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  • Posted July 21, 2012

FreedomFest 2012 | procinctu.infoAt FreedomFest 2012, Procinctu attended a special luncheon with Dollar Vigilante’s Jeff Berwick and Doug Casey Research’s own Doug Casey. Along with the oft mentioned Sovereign Man, both Dollar Vigilante and Casey Research are great sources to internationalize your life. Casey Research was even featured in our own Top 12 Information Resources for 2012. There is a plethora of misinformation out there and your success is dependent upon where you get your news.

Our rights are constantly under threat by an increasingly desperate and growing government. It may be pertinent to take advantage of the vehicles through which you can internationalize yourself now. Waiting to act could result in these avenues being closed and you being stranded. So on with the luncheon recap.


Jeff Berwick’s talk contained a highlight of where he came from and where he is now. Jeff’s background includes a lucrative financial website, a lucrative financial website that crashed, living out of a sailboat, living out of a back pack, and currently living out of the Dominican Republic. Does that description startle you? Well it shouldn’t because it’s very likely that Jeff has enjoyed and currently enjoys more freedom than you do. His conscious effort to internationalize has led to greater personal liberty.


It wasn’t always like this though, Jeff was once conditioned like many others. However, one meeting that aided in his transformation was one with Doug Casey. It was through a series of questions by Doug in which Jeff realized he was a libertarian slash anarchist. Further, the 2008 financial crash validated Jeff’s Austrian economic viewpoints and the Dollar Vigilante was born not long after.


Jeff has for the most part been a permanent traveler and advocates life as a tourist. He went on to explain that in many places, tourists are treated like royalty. These places depend on the money spent by visitors just to function and they will do just about anything to keep the visitor happy and coming back. Several personal stories about run-ins with police were then told to make the case to internationalize.


Aside from additional respect from some of the authorities, there are also many investment opportunities awaiting investors in other countries. Especially consider the available liquidity in these other countries. As a result, capital is welcome and the obstacles put in place by the smaller governments are much less. Places like Cambodia, Nicaragua, and Mexico don’t have the roadblocks and regulations that the US has. Sure, no place is perfect. There is bureaucracy, corruption, and dangerous pockets all over the world. However, if you can be smart and learn which bad areas to avoid, the potential to internationalize and grow your business/assets is remarkable.

Basically, we need to come to the realization that as economies collapse (and they will), the really big governments will take more and more from their own citizens. To internationalize your assets out of one jurisdiction and into several others, would combat the big government’s inevitable desperate actions. Treat governments as they are…. corrupt organizations. Think Godfather.

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The Greatest Depression started in 2007. Thus far, it’s effects have been papered over by trillions and trillions of fake dollars. As we have said many times before, the more and more outcomes are delayed, the worse and worse the consequences will be. Jeff also believes that this period of time will be the biggest global game changer since the Industrial Revolution. The order in which the dominoes will fall could be Europe, China, Japan, then the U.S. Your best defense may be to internationalize.


As for Doug Casey, well, he arrived fashionably late. Apparently, one of the downfalls of having a FreedomFest in a casino is that you run the risk of the speakers getting caught up in their poker games. For the few words Doug did add though, he echoed the sentiments of Jeff. To both Jeff and Doug’s credit, they were the last ones to leave the lunch. Anyone who wanted to ask a question or talk one-on-one had the opportunity to do so. Again, the accessibility of these guys can’t be stated enough.

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As with all things in life, if you are looking to be successful, model after the tactics of the successful. If you want to stay in a rut and NOT improve your situation, then surround yourself with those who won’t better themselves and follow them. Procinctu hopes that everybody reading this decides on the former and learns how to internationalize.

You can begin to internationalize right now through the Dollar Vigilante and Casey Research. Everybody can follow the views and tips of these successful men as they both offer free publications. However, for the most in-depth info, consider looking into their valuable premium options(paid). Doug Casey has the Casey Report and many other services. Dollar Vigilante offers a paid subscription as well as passport and offshore banking services.

Procinctu recommends utilizing these resources now while they are still available. Begin looking to internationalize yourself now because it is uncertain just exactly how the future will play out. Being prepared to the best of your ability will go a long way in improving your chances of success.


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