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  • Posted December 15, 2012

Marc Rizzo is gearing up for a busy 2013. But For now, he has been hitting the road in anticipation of his next solo album (all tour dates at bottom). We caught up with him for a little Q&A after he played a gig in Towson, Maryland…. What? You don’t know Marc Rizzo?

Well, if you’re accustomed to the cookie-cutter drivel your local radio station pumps out, then you probably don’t know him. We will put it this way, do you know what is a guitar? Marc Rizzo is a master of the guitar. And that is his greatest obstacle.

Similar to many other instances in our time, laziness and corruption are rewarded while talent and hard work is punished. We see the government subsidize people who refuse to work with welfare and subsidize bloodsucking big bankers with bailouts, all the while making the taxpayer foot the bill for them both. The same goes in the music industry. We see talent-less hacks get millions of dollars, just for flashing Illuminati signs. Meanwhile, the real talent plays to a club of a couple hundred people…. if they are lucky.

Count Marc Rizzo as one of the talented hard workers. He is constantly pounding the pavement with touring, recording, and writing. And nobody is bailing him out. NBC won’t have him play live on their morning show, as he won’t simulate an orgy or masturbation onstage like Ke$ha. No. Mark Rizzo just plays the guitar, really well, so he’s got to make it on his own.

That said, Marc continues to do the only things he knows, work hard and shred on the guitar. 2013 is shaping up to be a busy year for Marc. He will take part in another leg of the Maximum Cavalera Tour as a member of Soulfly. He also looks to finish mixing and releasing his latest solo album Downside Up. Also, though not set in stone, he may begin writing for the next Soulfly album. And finally, don’t forget his other band, Cavalera Conspiracy, could come calling at any time.

Luckily, with all that Marc has going on right now, he was able to hang out after his performance in MD. So we caught up with him and talked about fitness, workouts, nutrition, and of course, music:

Discussion with Marc Rizzo

Procinctu: Here with Marc Rizzo of Cavalera Conspiracy, Soulfly, and I just recently found…..Inpsychobleedia?

Marc Rizzo: Inpsychobleedia, yeah it’s like a death metal project I started on the side, but we actually, a lot of those songs we just incorporate now with this (Marc Rizzo) band. I kinda just mix it all up.. my solo ****, Soulfly, Cavalera Conspiracy. Now it’s just my solo band, I just, you know, I don’t have time for anything else now, you know, between all three bands. So, just doing this, and that’s it.

P: So it’s a great show, actually your vocals have improved since I first saw you (solo), like eight years ago..

Marc Rizzo: That’s the hardest part, the screams. I could never scream, you know, I’m trying to get better.

P: Yeah, it sounds good.

Marc Rizzo: I’m trying, I’m trying.

P: So I wanna start, cause a lot of people…. well, you’re athletic obviously and you have an athlete background….. so, a lot of people struggle with finding time to do workouts and eating the right stuff. And having a tour life has got to be rough, so just wondering, can you walk me through a Mark Rizzo day on tour? As far as what you eat and what you do.

Marc Rizzo: As far as working out, that’s the easy part, cause I love to do it. Usually, I, well, I mean, I grew up boxing. I had a couple amateur fights. I still box with people when I’m home. Moved on to do MUAY THAI and stuff, you know, just fun. So I still do that, and that workout, the whole boxing with muay thai workout. And then I’m really, nowadays, I’m really hooked on kettlebell swings. I’ve been doing a lot of kettlebell swings. Um, and then kinda like a CrossFit type workout, but I’m in no rush to try to hurry up, or do it as fast as close to the people….

P: So do you have a kettlebell on the tour bus?

Marc Rizzo: I bring like a 50 pound kettlebell with me, and uh, that’s mostly what I do. Kettlebell swings, a lot of push-ups, and pull-ups. Whole body, you know, it’s full body workouts.

P: How about the food part, being on the road?

Marc Rizzo: That’s the hard part, that’s the hard part. I mean, I try to eat as healthy as I can, but it’s definitely tough. I try to just eat a lot of meat, a lot vegetables. I try to lay off a lot of breads and carbs. Beer, I try to….you know, but it’s hard. It’s tough, you know. So I mean, that’s why I like doing the full body workouts that are kinda cardio and muscle building at the same time. A lot of times on tour, you do eat like ****. So whatever workout you’re doing on tour, its gotta be fat burning, that’s number one. You gotta be concentrating on burning fat, because you’re gonna be eating a lot of ****. Whether you like it or not, you know, whether you drink or not……you’re gonna drink, you know? That’s just part of, you know, you want to enjoy yourself too. So I want to get the most out of my workouts.

P: How about a supplement? Any supplements you take?

Marc Rizzo: I used to, man. I used to take a lot of different supplements. Creatine I used to take. I used to take whey and all that stuff, but I’m just not interested in bulking up anymore. I think I used to be a little bit more bulkier, now I’m just, like I said, I’m into just full-blown, fat burning, muscle building. Just to get to the lowest fat body weight you can get to. As far as protein, I try to eat a lot of chicken throughout the day. I’ll drink low-fat milk, that’s about it. I don’t take any supplements. I’m not interested in bulking up.

P: Did you ever get into raw milk?

Marc Rizzo prepares for a busy 2013 | raw milk | www.procinctu.infoMarc Rizzo: I tried almond milk, I tried…..

P: Raw, like straight from the goat, they don’t pasteurize it. Yeah, it’s straight from the from the cow or the goat.

Marc Rizzo: Never tried it. Never tried it

P: It’s not even legal in some states, and you know, FDA. But yeah, it’s unpasteurized, so it’s like alive milk. And it’s great for immunity and all that stuff. And it actually populates your gut with the good bacteria.

Marc Rizzo: I gotta check it out.

P: Yeah.

Marc Rizzo: I like to try to do all natural stuff, that whey stuff, it bulks you up too much and I’m not into that. I sparred with a friend of mine who does muay thai. He is a professional muay thai fighter, smaller guy than me. He lit me, broke my jaw, I mean, he lit me the **** up. And that’s when I realized, who cares about being big. It don’t mean ****.

P: Right, it doesn’t.

Marc Rizzo: It really don’t.

P: So shifting over to the music now, you have a fourth solo record coming out. What’s the drop date on that?

Marc Rizzo: That’s gonna come out probably, hopefully, in the new year 2013. We finished recording it. I got to work Marc Rizzo prepares for a busy 2013 | downside up | www.procinctu.infowith one my favorite producers Zeus. He’s done everybody in the business. He recorded the last Soulfly record, did a great job, and we became really good friends. And he recorded my newest solo record, and I’m just, you know, just working on trying to finish mixing it now. So hopefully we’ll get it mixed. We got one song mixed, and it’s up on iTunes right now, called ‘Downside Up.’ And were gonna finish mixing the entire record. And hopefully by mid-2013 the whole record will be out. [NOTE: you can play the single from ‘Downside Up’ in the player near top of page, you can purchase the single HERE]

P: You’re releasing that on your label?

Marc Rizzo: Yeah, I just put it out myself, man. I do this stuff for fun, you know? I get no support from the industry with this project, so I do it for fun, that’s it.

P: Well the show you put on is really good.

Marc Rizzo: Thanks man.

P: It’s definitely worth coming out, I drove an hour, actually, to get here, and its worth it. So moving over to Soulfly. David Kincaid (drummer) bowing out… Did you guys see that coming or is that something that ….

Marc Rizzo: You know what, we started our last tour, he said, “Hey, my girlfriends pregnant.” I think we all were like “O.K., man, that’s that.” ‘Cause once you have a kid, and that’s it. I mean, you can’t, it’s hard to tour and have children at home, you know. We all wish him the best. I mean, I knew once he… he was so in love with his girl. She’s a really sweet girl, they are a really good couple. And I heard that she was pregnant, and I, you know, I even told him, “Man, you know, I get it. I understand.”

P: Well, the era was short, but that was, Enslaved is my favorite Soulfly album.

Marc Rizzo: He did a phenomenal job on Enslaved, its one of my favorite Soulfly records, so what more can I say? He did a great job.

P: Yeah, he did do a great job. And then moving ahead, looking forward to see what Zyon (Cavalera) can pound out…

Marc Rizzo: Yeah, I’m excited too, he’s an awesome, awesome drummer. He’s young and hungry, so uh, I think were gonna continue on making great records with Zyon.

P: And you got the Maximum Cavalera tour, another one, coming up, right?

Marc Rizzo: Yep, yep.

P: Early next year.

Marc Rizzo: February it will start. It’ll go from February to March.

P: It’s heavy on the West Coast I saw.

Marc Rizzo: Uh, I think it starts on the West Coast, but we will be out here on the East Coast.

P: Yeah, and finish up in new york.

Marc Rizzo: Yep, we’ll go up to Canada, so it’s gonna be really cool, it’s gonna be pretty cool.

P: As far as recording records again. What was your favorite record to record?

Marc Rizzo: Uhh, man, so many. I really enjoyed all of them. You know, definitely the last record with Zeus. Really, working with Zeus really took my guitar playing to the next level. And I definitely think Enslaved is like, the best record I ever made. And even my new solo record, I mean, the guy is just amazing. He’s one of the best. But I also loved making all the Cavalera Conspiracy records. Logan Mader, he’s great too. You know, we’ve always had a good relationship with Logan. Um, you know, the last three or four records I’ve done with soul fly have been my favorites. And I think we keep getting better with each record, so.

P: I agree with that.

Marc Rizzo: Thanks.

P: What question do you get from most fans? What do most fans ask you?

Marc Rizzo: Uh, What’s in the book bag? Ha ha ha. And I’m sick of **** answering that question, you know?

P: Ha ha. I didn’t ask it.

Marc Rizzo: Nah, you didn’t ask it . But that’s all I get asked all the time. “What’s in the book bag?” It’s like, dude, that was 10 years ago, bro!

We continued to chill with Marc for the better parts of an hour. We talked about everything from the ‘riches’ of South America and Europe, to our denigrating culture here at home. Really, another credit to those in this genre, like Marc, is their accessibility. It’s another product of their down-to-earth work ethic. Unless Jay-Z has some sort of post-show full access of which we are not aware.

If you have an appreciation for music, we recommend you check out Marc Rizzo’s material. Since he’s apparently too good for the radio, you’ll have to try a little harder to find it. We also recommend you seriously consider checking out a live show. The Maximum Cavalera Tour will hit North America starting in February. And keep in mind, these guys make a living on the $15-$20 ticket it takes to see them. Support them and keep it metal.

Upcoming Tour Dates

Marc Rizzo Band

Dec 15, 2012 -The Loft – Poughkeepsie, NY

Dec 22, 2012 – The Blue Room – Secaucus, NJ

Jan 11, 2013 – Frankie’s – Toledo, OH

Jan 12, 2013 – Token Lounge – Westland, MI


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