Hypothetically Catholic | Reformation Commemoration!

  • Posted March 12, 2017

Hypothetically, what if the Catholic Church went against it’s teaching of being Christ’s True Church, and held interfaith services with heretics?

For a Catholic, if such an event took place, it would be a sin against the First Commandment, and a great offense against God! Whatever church did this, would itself incur suspicion of heresy! And if in heresy, that church would actually be outside of the Catholic Church of Christ, because the Catholic Church is indefectible.

As we know by Catholic Church teaching, “Outside the Church there is no salvation.” (acknowledging special circumstances of ‘fault’ and ‘implicit desire),’

If we look to the Baltimore Catechism, #166 answers….

All are obliged to belong to the Catholic Church in order to be saved. The principle, “It makes no difference what religion a person practices so long as he leads a good life,” is deceptive because it attaches the same importance to the teaching and practice of a false religion as it does to the teaching and practice of the one, true religion revealed by Christ and taught by His Church.

The Catechism states further….

“a Catholic sins against faith by taking part in non-Catholic worship because he thus professes belief in a religion he knows is false”

The 1918 Code of Canon Law adds….

“A person who of his own accord and knowingly helps in any manner to propagate heresy, or who communicates in sacred rites with heretics in violation of the prohibition of Canon 1258, incurs suspicion of heresy.”

Canon 1258 declares….

“The faithful are not allowed to assist actively in any way or to take part in the religious services of non-Catholics.”

Lastly, Pope Pius XI had this to say of the matter….

“It is clear that the Apostolic See can by no means take part in these assemblies, nor is it in any way lawful for Catholics to give to such enterprises their encouragement or support. If they did so, they would be giving countenance to a false Christianity quite alien to the one Church of Christ.”

Church teaching is quite clear. The Catholic Church is the one, true Church of Christ, and to partake in the services of another faith, would be to acknowledge a false religion as true. It is against the Catholic Church, and thereby God, to engage in ecumenism.

Not even getting into the evils of Martin Luther, and the destruction he wrought, let’s strictly apply actual Catholic Church teaching to try to explain current events, like the Reformation Commemoration! As heretical as it sounds, this is actually a real thing. Do you think this is in within the law of the Church? Would the adherents incur suspicion of heresy? Would those, especially those in authority, put themselves outside of the Catholic Church, even though they claim to be Catholic? The uncomfortable answers are easily found in the Church law cited above.

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(also of note, the latest 'news' from the Pittsburgh 'Diocese' includes a dispensation for a party day, 
marriage annulments, divorce program, and immigration...... sin and salvation seem to have been left out)

Sadly, these heretical actions go all the way to the top of the church that claims to be Catholic. It’s own leader has gone against Catholic law, in partaking in the Reformation Commemoration. 

Eventually, this all leads to an even more ecumenical service. Most people don’t even know that the new mass of the Vatican II church already was formulated by protestant ministers, incrementally altered over time. But what if the Vatican was working on an Ecumenical Rite of Mass for Catholics and Protestants?! Such a service would be absolutely, blatantly anti-Catholic, as if there was still any doubt at this point.

Truth is, the Catholic Church IS indefectible. A church actively partaking in interfaith services can NOT be Catholic, because it has cut itself off from the Catholic Church by it’s very act. It’s an uncomfortable truth, but a truth nonetheless. God Bless, and may the Holy Ghost send His graces upon you.