Go Pro Eric Worre Book Summary for Doterra

This is a book summary of the Go Pro Eric Worre network marketing resource. Since we are wellness advocates for Doterra Essential Oils, some of the Doterra vocabulary was used in place of the generic network marketing lingo. While all are welcome to view this summary, you are encouraged to get the original book at Network Marketing Pro.

For the Doterra Wellness Advocates in our team, use this resource as a refresher as you build your team. You can always reach out to us for any questions.

Finally, this Go Pro book summary was prompted by a mentor of mine, Josh Hesse. He is co-founder and CEO of Tradesmart University, which ‘was founded for the purpose of making the seemingly complex issues of stock market trading accessible to anybody with a desire to learn.’ Tradesmart advocates multiple pillars of income for it’s students’ financial fortress, and network marketing is a great option to use as one of those pillars. If you are looking to diversify your income streams (especially through the stock market), give TradeSmart University a look.

While the first priority is to help and show people the health benefits of natural essential oils, we also are welcoming leaders worldwide, and focus on fostering those roles. If you think you have a desire to be a leader, and help others around you, please reach out, and we can discuss.

We are here to answer any questions you have, but more importantly, we can send you some Doterra samples to try, and educate you on how to improve your health and wellness with Doterra Essential Oils. Our bodies are a temple for the Holy Ghost, and it is our responsibility to make it as worthy as possible, and help our fellow-men to do the same.

Our Doterra web site is here. Our Essential Oils information web site is here.

Also, to eliminate any excuses or roadblocks, we personally offer an enrollment kit for those on a budget. For only $30, you get a Doterra 3 Oil Intro Kit, PLUS a membership. This is intended to remove money as an obstacle to starting your own business. Finally, our group offers free step-by-step coaching if you want to commit to building a business. This of course is NOT obligatory, it is just an offer.

Hopefully this summary of the Go Pro Eric Worre network marketing resource will be of use to you.


-Travis & Angel


GO PRO  by Eric Worre

Network marketing is not perfect, it’s just better.

A group of people were asked what would be the attributes of a perfect job. An example of the answers given ranged from: no boss, no alarm clock, no politics, unlimited income, time freedom, low start up costs, fun, residual income, etc.

Go Pro Eric Worre Book SummarySo let’s explore the 5 main types of job…

  • blue collar
  • white collar
  • sales
  • traditional business ownership
  • investing

Unfortunately, none of these 5 types qualify as the (nearly) perfect job. There are major risks or downsides with all of them. Is the perfect career even possible?

In the new economy, incomes are becoming more and more performance based. And through technological efficiency, less and less people are even needed for jobs. The best way to survive and thrive in the new economy is network marketing.

Companies (like Doterra) do well to spend their advertising budgets on wellness advocates. Network Marketing allows the benefits of business ownership, without the risk, and with no cap on your income. The only catch in choosing to enter network marketing is that you must be willing to accept and embrace temporary loss of social esteem from ignorant people. You are seeing the future!


If you are going to get involved in network marketing, you have to become a professional. Go Pro. Go Pro Eric Worre.

There are three categories of people in network marketing

  • Posers
  • Amateurs
  • Professionals

Posers hope to make it big with little work. Amateurs focus on different things, hoping for luck, concerned about their timing, concerned of who is in their upline, etc. They are always looking for shortcuts.

A Professional is a person who is an expert at the skills required to build a large and successful network marketing organization.

Athletes and doctors spend years perfecting the skills required for their profession. But when they take up network marketing, they quit after a few months saying it doesn’t work. If it takes 10,000 hours of dedication to reach an expert level at anything….why should network marketing be treated any differently?!

Luckily, with network marketing, you can still earn money while you are learning the skills. Just decide to go pro, and keep on learning. Others will gravitate towards your commitment and decision to become a professional. You can take the first step here, by becoming a Doterra Wellness Advocate.


Skills for becoming a network marketing professional

Understand that everybody starts on the same footing in Doterra. Everyone uses the same essential oil products. Everyone is working within the same compensation plan. The determining factor of your success is YOU. While you can earn while you learn, your success is dependent upon your education and implementation.

Skill #1 – Finding Prospects

Go Pro Eric Worre Book SummaryPosers will base their business on 3-5 people they think will join. When the prospects don’t join, their business ends. They rely on luck.

Amateurs make a written list of 100 or so prospects, but they charge out with not a lot of skill, and burn through their list. Then worry about running out of people.

Professionals view it as their job to find new people. They start with a written list, but they also use an ‘active candidate list’.

4 Steps to Finding Prospects

  • Make a list as comprehensive as possible, think of EVERY person you know.
  • Look at your list, and write down people that THEY know. Add them to the list.
  • Constantly expand your list. The pros add 1-2 people to their list every day.
  • Network on purpose.


Skill #2 – Inviting prospects to learn about essential oils and the business opportunity

Think like a farmer, not a hunter. Build trust with your contacts, and educate them on the benefits of achieving health and wellness with essential oils.

Professionals will invite their prospect to a class or presentation….they can also invite them to use an essential oil. You are not going to pitch to them.

Invite in such a way that it can be easily duplicated. Your ability to get a large group of people to consistently do a few simple things over an extended period of time, will determine you success.

4 rules to inviting

  • Emotionally detach yourself from the outcome. Focus on educating, not on the ‘sale’. Your goal is to show people how to live a better life with essential oils.
  • Be yourself.
  • Bring passion and enthusiasm.
  • Have a strong posture.

8 steps to a professional invitation

This invitation formula is to be used on the phone or face to face. (not email, nor texting, etc.)

  1. Be in a hurry – People are more attracted to people who have things going on.
  2. Compliment the prospect – This will double results, but it must be sincere.
  3. Make the invitation – Direct approach, indirect approach, or super indirect approach.
  4. If I, would you? – ex. If I gave you an essential oil, would you try it? Offer a value exchange.
  5. Confirmation #1 – Get a time commitment. Ask when they will have tried the oil.
  6. Confirmation #2 – ex. So if i call you at (the time they said), you will have used it, right?
  7. Confirmation #3 – Schedule the exact time for the follow-up, and honor that time.
  8. Get off the phone – Don’t talk yourself out of the appointment.

Practice and practice these steps, then you wont have to rely on being ‘lucky’.


Skill #3 – Presenting the essential oil and building opportunity

Go Pro Eric Worre Book SummaryUnderstand that you are not the issue. The presentation must be able to be duplicated. It doesn’t matter what works, it only matter what duplicates. Invite people to the opportunity, and let the third party resource do the work. And learn to tell your personal story as a compliment to the resource. (a class outline can be found at Live Naturally)

4 elements to your story

  1. your background
  2. the things you didn’t like about your background
  3. how network marketing or company came to the rescue
  4. your results or how you feel about your future

For your presentation, you will model what already works for others in your upline. Memorize it and be completely comfortable with it.


Skill #4 – Following up with your prospects

The fortune is in the follow up.

Follow these 4 concepts when following up:

  1. Do what you say you are going to do. Call when you say you will call.
  2. The only reason for an exposure, is to set up the next exposure. Keep the process alive. Ask them, What did you like best? Or ask their interest on a scale of 1-10.
  3. It takes an average of 4-6 exposures for a person to join. Though it can take over 10…so be persistent, but patient.
  4. Condense exposures into the shortest time frame possible for better results. Don’t drag out your following up.

Respond to questions and objections with understanding. Don’t get defensive, but put yourself into their situation. Whether they lack belief in their abilities, or lack belief in network marketing in general, practice empathy towards them. Let them know you are just like they are. Use a feel, felt, found strategy.


Skill #5 – Helping your prospect become an oil user and wellness advocate

While maintaining a good posture and asking good questions, here are 5 things to check:

  • Still keep their education as the primary goal, and remain emotionally detached from the outcome.
  • Act assumptive that they will join.
  • Promote that you are committed, and will be there to help them.
  • Always be prepared with documents, etc.
  • Ask question after question and be a good consultant. (What did you like best?)

4 questions to use when closing for a prospective builder

  1. Based upon what you have seen, how much money would you need to earn per month, to make this worth your time?
  2. About how many hours could you commit each week to get that income?
  3. How many months would you work those hours to get that type income?
  4. If I could show you how to develop an income of (their answer to question #1) per month, working (their answer to question #2 ) hours per week, over the course of (their answer to question #3) months, would you be ready to get started?

If their numbers are reasonable, and they say yes, then set up a plan for them to acquire that goal.


Skill #6 – Helping your new Doterra wellnes advocate getting started right

Go Pro Eric Worre Book SummaryDon’t squander your investment by abandoning your new Doterra Wellness Advocate. Guide them along the way. Always set up their membership overview (which can also be found at Live Naturally) at the time in which they sign up.

3 Points to cover with your new wellness advocate:

  • If you succeed in this business, it’s you who will succeed. If you don’t succeed, it’s you who won’t succeed. I’m here to guide you, but you are going to be the difference.
  • My job is to help you become independent from me as quickly as possible.
  • There will be ups and downs. When the downs come, do you want me to leave you alone, or do you want me to remind you of why you made this decision to begin with?


5 things to check before sending out your new Doterra Wellness Advocate:

  1. Make sure your Doterra wellness advocate has the appropriate products, and ordering concept.
  2. Make sure your advocate has the proper tools.
  3. Make sure your new advocate is connected with where to find info, and knows their website info.
  4. Make sure the advocate has a basic understanding of the compensation plan.
  5. Make sure they have a basic understanding of how to make their own professional Doterra essential oils invitation.

Getting your Doterra wellness advocate started with the proper tools is vital. Encourage them to get their first personal enrollment of their own, so they can experience their first check as quick as possible.


Skill #7 – Attending events

The convention put on by Doterra is the cornerstone to building the company.

So many pivotal moments in your network marketing career will occur at destination events. Plus, the social proof, seeing all the people just like you, who already realized their dreams, is a confidence builder. Spending time with people who think like we think can fill up our tank.

The more time you and your team spend at Doterra events, the more successful your business will be. No matter what, make it a priority to attend the destination event. Be an event promoter for your team, not an announcer. If you absolutely can not make it to the Doterra Convention, you absolutely must make it to the Post-Convention Tour.


Anything worthwhile takes time

You won’t be rich by your third month, so be reasonable with your goals. There could be a fortunate month here and there, but overall, you will only make what you are. So do the work.

Understand the 1-3-5-7 Formula

It will take you 1 year of consistent work to become competent and profitable. You will cover your expenses.
It will take you 3 years of consistent part time effort in order to be able to go full time.
It will take you 5 years of consistent full time work to be a 6 figure earner and above.
It will take you 7 years of consistent effort to become an expert.


Once you make the commitment, it’s time to gain experiences and learn. Never stop learning.

  • Model successful behavior – Follow what works for the already successful people.
  • Study – Read books, listen to audio books, constantly be taking in knowledge.
  • Videos – Watch videos to get valuable information about Doterra and their oils.
  • Online – Attend webinars, especially business building webinars with fellow builders.
  • Events – Attend live events, as life defining moments occur at events.
  • Guard what you allow into your mind. Keep focused on a narrow range of skills.
  • Take action. Whatever you need to learn to do better, set fear aside, and learn by doing it. You can choose a skill, make a plan, do the plan, and review the results. Repeat as necessary.
  • Teaching. This is one of the best ways to learn. Just do it.
  • Associations. You become the average of the 5 people with whom you spend most of your time. Disassociate with people who are toxic in your life. Spend less time with negative influences, and expand time with people who already have the skills you aim to acquire. Choose your friends very wisely.

Finally, this will require hard work.


It’s all worth it

Go Pro Eric Worre Book SummaryIf you do this consistently, here are some things you will appreciate…

  • The career you’ll create. The skills to become a professional network marketer are tiny in comparison to the skills required to become a doctor or lawyer in comparison.
  • The freedom you’ll enjoy. You get to work when you feel like working, and work with the people you want to work with.
  • The lives you’ll touch. Think of all the people with health issues, the people struggling through life, the people with financial troubles….you will positively impact so many lives, directly and indirectly.
  • The people you’ll meet. From the contacts you initially start with, to the world famous gurus you will meet at events, and all of the dynamic people in between. You will make lifelong friends that would not have been possible without your Doterra network marketing business.
  • The places you’ll see. You will win some trips, and you will need to support your team as it expands into other areas, and you will have enough time and money to go wherever you like. Network marketing will allow you to travel the world.
  • The causes you’ll contribute to. Doterra already helps people through their Helping Hands and Co-Impact sourcing. Additionally, through the people you meet, the money you have, the time you have, and with your influence, you will be able to volunteer for causes you believe in. Be charitable with your blessing.
  • The person you’ll become. You will change lives, learn to face your fears, and the journey will shape you into a better person.

Decide to Go Pro. We have a better way. Let’s go tell the world.

To inquire about getting your Doterra business started (or even to just try an essential oil sample), visit our Doterra page, or our oils website Top Ten Oils, e-mail us at vigilo@procinctu.info, or call/text us at 724-681-3368. Thanks for taking time to view this book summary of the Go Pro Eric Worre network marketing resource. God Bless.