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Each one of our lives can be written down to become a unique book. Along the way, we all experience changes to our physical, spiritual, and mental being. With each passing chapter in YOUR book, you endure trials, successes, failures, and ultimately need to reinvent yourself. Times change and pages turn. Sometimes the page is savored, other times we can’t turn it quick enough.

europe | Reinvent Yourself | Bleeding Through the Chapters w/ Brandan Schieppati

Final European show

One final page currently being savored is of the chapter for the band Bleeding Through. Bleeding Through is a ‘hybrid’ hardcore band out of Orange County, California, and they have experienced all of the swings mentioned above. Their music has provided a life-saving outlet for many, especially for the bands own members. Yet through this enrichment, Bleeding Through itself was often on life support. Enduring the lack of money, line-up changes, and label issues, etc were just a few of the obstacles. Now, as the band calls it quits after 14 years, what can we learn from their ability to embrace the closing of their chapter?

Reinvent Yourself

To experience a fulfilling life, the ability to adapt and reinvent yourself is significant. We must also recognize and understand that the timing of these reinventions is indiscriminate. You may need to reinvent yourself at age 15, 25, 45, or even 95.

savage | Reinvent Yourself | Bleeding Through the Chapters w/ Brandan SchieppatiWhat if you are a 55 year old out of work male? Reinvent yourself. I like to point to Michael Savage. Michael has been mentioned on this site before (in the 12 resources for 2012) and hosts the Savage Nation Radio Show. He held numerous jobs throughout his life and claims to be a victim of political correctness. Being denied work as a professor due to ‘over’ qualification and diversity, he had to reinvent himself yet again. At the ripe age of 55, he sent a demo tape around to numerous radio stations hoping one would invite him on. The result? 16 years later, he is now slated to take over the coveted, nationally syndicated, 3PM EST slot in January 2014. What if he quit at age 55? Keep his story in mind next time you think you are too old to learn something new.

What if you are a stay-at-home mother whose life is rocked by divorce? Reinvent yourself. Where would the family end up if she quit? It is not easy, but to live on with anything less than ‘all she’s got,’ will spell trouble for the family.

Personally, I can look back at my life and point out times of reinvention. When my father was no longer a part of life at age 13, I had to fast track maturity to try and become the male figure in the household of girls. In high school, I transitioned into a full time landscaper and invested all of my savings into my landscaping company. While playing junior hockey, I had to reinvent myself from a stay-at-home defenseman, into a 4th line grinder forward, to stay on the team. A few years later, I became a general contractor in Washington, D.C. As of now, I have spent a quarter of my life in D.C. using the labor of my hands to transform the Atlas District at H St. NE (in spite of petty bureaucrats). Now, it’s time for another chapter as I am learning to trade the stock market and keep a pulse on geopolitical trends. This will also help me research where to plant my next flag. Where would I be now and in the future if I would stay content at any one chapter of my own life.

Reinvent yourself.


Bleeding Through

declaration | Reinvent Yourself | Bleeding Through the Chapters w/ Brandan SchieppatiThe members of Bleeding Through are experiencing their own reinvention. Some are moving on with family life and other careers, Brandan is looking to build and expand his workout gym empire.

Looking forward, this is not really a sad time. It’s more of a time of closure and reflection. In this case, it’s awesome to be able to look back on the pages of the past, contemplate, and learn from them. I can still play the album Declaration and remember things I was going through at the time. Or a song can trigger the memory of a certain number of reps I blasted through during past workouts.

There is no doubt that the necessity to reinvent yourself will arise at times in your life. Keep yourself in a position to view these transformations as an opportunity. For Bleeding Through, they are using the farewell tour for reflection and closure for their fans. This allows them to go out properly and close the chapter with no ill feelings. Now, focus can be turned towards the next chapter for all involved.

schieppati | Reinvent Yourself | Bleeding Through the Chapters w/ Brandan SchieppatiFor Brandan Schieppati, he is ready to focus 100% on his fitness business. Check out his site for ebooks, info, or just to contact him for your fitness needs. In addition to his site, he is also working to build and expand his Rise Above Fitness gym.

Without the ability and willingness to accept the situation, Brandan and Bleeding Through may not have been able to give 100% of themselves to their future endeavors.


Giving 100%

In the video, Brandan talks about giving 100% of oneself in whatever we do, and don’t ride the fence. Not giving 100%,  is an injustice for all involved. When looking to reinvent yourself, do it with all your heart and go for it. Without total commitment, we just end up selling out.

This idea is not revolutionary, but it is even repeated in Biblical text. In Revelation (3:15-16), John writes to the angel of the church in Laodicea, that which is  revealed to him.

“I know your works; I know that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either cold or hot. So, because you are lukewarm, neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth.”

These are harsh words directed at people who are on the fence. The Laodiceans thought they had what they needed, and were spiritual enough. But if we commit to anything just enough, we can be sure that it is not enough at all. In the case of the Laodiceans, God viewed nonbelievers with LESS contempt, than he did those who professed faith, yet did not live it. I wonder how He views humanity today?

These words teach a lesson for both the atheist and the Christian. Whether it’s a job, a relationship, a hobby, or even one’s faith…..if you are not able to give it your all, it’s time to reinvent yourself. To reinvent yourself does not necessarily mean you change the job, relationship, or faith. Sometimes it will, for sure. But other times it may just be us bettering ourselves to commit fully. Each instance must be decided by the individual on a case by case basis.

All and all, the above section is why the OPPOSITE of LOVE is not hate, but INDIFFERENCE.


Your Book

Stepping back for a moment to look at your own book. Are there pages of the past which you turned too early? Is a part of you still stuck in a certain chapter, thus preventing you from giving 100% now? Learn to not dwell on the pages of the past, but contemplate and learn from them. It may be necessary to now attempt closure, for something of the past. If it will help you to move on, so be it. Attack the pages of the future with enthusiasm and give 100% of yourself in everything you do.

After this writing, I’ll include James Altucher’s ‘little’ cheat sheet to reinvent yourself.

Don’t fear the necessity to reinvent yourself. Instead, embrace it and use the opportunity to make the best transformation possible. Bleeding Through is moving on to a new chapter in their story. How will you embrace writing YOUR next chapter?

With God’s Will

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TRX Training…Trendy or Long Term Tool?

September 13th, 2012 by Kyla

by Kyla Gagnon


It has been ALL over the fitness market lately…… Let’s take a deeper look.

“Intense, Innovative, and Functional” are some terms used to describe TRX training.

TRX kit | TRX training | |

TRX kit

Well, by leveraging Gravity and YOUR own body weight, the TRX lives up to it’s above descriptive words NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

I have worked in the fitness industry professionally for almost 9 years and have had my hands and feet in it for MYSELF for almost 15, and still say that if you ONLY had $200 to spend on a home gym set up, the TRX is your baby.


Let’s keep this simple and to the point shall we….. we’re all busy people… places to go, people to tend to, workouts to rock through…..sleep to be had.

  • CONSTANT CORE TRAINING – like it or not, the core muscles are ENGAGED the entire time when working with the TRX training system
  • INTENSITY adjuster built in – change your foot stance either closer or further from your base and the move increases or decreases in difficulty level
  • ENTIRE BODY worked in one workout, one location, one “machine”
  • PORTABLE – Seriously, take it ANYWHERE… I personally have taken my TRX on a road trip down the Oregon coast camping, where I strapped it to a tree limb, and all the way to Italy, where you simply attach a durable door mount (available where TRX is available).
  • FROM BEGINNER TO ADVANCE – TRX training is an incredible option for everybody, honest, from FLAT OUT BEGINNER with no training experience to the Elite athlete. Again, the level of difficulty depends on YOU.
  • THE BEST OF THE BEST TRAIN WITH TRX – The TRX has been incorporated into the regular training programs of the Nations Military Leaders and even Super Bowl Champion NFLer Drew Brees has become a proponent.
  • TRX training allows you to train cardiovascularly AS well as enabling MAXIMUM strength gains with nothing more than it’s TWO STRAPS and HANDLES.
Here are just a FEW of the INFINITE workouts you can exploit with TRX training.

Check me out HERE in my FULL TRX workout with

Do you think TRX training is for you? Get it!

Women and Weights

August 5th, 2012 by Kyla

by Kyla Gagnon

It’s a common concern among women.

Will I bulk up if I train with weights???

Am I better off just doing cardio??

I am here to tell you plain and simple,

NO you will not bulk up with weights ( unless of course you go in with that as a specific goal, proper nutrition and supplementation and some HEAVY lifting strategies)


NO cardio will not get you the body that I can assure we all want.

How can I be so sure that we all want the same body???

In my 8 years of personal training NOBODY has ever requested we work on increasing the lose skin and ‘sag’ factor of the rear end, waist line, or under arms.


FROM EXPERIENCE, I have been weight training for 12 years and only ….ONLY In this past year have I been able to REALLY see some muscular development worth bragging about.

The average rep range one would need to ‘bulk’ up is 5-8, versus the typical 15-20 for the average female in the gym aiming to tone and lengthen.

When I say 5-8 reps, keep in mind that these are HEAVY reps. Heavy enough that the 8th rep is just about NOT happening…..

I feel confident that the average female starting a gym routine isn’t going to hop on the 5-8 heavy rep train straight off the bat, and thusly will NOT bulk up by lifting weights.

What she WILL recieve in turn :

  • Strength
  • Independence
  • Tighter Muscles
  • Less Body Fat
  • Decreased risk of Osteoporosis
  • Increased athletic ability, and endurance
  • Decreased risk of joint injury, back injury, muscle strains, and arthritis
  • Decreased risk of Heart Disease
  • Decreased risk of Diabetes
  • Improved attitude and lowered risk for depression


BOTTOM line girls-

Train with weights, eat clean, do daily cardio of some sort, even brisk walking, drink water and sleep…..

You will live a longer, happier and TIGHTER life, I promise

~Kyla Gagnon, BodyRipped Coach and Inside Out Fitness Owner and Personal Trainer, Victoria, BC

Magnum Nutraceuticals sponsored athlete


Do you or someone you know struggle with will power? Do they commit themselves to shedding fat off of their frame only to be sidetracked a few weeks later? Or do they try to kick the habit of smoking, only for you to catch them lighting one up (only when drinking, of course)? Well, a simple psychological trigger can help achieve goals.

list | Psychological Trigger | Write Down Goals |

Write it down, and then pass it around.

I know, I can feel the doubters already moving the mouse to click this post away, but this simple, seldom-used psychological trigger has been scientifically proven to work. Read the rest of this entry »

Can you dramatically alter your physique in 3 months like a Hollywood actor? Find out as Procinctu reviews the ‘Hollywood Physique’ diet and workout system to see if it can provide training that works.

Ever wonder how those Hollywood actors have some drastic body transformation to get ready for an upcoming role? Ever wish you could duplicate their protocol and have a frame rivaling that of Ryan Reynolds? Well, you are not alone. Clay Rogers has pondered this very topic. So naturally, he set out to reverse engineer a body transformation method to help you bring about your inner Tyler Durden.

Clay used some convincing before and after pics of himself on his website to make a pretty good sales pitch. He then gave an outline of the 6 components that set his program apart and make it tick:

  1. Visible Muscle Isolation Method
  2. Hollywood Hypertrophy Training
  3. Peak Hormone Diet
  4. Incline Cardio
  5. Body Reset Protocol
  6. On/Off Switches

First, it should be noted that Procinctu will occasionally offer a review of different routines and systems to help you take control of you life, in this case physically. You are always to assume that reviews from Procinctu are made with no partiality. If we are an affiliate or involved financially in any capacity, it will clearly be noted. In this case, Procinctu has no financial interest.


‘Hollywood Physique for Men’ is the first in our series of reviews. Hopefully you will learn enough about the fundamentals of this system to make a decision on using it or not…..and sorry ladies, this system is designed for men. Read the rest of this entry »

Top 12 Information Resources for 2012

May 6th, 2012 by Vigilo

If you get all of your information from mainstream sources, you are NOT getting all of the information. Procinctu will share with you the Top 12 Information Resources for 2012.

This may be the most important article you ever read. In it you will find many alternative resources pertinent to your survival and hopefully your prosperity.

Did you know that 6 corporations control the media? In the 1980’s that number was closer to 50, but through mergers and buyouts, that number has dwindled to 6! Most Americans are unaware of this and are easily conditioned because they are only getting the ‘approved’ news.

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