Just a Pinch of Incense Can Damn Your Soul

  • Posted January 2, 2017

One of my son’s favorite cartoons is “The Story of Saint Perpetua.”

Saint Perpetua is Christian martyr from the 3rd century, and she is venerated in the Canon of the Mass.

Just a Pinch of Incense Can Damn Your Soul saint perpetuaHer story is that of a young mother, from an affluent family. After being charged with conversion to Christianity, she was given the ‘opportunity’ to show devotion to the Roman Empire, by giving ‘just one pinch of incense’ in honor to the false Roman gods. She could go back to her easy life, mother her baby, and have all of her temporal needs provided for, and she didn’t even have to mean the sacrifice to the Roman gods.

She could have offered the public sacrifice, then gone back to her comforts, and worshiped Christ in private…..right? WRONG!

Just a Pinch of Incense Can Damn Your Soul

Worldly Freedom or Eternal Freedom

Perpetua knew full well that that the temporal goods of this world are nothing. She understood the value of eternal life in heaven. She knew that one little pinch would damn her soul. But she didn’t refuse the offering out of fear of God, she refused it proudly and zealously because she loved God. She is truly a wonderful example for all of us to follow.

Looking at our own life, it’s tragic how short we fall. How many sacrifices have we offered to the false gods of pleasure, materialism, covetousness, envy, pride, lust, omission, etc?

While it’s merely a cartoon that my son watches, it provides a regular reminder of how unworthy we are, and how much more we must strive to please God. Saint Perpetua shows us that Just a Pinch of Incense Will Damn Your Soul, so let’s take advantage of the Sacraments Christ left His church. Let’s firmly resolve, with His grace, to sin no more, and avoid the near occasions of sin.

Fr. Anthony Cekada took the example of the Early Church martyrs and had his own pointed angle to remind us. Here is his Christmas message….

During the era of persecutions, the pagan Romans allowed a Christian to escape death if he would put but a single grain of incense into a fire set up to honor false gods. Time and again, Christians chose martyrdom rather than make this one small act of tribute to a false religion. One touching account is found in the Roman Martyrology and chanted each year on the Vigil of Christmas:

At Nicomedia, many thousand holy martyrs. Upon the feast of Christ’s birth they had come together unto the Lord’s house, and the Emperor Diocletian ordered the doors of the church to be shut, and all things made ready for fire round about it. Then he set a tripod and incense in front of the door, and sent an herald to proclaim in a loud voice that whosoever would escape burning should come forth and offer incense unto Jupiter. Whereunto they all replied with one voice, that they would far rather die for Christ’s sake; whereupon he kindled the fire and they were consumed, and were born in heaven upon that same day whereupon it had pleased Christ to be born into this world to save it.

Vatican II and the post-Conciliar “popes,” as we know, have sought to create a dogma-less, ecumenical, one-world religion — a big tent for all religions, under which each is regarded as more or less good. There is a place for you in this circus, even if you are “attached” to the traditional Latin Mass. All you have to do is recognize Bergoglio as your ringmaster

This is what you do when you actively assist at a Mass in which the priest—Motu Proprio, FSSP, SSPX, or independent—proclaims in the Canon that he offers Mass together with Thy servant, Francis, our Pope and all true believers and professors of the Catholic and Apostolic Faith.

Better to have no Mass at all, than partake in such a blasphemy. Better to die than offer this grain of incense to the ecumenical religion of the antiChrist.

-Fr. Anthony Cekada

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