Diet Review: Does “Hollywood Physique” provide training that works?

  • Posted May 20, 2012

Can you dramatically alter your physique in 3 months like a Hollywood actor? Find out as Procinctu reviews the ‘Hollywood Physique’ diet and workout system to see if it can provide training that works.

Ever wonder how those Hollywood actors have some drastic body transformation to get ready for an upcoming role? Ever wish you could duplicate their protocol and have a frame rivaling that of Ryan Reynolds? Well, you are not alone. Clay Rogers has pondered this very topic. So naturally, he set out to reverse engineer a body transformation method to help you bring about your inner Tyler Durden.

Clay used some convincing before and after pics of himself on his website to make a pretty good sales pitch. He then gave an outline of the 6 components that set his program apart and make it tick:

  1. Visible Muscle Isolation Method
  2. Hollywood Hypertrophy Training
  3. Peak Hormone Diet
  4. Incline Cardio
  5. Body Reset Protocol
  6. On/Off Switches

First, it should be noted that Procinctu will occasionally offer a review of different routines and systems to help you take control of you life, in this case physically. You are always to assume that reviews from Procinctu are made with no partiality. If we are an affiliate or involved financially in any capacity, it will clearly be noted. In this case, Procinctu has no financial interest.


‘Hollywood Physique for Men’ is the first in our series of reviews. Hopefully you will learn enough about the fundamentals of this system to make a decision on using it or not…..and sorry ladies, this system is designed for men.

Again, this program is NOT designed to bulk you up to compete in the next Mr. Olympia. However, it IS designed to get you looking like Brad Pitt circa Fight Club.

So without further adieu….The Hollywood Physique for Men

The 6 Components of the Hollywood Physique:

♦The ‘Visible Muscle Isolation Method’ focuses on isolating the development of ‘visible muscle.’ Clay says that 20% of muscle mass accounts for 80% of the ‘visible size.’ Therefore, by focusing on the development of these specific muscles, you will visibly notice the biggest change. The exercise plan is formed around that concept.

Clay targeted those muscles in the ‘visible’ category by choosing exercises to specifically develop them. Similar to P90X, the workouts varied every several weeks to keep the muscles confused and prevent a plateau effect. The best part about the exercises is that they could be done at a basic home gym. With a few tweaks, all of the workouts were able to be completed with a bench, bar, free weights, and chairs. Though a few times pulleys were recommended, those movements were easily converted to a suitable motion with free weights.

Hollywood Hypertrophy Training is the idea of leveraging over-training and forced overcompensation to get new growth out of your muscles. Additionally, Clay contends that strength training is the worst way to build muscle in a rapid manner.

Here, the exercises were laid out, down to the very rep. Utilizing a certain rest period with a certain number of sets and a certain number of reps for each muscle group, the blueprint to attain muscle failure was written. The ‘Hollywood Physique’ showed exactly how to blow through the workout leaving no time wasted. Personally, it felt great approaching the workout in this way. Who really wants to waste an hour in the gym anyway? This system gets right to the point and gets out.

♦The ‘Peak Hormone Diet’ is obviously the food segment of this system. It is focused on the hormones in your diet and basically ignores any caloric intake. Instead of paying any attention to calories, you will consume a certain amount of particular foods in order to meet the micro nutrient requirements. The consumption of these certain whole foods act as a natural anabolic steroid. Though you will need to go through Clay to get the specifics, it is largely and steak and eggs diet with lots of vegetables.

Compatible with the Weston A. Price school of thought on food, this diet was heavy on animal fat. Clay has every meal worked out and there is no guesswork involved. He even ranked the meat sources in order from best to worst.

Consuming these kind of foods leaves the user with an unreal amount of energy. It literally felt like being on caffeine of some kind of drug non stop. However, no supplements were needed in system. No protein, no creatine, no glutamine, no coffee… In fact Clay warned AGAINST using anything but the specified foods. Nothing like a natural high.

Incline Cardio is the strategic placement of the dreaded cardio workout so that it has the greatest positive impact in your routine. Really, the way in which it is implemented, makes it hard to call it ‘cardio.’

The ‘incline cardio’ is a great addition to any workout. The way in which it was placed in the system allowed for optimal fat burning. The variation that was used in this experiment (weight vest) felt so productive, that it will definitely be incorporated even when not using this system.

♦The Body Reset Protocol is the maybe the most important aspect in accelerated body transformation. This 5 day protocol will make all the difference in properly cleansing the body and resetting it for the following muscle growth and fat loss. This is implemented immediately before starting the program. There is a certain allotment of fluid and food you must consume at the specific times to achieve the cleansing necessary for this system.

‘On/Off Switches’ cover the little tricks that act as ‘bonuses’ in flipping the switch to aid in your transformation. Centered around factors such as sleep or sunshine, On/Off switches are the little added variables that can guide you to an even more accelerated body transformation.

The user had the option of stopping at 3 months, or continuing on for another 3 months.

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We first must point out that a couple of ‘Clay’s rules’ were violated.
-Over the course of 3 months a few meals were missed, to which Clay says ‘NEVER miss a meal.’
-The required sleep was probably not reached.
-The length of time spent on one of the components of the ‘Peak Hormone Diet’ was not exactly followed to plan.
-Due to travel, Lent, Easter, etc., a few workouts were put off and a few meals were tweaked. For this review, you can assume that the ‘Peak Hormone Diet’ was followed well over 95% of the time. You can also assume that the training was followed 90% of the time.

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Body Fat Percentage

To measure body fat percentage, the Bod Pod measurement was used. Unfortunately, at least one of these measurements were believed to be inaccurate. The numbers are still disclosed here, but it seems we will have to disregard them because they just don’t make sense. In the image detailing the numbers, you can see the inconsistency. The Bod Pod showed that in spite of all the steak and eggs, 4.2 lbs of fat free mass were actually lost! It also showed that 1.3 lbs of fat were lost.

6.7% body fat on February 6 was highly unlikely, as was the 12.7% body fat on April 21. I don’t think those numbers reflect the photos or how the system made me feel, adrenalinely speaking…yep, just made up that word. It seems we will have to rely on the photos in drawing our conclusion. (Note: On May 19, another visit was made to the Bod Pod to record the starting point for the next system. That visit revealed that a new sensor for measuring mass replaced the last one, further strengthening my doubts on a couple of the previous readings.)



Clay charges a one-time fee of $147 dollars for unlimited access to the companion website for the Hollywood Physique. This actually is a very reasonable price. In addition to the in-depth explanation of the 6 components, he also has a forum set-up. On the forum, users can bounce questions off of each other and post updates of their progress. Clay also chimes in on this forum and you can also reach him via email a He is actually quite accessible.



Though the results are somewhat mixed, the Hollywood Physique is still recommended. For all the food requirements involved, a little more drastic of a change was expected. However, the photos do show an improvement. It also should be noted that the best reaction the body had to this system was in the final few weeks. Continuing another 3 months was considered, but due to the amounts of meat and eggs consumed, the 3 month ending time was set. The Hollywood Physique will probably be given another go around next year. At that time, it may be attempted for a full 6 months given that tracking of blood-work and cholesterol etc. will be added.

Others have shown better results and at the forum they can be seen and followed along with. But again, the food-induced perpetual energy rush alone makes this easy to endorse. All things considered, Procinctu believes that the Hollywood Physique DOES give you the tools to implement training that works.


Next Up: The Hollywood Physique experiment ended April 21, 2012. The system left a feeling of awesomeness. Since then, a month was spent not really following anything (except for avoiding meat and eggs) in an attempt to get a fair starting point for the next system. Needless to say, there is no longer a feeling of awesomeness, but a desire to get some structure back (not to mention meat and eggs). Showing that it can provide training that works, Hollywood Physique will once again provide that structure in the future, but not now. Next up is Craig Ballantyne’s Turbulence Training. So stay tuned because sometime in the next 3-4 months you can expect a review of Turbulence Training.

Any feedback or comments are appreciated. Are there any systems you want Procinctu to test? Is there any info lacking in this review that you want included? Can the review be improved in any way?  Thanks for viewing.

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