Justice is Swerved | Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman, and You

  • Posted July 14, 2013

Justice is Swerved. The media’s offensive coverage of the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case was itself an injustice. As the months passed from the original altercation, thousands more blacks were slaughtered in the ghettos and beyond, all across America. Where is THEIR 14 months of news coverage?

Truth is, those souls aren’t worthy of the media because the situations surrounding their murders don’t fit the narrative. So because their killer was not a (partially) white dude, do their lives not matter?? Justice is swerved by the mainstream media, the president, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and other race baiters who are hypocrites and only foment hatred. They don’t actually want to bring about real change, because if they did, then they’d be out of a job. Here is my take on the George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin unfortunate reality. But even more so, below you will find the REAL issues, and the REAL solutions.

To this point have not addressed the George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin case. But now that the verdict is reached, I look around, and again, I wonder what world I’m living in. The coverage done by the media on both sides of the coin led me to question it all. And so, I didn’t spend much energy on it over the last 14 months. (unless you count the effort it took to change the dial when I heard it mentioned)

This was an obvious show trial meant to either cause a distraction or chaos. The people on one side want you to believe that Trayvon was a straight A, baby faced, ‘do-no-wrong’, model citizen. The other side wanted you to believe he was a gang-banging, ‘good-for-nothing’, monster. However, the truth can be found somewhere in between.

The initial red flag was raised when Pres. Obama said “You know, if I had a son, he would look like Trayvon.” What!? Think about it, when has, and/or why would, a president stoop to make such a comment on such a case?? That was an obvious attempt to make race an issue where it wasn’t warranted.

On the flip side, there is a talk radio host, whom Michael Savage (dis)affectionately calls, The Wallbanger. Well, I never listen to the Wallbanger, but several months ago, I just skimmed the radio and heard him talking. Of course, he was giving his ‘expert’ analysis of the George Zimmerman case… WTF?  How George Zimmerman became a rallying cry for some in the conservative talk radio circuit, I’ll never understand. No doubt they are growing tired of the fake racism as well, and rebutting it, but why even fan the flames?


Anyway, let’s briefly just look at those involved, then move on to the real issues.

Look at George Zimmerman…

  • Did he take a life? – Yep
  • Was he a wanna be cop? – Yep
  • Was he justified in it? – I don’t know, I wasn’t there. The jury said yes. (the jury that both the defense and the prosecution picked)
  • Was he completely innocent? – No, not really. He could have just stayed in his vehicle. He had to know the likelihood of a confrontation would increase by getting out. He also had to know that carrying a gun would make himself more brave than if he did not have one. So while an actual ‘guilty’ verdict was proven in court not to apply, it does NOT mean he was of no fault.

    which is the real trayvon? all of them | Justice is Swerved | Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman, and You

    Q: Which is the real Trayvon?                              A: All of the Above

Or look at Trayvon Martin….

  • Was he falsely portrayed in the media as some model citizen? – Yeah
  • Did they show you pictures of him as a kid, instead of the latest more thug like pictures? – Yep
  • Did he make mistakes? – Yeah
  • Was he found to have previously committed burglary? – Yep
  • A history of drug possession? – Yep
  • Does that mean he deserved to die? – No
  • Did his actions threaten Zimmerman’s life? – The jury believed so.

Any objective person can see that both Zimmerman and Martin escalated the situation THEY put THEMSELVES in. It is what it is…a tragedy. A 17 year old is dead, a family lost their son and brother, others lost their friend. A big misunderstanding that led to ONE tragedy, and Zimmerman will live the rest of his life with a target on his back because of it. The whole thing sucks, and there could be no winners. But that’s not the worst of it….


To me, the even bigger offense, is that all of the other tragedies are ignored. Justice is Swerved as thousands of blacks were killed in the ghettos since the Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman altercation. But you see, these other tragedies don’t mesh with the story line the media has conjured up. They want you to think that there is some kind of large racist conspiracy of white murders against blacks. But you only need to look at FBI statistics to see that there is not. In cases of homicide involving blacks, just over 90% of them were killed by other blacks. Compare that to whites, of which somewhere under 90% are killed by other whites. Not to belittle their deaths, but it’s just fact, that generally, like kills like. Sure there are cases to the contrary, but the media made a spectacle out of a problem that just isn’t there.

'creepy ass crackers' | Justice is Swerved | Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman, and You

‘creepy ass crackers’

This is also evidenced when they labelled Zimmerman as a ‘white hispanic.” C’mon, what is that? Meanwhile, we are still awaiting for these same people to label the president as a “white black.” Well, really, I don’t even care about the president’s color, he is just a nefarious puppet. Whether he is white, black, brown, yellow, or whatever, makes no difference whatsoever.

But what was going on here was (and still is) so obvious. It’s all very dishonest, and distracting from real issues. Shame on you if you are fooled and swindled by them.


So what’s the point of this article and video? Here is why I bothered to address this topic. I did so for all the other killings which will not see their 14 months of news coverage. That is the biggest injustice of all. (hence the title).

That all of these murders are forgotten, just because they don’t fit the media’s narrative, is the injustice everyone should be riled up over. Thousands of killings in the ghettos year over year. And though this particular post isn’t about abortion, you also can’t ignore the BLACK GENOCIDE of nearly 350,000 black murders per year through abortion.

But getting back, tragic as the Zimmerman/Martin altercation’s result was, protesting in the street and getting riled up over it won’t change the fact that thousands more blacks will be murdered this year. Instead of looking for scapegoats to unleash our anger, let’s look at ourselves and figure out the underlying issues, even if they are too difficult to admit.


Though I am as much a Sociology Major as Al Sharpton is a reverend, I do still have eyes. After just a little observation, the issues stick out quite well. You can see the lack of a father figure, and a degenerative culture. You can also see that there is direct correlation between crime/delinquency, and the absence of the father figure.

Truth is, even if Zimmerman was found guilty in this case, nothing would have changed. The murders in the black communities would have gone on regardless of the verdict. That’s because the power structure is only interested in aiding chaos or providing distraction.

But you want real change? You want justice? Okay, let’s have a real discussion then….


Let’s talk about the roughly 10,000+ murders of blacks since the Zimmerman-Martin altercation. (in just over a year)
Let’s talk about the black kids in the ghetto who apparently are only worthy of a media blackout.
Let’s talk about how over 70% of black children are born out of wedlock.
Lets talk about the number of blacks who grow up without a father figure.
Let’s talk about the systematic destruction of the black family unit.

Yeah, Let’s see 14 months of media coverage about bringing real change, responsibility, and self-reliance. Now that really doesn’t fit the narrative, does it?

Lets talk about how slavery never really ended, only instead of rattling chains, now people are suppressed with entitlements. Well, these entitlements have contributed in making the familial male figure null and void. But you know it’s not only entitlements, it’s also the denigration of culture. You can even look to an article recently published about How Sounds and Pictures Change our Brains. Well, I also argue that the hip-hop and rap culture do not exactly ingrain positive seeds within the mind. The issues go on.

Though the stats above are most prevalent among blacks, You can even see these trends moving upward among the whites, and to an extent, all of Western Civilization.


the nuclear family, kicking ass since the beginning of time | Justice is Swerved | Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman, and YouListen, I don’t have ALL the answers, but I do have some suggestions that may help bring about justice. At least more so than protesting/marching in the street (because the TV told you to) for something or someone that has no direct impact on your life personally. Instead of teaching kids to hold a grudge over Trayvon….How about this? Let’s say we focus that energy on teaching the youth something worthwhile. Teach the young men how to PROPERLY treat women….and the young women how to value themselves.…. Too simplistic? It’s not.

For the young boys….
You must spend your energy teaching them how to treat a woman. Women are not just to be objects of pleasure, but are to be revered as your other half, just as God intended. They aren’t trading cards, so don’t treat them as such. The amount of different pussy you get does not make you any more of a man. In actuality, it corrupts your spirit, and you will be forever unsatiated. Referring to a woman as pussy, hoe, breezy, bitch, etc isn’t very becoming of a real man anyway. To be a man, you need to court a girl, take her out, dinner, movie, respect, all that stuff. When you decide she is the one you want to spend your life with, you marry her and make babies. Then you foster those babies in a loving environment, with a father and a mother. Your children will then see that you treat their mother like a queen, so they will learn to do the same, and expect the same.

For the girls….
You must spend your energy teaching them self respect. Don’t just tell them how to keep a man, because they will focus on that as an end, and wind up compromising themselves. Teach them that they are not pre-destined to any maltreatment. They do not have to put up with a lack of respect from a man just to keep him.
I have seen way too often that a dude sweetalks a woman into sex, and she ends up having a child to him in the hopes he will be more attached and stick around. But all this does is make it easier for the man to go around and have more children with other women.

Guys, you are the rock for your family. Take responsibility and act like it. Treat your woman (singular) like a queen.

Girls, you are beautiful and your bodies are your temple. Don’t throw that away to anyone, save it for the one who values you most. If some guy will only stay with you if you give him sex….see ya!


less this more this | Justice is Swerved | Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman, and YouI know this angle isn’t fail proof, hell, it’s downright archaic in this 21st century. However, I also know of the direct correlation of problems, and a lack of a father figure. This simple correction would go far in addressing that.

If the morals are not found, the battle is already lost. Justice is Swerved by putting band aids on a mortal wound. Throwing money at the problem will only worsen the problem. And George Zimmerman behind bars would make no difference whatsoever. Don’t look for a scapegoat, let’s look at ourselves. Help teach the youth.

Instilling family values, self-respect, self-reliance, and responsibility in the youth will do much more than any ‘racism’ march could ever accomplish. But then again, that might solve the problem….then the race baiters would be out of a job. MSNBC can’t employ all of them….

God’s Will Be Done.