buying any soy, corn, canola or white sugar (which comes from sugar beets), choose organic.

That’s what I do.

Is it worth it? I don’t even know.

What I’m buying is insurance that I’m making the right choice and optimizing my health and performance.

Same idea as when I choose to talk less on my cell phone, or spend more money on natural supplements that cost 3 times more than the average.

But the thing is: unlike a lot of people in North America that aren’t even aware that GMO’s exist… I’m making a choice.

Keep it simple, healthy, and don’t be one of the GMO rats,



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This post is written from a Chick-Fil-A in Silver Spring, Maryland. A Chick-Fil-A where the line to order their food runs right out the door. Why Chick-Fil-A?

Well, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have heard much ballyhoo from politicians and media types concerning Chick-Fil-A President/COO Dan Cathy. The ballyhoo prompted a social media blowup regarding marriage.

Dan Cathy, while on the Ken Coleman Radio Show, reiterated his support of the traditional family unit and it’s importance in society. With that support also comes his opposition to a marriage of anything other than one man and one woman. Now, Chick-Fil-A is an unabashedly Christian valued restaurant chain. So why it is ANY surprise that someone of Christian values would view marriage in a traditionally Christian sense is beyond me.

chicago il Chuck Brueckmann | chick-fil-a aprreciation day medi irrelevant |

Chicago, IL c: Chuck Brueckmann

latimes northridge, ca | chick-fil-a appreciation day media irrelevant |

Northridge, CA c: LATimes

In fact, the company’s financial support to certain causes has already been documented. They are closed on Sunday to honor the Christian Sabbath. Their corporate purpose is “To glorify God by being a faithful steward of all that is entrusted to us. To have a positive influence on all who come in contact with Chick-fil-A.” Plus they have given millions of dollars for things like scholarships and …..GASP!…. placing kids in a family to foster eventual independence through a proper upbringing.

So what the hell is so controversial? It’s NOT a shocker that they don’t endorse a marriage that doesn’t consist of a man and a woman, especially while on an obscure radio show.  But, when it comes to the whores in the media, you can make a story out of anything. So long as the goal of keeping people distracted enough from the big picture is realized. Read the rest of this entry »


July 30th, 2012 by Vigilo

Salt is a lot like love…….WAIT!…..Don’t leave yet. You will soon learn the value of salt and the importance of using the correct type. The conclusion is that SALT is GOOD….very good….just hang in there and learn why.

You see, not all salt/love is created equal. Further, their historical importance is illustrated by the fact that they have both been involved life altering events, like the waging of wars. People have even accepted both as a wage payment for various reasons. But what would make salt so important that blood was shed over it? Can’t you just buy it in the store for a buck? Well, yes and no. Salt is good, essential actually, but it is the TYPE of salt that makes ALL the difference.



There is much conflicting information about salt..

  • Salt is good for you
  • Salt is bad for you
  • Low Salt diet is good
  • Low Salt diet is detrimental

The advocates of each of those statements will roll out their ‘facts’ as to why they know what’s right for you. Hopefully, by the end of this writing you will see that they are ALL correct.

Really, these misconceptions can be blamed on our language, especially the English language. It seems we are living examples of George Orwell’s 1984. In the book, with each passing generation, the vocabulary was reduced more and more. The result was an easily controlled, dumbed down population.

This is where we can see the salt / love correlation. Love is one word that means drastically different things depending on how its used.

In a restaurant – “I love this pizza”

At Thanksgiving dinner – “I love you grandma”

The womanizer – “I love you” (meaning I am evil and objectifying you)

In front of your boss – “I love this job”

In front of your co-workers – “I’d love to show boss-man a thing or two”

You see, a love for grandma is totally different from a love in lust. And the love of knocking your boss down a few pegs isn’t the same love you have for pizza. Come to think of it, maybe it’s not really the language that’s at fault, but our own laziness in how we use it. Words like passion, intimacy, fulfillment, care, pleasure, enjoy can easily be used to supplement ‘love,’ which naturally (in true Procinctu fashion) brings us to salt.


Like love, salt also has drastically different meanings.

Salt can be that table salt which is iodized.

Salt can also be sea salt which may or may not be processed differently than the iodized form.

There is Celtic sea salt in an unrefined state directly from the ocean.

Or upon pissing off someone, you could say “He’s gonna be salt.”

Here, you can see why salt advocates, for and against, offer such drastic views on salt. Different salts do different things. The REFINED iodized table salt is nothing like the UNREFINED naturally sourced Celtic salt from the sea. And a bad quality mislabeled refined sea salt is not the same thing as someones feelings.

As far as food is concerned, only one salt is superior. Unrefined salt is good and the most beneficial. You’ll know it by it’s coarseness, clumpiness, and color (not bleached white). Celtic Sea Salt is in this category. Though it’s equally attractive cousin, Himalayan Salt also ranks superior. In fact, as more and more contaminants reach our waters, Himalayan Salt will soon hold the lone spot as the superior salt if it hasn’t already. The reason for this is the Himalayan salt’s lack of exposure to impurities. However, for the purposes of this post, Celtic and Himalayan salt will have equal footing vs the refined salts. So let’s break down each salt so you know WHY Celtic and Himalayan Salt trumps all and why, ultimately, salt is good. Read the rest of this entry »

Top 12 Information Resources for 2012

May 6th, 2012 by Vigilo

If you get all of your information from mainstream sources, you are NOT getting all of the information. Procinctu will share with you the Top 12 Information Resources for 2012.

This may be the most important article you ever read. In it you will find many alternative resources pertinent to your survival and hopefully your prosperity.

Did you know that 6 corporations control the media? In the 1980’s that number was closer to 50, but through mergers and buyouts, that number has dwindled to 6! Most Americans are unaware of this and are easily conditioned because they are only getting the ‘approved’ news.

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Bread is Dead!

May 3rd, 2012 by Vigilo

The message was “Bread is Dead!” It was heard during daily mass at St. Paul Catholic Church in Colorado Springs, CO. The homily was a simple one especially since most of the congregation consisted of students from the adjacent Catholic School. Though sometimes, it is the simplest messages that are easiest to learn from.

The priest began by explaining the murderous steps bread goes through to be created…they pulverize the wheat… they pump it with foreign ingredients…they knead it as dough …  then they punch it down and divide it…and finally,  just for good measure, they bake it at hundreds of degrees. Surely by the time it is considered bread, it is truly dead… beaten to a pulp. Of course, the priest who exclaimed the “Bread is Dead!” wasn’t merely speaking of food. He was alluding to his point that the true bread of everlasting life is in Jesus Christ through the Eucharist. However, the way in which he explained, its a lesson that can also be applied to your everyday meal consumption as well.
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