Gold and Silver Sale | Independent Living Bullion

  • Posted August 16, 2012

Take advantage of this Gold and Silver Sale.Yes, you have heard ad nauseam why you need to consider acquiring precious metals. Procinctu believes this to be such an important topic, that our niche site concerning money is aptly named

So, when a deal like a ‘gold and silver sale’ comes along…..a deal that can help you gain financial freedom, it would be a disservice not to tell you. That gold and silver sale is here. Before continuing, keep in mind, Procinctu has nothing to gain by you taking advantage of this deal (except for the pleasure of helping one more break the chains). As of the writing of this post, Procinctu is in no way affiliated with the company offering it. Now onto the details.

Independent Living Bullion has a special gold and silver sale going on until Friday August 17, 11:59:59 PM EST. It is only open to first-time buyers and is intended for the ‘precious metals beginner.’ The sale includes a pre-packaged mix of gold and silver for the price of $354.84. The mix will contain 1/10 ounce of .9999 gold, 3 ounces of .999 silver, and 5 face dollars of pre-1965 U.S. Coins (90% silver).

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To show you the magnitude of this deal, below is a high-tech chart comparing what this package sells for normally, the special price, and the spot price.

Looking at the chart, this Gold and Silver Sale really stands out. Not only is Independent Living Bullion offering this metal at only $10 over the melt price. BUT they are also giving you FREE SHIPPING and NO CREDIT CARD PROCESSING FEES. Trust us when we say they will be losing money on this offer.

The Gold and Silver Sale is PERFECT for the first-timer. As we pointed out a few weeks ago, Silver Value May be Ready to Rise. This period of time may be like no other. Seriously, consider trading in your fiat dollars for something of real value… PRECIOUS METALS.

Independent Living Bullion is brought to you by the same Independent Living which we wrote about on our Top 12 Information Resources for 2012. So, yes, we do trust in their name and how they do business. Again, this offer is ONLY open to first-time buyers. They really do aim to get as much physical metal into as many hands as possible.

Though the Mainstream Media doesn’t like to talk about it, some people have already been safe guarding their wealth with precious metals. There are even growing movements to advance parallel currencies. For example, Open Currency recently testified before the U.S. House Financial Services Subcommittee on Domestic Monetary Policy regarding parallel currencies.

Think of the financial freedom you could gain. You would no longer be subjected wealth debasement based on the whims of some government agent. You could hold the physical metal…..real value… your hands.

Don’t let this Gold and Silver sale pass you by. Remember, taking into account minting fees, order processing, shipping charges, and credit card fees….. You simply won’t find such a deal anywhere else. $354.84 to begin purchasing your freedom.

Disclaimer: Procinctu can not be held responsible for what you do or don’t do with your wealth. Hold fake fiat dollars or real gold/silver at your own risk.