Actual Fatality Rate of Coronavirus | Ignore Mainstream Media

  • Posted July 5, 2020

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“Just how deadly is coronavirus / covid19 / SARS-CoV-2 ?

The mainstream media and authoritarian politicians are on a full frontal assault is spreading fear and hysteria… probably to further their agenda of more control, communist revolution, and mandatory vaccinations in that not so far off dystopian future.

But what does the data say?

I though just to illustrate how they manipulate data to fit their agenda, I’d take something as simple as the case fatality rate of coronavirus. What is it? nearly 5%!
But what good is that number, if it is derieved from a skewed metric? Early on, only the sickest sought hospital care, and many of them were murdered by medical malpractice…so what is the real number?

I decided to take 3 day periods… and see what the deaths were 18 days later…as an average death from coronavirus occurs within 18.5 after infection. My method of analysis is obviously not near perfect, but considering the ‘experts’ who have been wrong on nearly every aspect… this is a revealing nonetheless.

March 16, 2020, President Trump’s Administration released the SLOW THE SPREAD directive… So we start there.

March 16-19
17,706 cases resulted in 5,075 deaths from April 3-6 equaling a 28.6% fatality rate.

April 6-9
97,344 cases resulted in 6,086 deaths from April 24-27 equaling a 6.3% fatality rate.

April 30-May 3
71,812 cases resulted in 3,639 deaths from May 18-21 equaling a 5.1% fatality rate.

May 21-24
58,301 cases resulted in 2,512 deaths from June 8-11 equaling a 4.3% fatality rate.

June 14-17
83,231 cases resulted in 2,221 deaths from July 2-5 equaling a 2.7% fatality rate.

Again, I’m not saying that everyone who passed away during the specified dates most definitely contracted it 18 days earlier… but this is meant to show an average of how the fatality rate is much lower than the fear mongers and ‘masters’ would have the public believe.

Further, while they are inept at best, and naferious at worst, I’d like to reference this survey from the CDC which estimates the number of infected is estimated to be 10x HIGHER than the number of positive cases.

This would mean that the Herd Immunity Threshold is much closer….and they will need to create a new virus in order to use their vaccine.

Well, I added some words here somewhat facetiously…but hopefully the point is clear.

I would also like to direct you to this post Coronavirus, Hysteria, and Reason to further your knowledge.

God Bless and Stay Safe