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  • Posted June 17, 2012

Sovereign Man, the international diversification website, invited its confidential members to a meet-up in New York City this past week. It’s founder, Simon Black, travels the world as an international investor and does not frequent the States often. So given that yours truly almost flew to Denver to meet him last month, the plot to make a visit to New York City began immediately upon receiving the invitation.

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No, this isn’t just a cover to mask my attendance at Justin Bieber’s performance at the Rockefeller Center the next day. Nor is it to hide that I went to see President Obama at Ground Zero, also the next day. The trip really was just to see Simon Black. I guess that is an illustration of the disconnect of so many Americans. Millions know the Biebs and the Baracka, both of whom positively contribute little to people’s lives. Yet, only thousands know Simon Black, who contributes life changing information. Oh well, on with the post.

Through the Sovereign Man, Simon provides subscribers with FREE valuable daily content. Of course, Simon Black, uses an alias. Why? Because the content he provides is empowering in that it shows people HOW to not be subject to their respective corrupt governments. This type of info is dangerous to the status quo, especially as more and more people discover that they are just pawns in the game. However, personal liberty can be attained, you only have to be open to it. Basically, everything that the system conditioned you to believe is not true.


The Sovereign Man |

The Sovereign Man website was also featured in our Top 12 Resources for 2012. Procinctu believed it to be such a valuable information resource because of the political climate in which we find ourselves. Those that have the means would be crazy to leave it ALL subject to one jurisdiction. Understandably, most of you reading this have probably never even considered international diversification. Or others may only have had that little feeling that something just isn’t right, but never concerned themselves too much with it. But, then there are those who plainly see the writing on the wall.

Speaking for the United States, the writing is all over the wall….like graffiti in NYC, its unmistakable. It shows up in the welfare state which saps the producers. It can be seen in the military industrial complex, spreading its influence just to keep the Petrodollar in business a little while longer. Its in the amount of people who WON’T work in fear of losing their ‘benefits.’ It can be seen in those odd shaped mutant-like ‘humans’ whom have had one too many dose of HFCS and GMOs. It can be seen in the increasingly obtrusive police state, tracking your every move. If you only open your eyes, you can see it written everywhere.

Whichever way you read the writing, the Sovereign Man content may just provide the kick that you need to take action and protect what’s yours. For the few that this resonates with, I would like to add a line from one of my mentors, Craig Ballantyne, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

Before we get to the part about Simon at the meet-up, it should be noted just what kind of networking opportunity such a group presents. At the event was everybody from business owners, to venture capitalists, to even a few students. Being able to network and meet face to face with like minded people in of itself is worth the price of membership. But the Sovereign Man effort doesn’t just end there, they over deliver.

At the meet-up, Simon displayed the character that I hoped he would. He not only did a Q & A with all in attendance, but he answered EVERY single question. 2 hours were spent with full access from his knowledge of international dealings. Even some tips were given that he admittedly would ‘never put in print.’

To focus on just one topic Simon addressed, it was his stance on precious metals accumulation. He echoed the sentiment of what we have been saying about not paying attention to the price. We have stated on Silver For Beginners, as well as this site, that the price of metals is manipulated and the goal should be to attain ounces. Sure, some will be able to play the ‘dips’ and ‘jumps’ to make an increased profit, but its a tricky game. Acquiring a base of metals to physically hold should be the beginners focus, don’t worry about the price. You can worry about price action when you become a technical analysis day trader.

Simon also spoke of his 1,000+ acre farm in Chile and his eventual plans for it.

In addition to the Q & A, Simon then stayed after and spoke informally with whoever wanted to talk. Really, I can’t say enough about how accessible he was. It is this group of Simon, Matt Smith, and Craig Ballantyne that resonates most with me. Their business models with the Sovereign Man and Early To Rise are centered around ‘reciprocation.’ They truly feel that if they focus on adding value to the customer first, the sale will take care of itself. It is also one of the reasons why everything you read on this site is consciously written with the intention of providing the reader with something of value.

Look, those of us who are awake can see what is coming. We can and will try to change the course and save our great country. However, we also have to be aware of the fact that things go in cycles, and the liberty and freedoms we once knew may not be best attained in our country. If you have any thought of planting a flag elsewhere, or no you no longer feel secure keeping all of your eggs in one basket, I urge you to sign up for the Sovereign Man free newsletter.

In closing, it would be a disservice not to include this recent promotion. To mark its third anniversary, Sovereign Man has recently offered membership into their confidential group for 25% below the normal price! For $299, you too could join this special group. [UPDATE: discount has since expired] Head on over to their page and see all that they have to offer. The link could come down at anytime as we don’t know how long the promotion will last. Keep in mind we aren’t even affiliates, Procinctu just feels this strongly about what the Sovereign Man website provides.

If you are ready to take action, the Sovereign Man can provide you with the steps. Through the ‘ability to make money, control your time, and eliminate the mindset that you are subject to a corrupt government,’ you can up your chances of being truly free.