Essential Oils Primer

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Welcome to your Essential Oils Primer. This is intended for those who are curious about essential oils, but can’t find the time to get to a class.

This essential oils primer is for anybody who sees value in introducing more natural forms of healthcare into their life…..especially if you have a family to care after. For the spiritual people, this will help you provide a better bodily temple for the Holy Ghost.

Finding wellness in God-given plants has been possible since the beginning of time. God specifically designed these plants to support the human body. Currently, we see more and more people returning to natural options for healthcare. Science actually has a lot to do with this, since there is now research explaining why essential oils do what they do. So while modern medicine has its time and place, the uses of essential oils are being rediscovered as well.

Essential Oils Primer…..WHAT ARE THEY?

Essential Oils (contracted from “quintessential oils”) are naturally occurring, volatile aromatic compounds, derived from the distillation of a plant and its parts. (flowers, leaves, wood, bark, roots, seeds, or peel)

There is an endless list of health benefits we can experience by using essential oils. They are extremely potent, sometimes being 50x-70x more powerful than the actual herb.
For example, one drop of peppermint oil equals over 25 cups of peppermint tea! (If you have received a sample from us, put a drop of peppermint in your palm, not your fingers, rub together, bring your hands to your nose, and breathe in slow….. did it open you up? Your essential oils primer isn’t complete without a sample, if you would like one, fill out the Contact Us section here) Peppermint can be used aromatically, topically, and even internally. You can apply it to the roof of your mouth, on the head tension, or on the back of your neck to cool your body….and much more.


Each oil contains hundreds of different compounds, so one particular oil can address numerous different things. Essential oils work on a cellular level.

One all-star oil is Doterra’s OnGuard. It is a blend of Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Wild Orange, Clove, and Cinnamon. I also can be used aromatically, topically, and internally. Diffuse it into the air, apply to the skin, take it internally, and clean surfaces with it.


Doterra essential Oils are Certified, Pure, Therapeutic Grade Oils. CPTG is a registered trademark that means Doterra essential oils are verified by third party testing to be pure, safe, and free of filler/pesticides/contaminants. Further, Doterra sources their oils from all over the world. They connect with local farmers to obtain the plants where they grow indigenously. This also supports the generational farms and their local economies, in what Doterra calls co-impact sourcing.

There are many other brands of oils, and you probably already have some in your home. You can find them in those fragrance plug-ins, detergents, shampoos, and so on…..but those are likely synthetic oils. These synthetic oils contain chemicals that could actually harm the body. There are also food grade oils, which are O.K. for flavorings, but not for therapeutic use. Then you may see some for therapeutic use in a health food store or even Walmart, but there is no regulation or testing that Doterra provides. Plus, where the plant comes from is important, and there may be no way of knowing if other brands source the plant from it’s natural habitat.


A big takeaway of this essential oils primer is to understand that they are not a be all end all. Think of any health goals you have. The way to a healthy life begins with a sound foundation. Food and exercise go a long way in setting the foundation to a healthy life. Everything we consume is used by our bodies, to either ward off disease, or feed disease. You may have even heard the phrase “You are what you eat.” On the exercise side of things, humans are not meant to sit at a desk all day. This can effect all body functions, so incorporate physical activity into your life if you think you might be too sedentary.

Essential Oils Primer - Health PyramidReduce the toxicity that has become so ‘normal’ today. So many ailments can be prevented if we just eliminate chemicals from our lives. By learning to support our bodies naturally, we could save thousands of dollars, and avoid numerous aches. And where possible, use essential oils to fill in the gaps throughout your life.

Essential Oils can help you in so many ways, but you can only get the proper nutrients from food. Essential Oils can’t move your body for you! So be smart, know what our bodies thrive on, know how poisonous things like white sugar are to your body, dedicate yourself to improving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

How to use Doterra Essential Oils

As was listed above, there are 3 main ways to use essential oils from Doterra….. aromatically, topically, and internally.


When you smell essential oils, you are getting an experience aromatically. But the benefits go way beyond just a pleasant smell. Your airways can be opened for breathing, the air can be cleansed, your brain will react with the scent to boost your mood, and so on.

The benefits of aromatherapy are realized with a personal diffuser. You just add a few drops of an essential oil (or a mix of several oils) to water, and let the diffuser give off a purposeful mist.


Sore muscles? Head ache? Upset stomach? This is the time to apply essential oils directly to your skin. Some oils require a carrier oil (like fractionated coconut oil or olive oil) to dilute, but others can be used as they are. If you want the oils to get to work quick, you can apply them to the bottom of your feet, where the body’s largest pores reside. From here, Essential Oils can enter your bloodstream that very minute!

Other areas common for essential oil use are the temples, wrists, spine, ears, and base of neck.


This is where Doterra really sets itself apart from other companies of essential oils. Their aforementioned CPTG standard enables us to know that the oils are what they say they are. And thus, we can actually gain benefits from consuming them. This can be by diluting them in a glass of water or other drink, using them in our foods, or even using a drop or two in our mouth, etc.


Where can I get these Doterra Essential Oils?

If you still need time to digest the information, that’s understandable. Thank you for investing your time in this essential oils primer thus far. But if you are ready to get started and reap the benefits of essential oils, then continue on to see how you can get them through Doterra at the cheapest price.

With Doterra, there are two ways to order essential oils and their corresponding products…… retail and wholesale. Retail can be bought HERE, and you can expect to pay full price. Wholesale is by far the best route, and best bang for the buck, and so we will spend the rest of the time explaining the Doterra wholesale membership.

Doterra Wholesale Membership – Wellness Advocate

  • Much like Costco and Sam’s Club, Doterra has a ONE-TIME enrollment fee of $35. (The renewal fee is $25 yearly, and comes with a FREE bottle of peppermint essential oil, so the net cost per year is only $5!)
  • Once enrolled, all Doterra products are 25% off of the retail price!
  • There are no loopholes or minimum purchase requirements to maintain the wholesale membership
  • You are eligible to participate in the Loyalty Rewards program (more on that later)
  • You are eligible to earn commissions (for commissions, there IS a minimum purchase requirement)

There are two ways to become a wholesale member….. pay the $35 enrollment fee, and purchase oils a la carte….or start off with an enrollment kit and have the $35 fee waived!

Starting off your Doterra wholesale membership with a kit is the most popular and valuable choice. It provides the quickest way to get the cheapest price on your first essential oils. Here is an essential oils primer on the available Doterrra enrollment kits.


Diamond Kit

Essential Oils Primer - Diamond Kit

  • mostly for big families ready to make a drastic positive change in their health and wellness
  • the largest kit, contains almost every Doterra product
  • automatically earn 400PV in product credits (which is like $400 to spend on other products!)
  • earn 25% rewards on all that you spend
  • $800 in savings


Every Oils Kit

Essential Oils Primer - Every Oil Kit

  • for those who want every oil in their home
  • includes emotional aromatherapy oils
  • includes fractionated coconut oil
  • includes a diffuser
  • automatically earn 200PV in product credits (which is about $200)
  • earn 25% rewards on all you spend
  • $300 in savings


Natural Solutions Kit

Essential Oils Primer - Natural Solutions Kit

  • one of the most popular kits
  • contains 19 different essential oils and Life Long Vitality supplement
  • contains On Guard products for immune system, and Deep Blue of sore muscles
  • includes fractionated coconut oil, and Breathe Vapor Stick
  • includes Aroma lite diffuser
  • automatically earn 100PV in product credits ($100)
  • earn 15% rewards on all you spend
  • $100 in savings


Athletic Kit

Essential Oils Primer - Athlete Kit

  • for a single person or family that is more athletic


Emotional Aromatherapy Kit

Essential Oils Primer - Emotional Aromatherapy Kit

  • for those who want to use oils for mood management and emotional support


Home Essentials Kit

Essential Oils Primer - Home Essentials Kit

  • highly recommended as a basic family kit
  • includes 10 basic oils in 15ml bottles (Deep Blue 5ml)
  • inlcudes a diffuser
  • $90 in savings


Family Physician Kit

Essential Oils Primer - Family Physician Kit

  • for single person, or family who wants to START small with oils
  • same oils as Home Essentials Kit, but in 5ml bottles (1/3 of the essential oils)


Do any of these kits interest you? If you are really confident, then you can go ahead, sign-up, and order. If you would like a more in depth essential oils primer, we would be happy to answer any questions. is our e-mail, 202-743-9815 is the phone number.


Using Sounds Good, But How Can I Make Money?!

Yes, it is possible to build a business with Doterra. It is a huge opportunity, really.

Here is a book summary of ‘Go Pro’ by Eric Worre. This will be a good intro into what is financially possible in this type of business.

For those who devote the time, and follow the correct structure, it is even possible to supplant all other current income. Imagine if your full time ‘job’ was to share the powers of essential oils with others, and positively impact their health! True, that is a lofty goal, but it IS attainable. Though some people would just be happy doing enough to get their oils for free, or enough to make a monthly car payment, or enough to make their mortgage payments. Everybody has a unique situation and expectation, and Doterra enables you to go as fast or slow as YOU want.

Let’s take the aforementioned Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP). Upon sign-up, we would discuss the best route for you to take, but the LRP enables members to rack up rewards when they make purchases. These rewards can be spent on any Doterra product you like. This is in addition to your 25% discount from retail. When you start the program, you get 10% back on all LRP purchases, eventually, you get back 30% on all LRP purchases (so long as you maintain a monthly LRP order). The LRP also enables you to make money with Doterra!

For those interested in supplementing or even replacing their income with a Doterra business, please reach out, and we will show you how. In order to be eligible for all Fast Start bonuses, and take advantage of the compensation benefits, you would need to maintian a 100PV LRP order.

LRP orders allow you to make money and earn free products (rewards for purchases top out at 30%). By maintaining your monthly LRP order of…

  • 1-49PV, you put your credit potential on hold
  • 50PV or more, you are eligible for product credit
  • 100PV or more, you are eligible for the bonus payout
  • 125PV or more, you are eligible for the free product of the month
  • ….occasionally, orders of 200PV or more could be eligible for a special promotion (this is irregular)

If you have any questions beyond this essential oils primer, don’t hesitate to reach out… is our e-mail, 202-743-9815 is the phone number.


If you are ready to get started with your wholesale account, Let’s do it!
Just buy for personal use, or join our business team….or both!

  1. Click “join & Save” at top of page
  2. Click green “Join DoTerra” tab on next page
  3. After continuing, click wholesale prices option
  4. Submit your application
  5. Choose your enrollment kit (or do the $35 fee)
  6. We will be contacting you shortly!


In God’s Will

Travis Angel and Zephaniah