Diet / Exercise

Diet and exercise are the building blocks to your well-being. Many people get hooked on prescription drugs and other unnatural treatments as a result of inefficient nutrients from the foods they consume. Also, not maintaining an active lifestyle will create an environment for obesity and slothfulness.

It is true that everybody is different, and two people may follow the same routine while getting different results. However, there are important general guidelines that work and they decrease the risk of health problems.

Procinctu will be reviewing certain diets and reporting on them for you to utilize, but it’s important to remember that some fad diet is not the goal here. For those that need it, we are aiming for an actual complete change in lifestyle.



Simple steps can be taken to radically change your life if you are not already in a good place physically. For example, eliminating processed foods and cutting back on certain carbohydrates (certain carbs are essential) will have you notice a difference in the way you feel. Or implementing interval training several times a week will improve your physical frame…the human body was not meant to sit at a computer all day.

Specifics are intentionally ignored here as not to rip off anybody or their systems. However, you will occasionally notice the posting of important content and even recommendations. Take this one eating system that saw a body fat percentage reduction from 15.5 to 10.5 in 6 weeks! Those same guidelines were used to maintain 11.3 percent body fat in the following months with limited workouts.

Again, Procinctu is not a doctor, and doesn’t want to play one on the internet. You should always consult your physician before undertaking any change in lifestyle and Procinctu cannot be held responsible for what you ultimately decide to do. But the point is, there are several roads to the same destination, and some roads are better suited for you than others. You will find the means and encouragement on this site to facilitate healthy living and offset avoidable health problems. If you have your health, you have everything.