First-Ever Novus Ordo Baptismal Certificate issued naming “Mother 1” and “Mother 2” as Child’s Parents

  • Posted July 24, 2019

from Novus Ordo Watch

The archdiocese of Medellín, Colombia, is the latest in which has taken place the solemn baptism of a child whose legally recognized “parents” are two lesbian women who are “married” to each other. The scandal occurred this past weekend, and the regional media are all over it, celebrating this as a victory for the perverted LGBT movement.

As the story is just breaking, only reports in Spanish have been released so far:

The child’s name is Matías, a little boy of 17 months. Manuela Gomez is his biological mother, who had “wedded” her girlfriend Luisa two years ago in what is taken for a legal marriage in Colombia.

Several baptisms in such or similar circumstances have occured in the Modernist Sect in the recent past, including the following:

Call it the Francis Effect. After all, who is he to judge?

So there’s been another infant baptism involving the hapless child of a lesbian couple. The lukewarm, the indifferent, and the resigned will ask: What else is new?

Well, read on because it gets worse from here.

According to the report by Noticias Florencia, the pervert couple had to go church shopping to have their wish. Not to have the boy baptized, mind you — every Novus Ordo parish they approached was willing to do that — but to have both women entered into the baptismal register as being the boy’s parents. They had insisted on that because they want to teach little Matias “equality, fairness, and respect”, and by that they mean no “prejudice” or “discrimination” against anyone. In fact, the report by BLU Radio quotes Manuela as saying that she will be teaching her son that two women with a child is a perfectly normal family.

In other words: Manuela and Luisa have openly admitted that they will raise the child to accept the homosexual ideology and thus not raise him in the Catholic religion (not even the Novus Ordo counterfeit). That’s hardly surprising, of course, but the point is that the prospect of being raised Catholic is an essential prerequisite for getting any child baptized and is the reason why it is forbidden for Catholics to baptize the children of unbelievers.