How the Republican Primary can Improve your Life and/or Business

  • Posted March 14, 2012

There is a valuable lesson you can take from the Republican Primary in order to improve your life and even your business. This is evident by yet another upset by Rick Santorum in his winning of the primaries in Mississippi and Alabama on Tuesday, March 13.

Now, these victories could be the result of ‘conservatives’ refusing to accept Mitt Romney as a true ‘conservative.’ The thought of running another moderate and seeing another McShame set-up is of concern to anybody looking to oust the current occupier from the White House, and at Procinctu, we echo that sentiment. Or (for my conspiracy theorists) it could be that people are concerned about the idea that Romney is the ‘chosen one’ by the ‘elites.’ Following his abrupt end to the campaign in 2008 versus McShame, it was not far-fetched to believe one end of the conversation going something like this….“sit this one out ol’ boy, this is McCain’s turn, bow out now and we’ll make sure you’re the man in 4 years” ….paraphrasing, of course…

Speculative? Sure! So here is an article to ponder from The American Dream of Romney’s New World Order compliance.


Well, what about Newt? He claims to be a conservative. He even found a way to balance the budget back in his days of being Speaker of the House. And his stronghold is the south! How could he not win there? Is it merely his ‘personal life’ proclivities coming back to haunt him?


How could Rick Santorum win? He was a lobbyist, a lawyer, and a politician. He supported earmarks, No Child Left Behind, and even Arlen Spector! That’s not very conservative. So what sets him apart?


It must be money, right?

Nope, especially with Romney raking in the bucks from the big banks, Santorum isn’t even in the discussion.
Here is the breakdown in millions raised by the candidates as of January 31st, 2012:

  • Romney $63.7
  • Paul $31.1
  • Perry $20.5
  • Gingrich $18.3
  • Cain $16.9
  • Bachmann $9.3
  • Santorum $6.7

Then it must be SuperPACs, right?


  • ‘Restore our Future’ supports Romney with over 34 million.
  • ‘Winning our Future’ supports Gingrich with over 16 million.
  • Santorum’s biggest SuperPAC supporter, ‘Red White and Blue Fund’ has dished out a meager 6 million.

(All numbers sourced from the New York Times)


So the Santorum surge can’t be attributed to being the perfect candidate, and it certainly can’t be attributed to money. So what is the lesson to take? Personal contact.

What Santorum lacks, he makes up in making personal connections with people. Santorum somehow conjured up a grassroots following and we saw that first hand during our time at CPAC back in February. They were young, energized, and there were a lot of them.

Santorum is said to be funding his campaign with his own savings.  The connection he is making with people along with the blue collar nature (even though his past jobs were anything but) of his campaign it seems really resonates with people. This is a dude that started off the first primary in Iowa visiting every county….in a pick up truck!!  Most presidential candidates travel with a big entourage inside of a big flashy bus.

It was a textbook start. Santorum had (relatively speaking) no money and he did the most with it. It was his visit to every county in Iowa, plus the over 370 town hall meetings which propelled him to relevancy. There is no other explanation. He has rode that initial wave steadily ever since and continues to have a legitimate shot at winning the nomination.

Wherever you are in life, you can apply this lesson. Money is not an excuse. Get face to face and make personal contacts. Do you want to further your career? Get to know the people already doing what you aim to do. Do you want to have certain friends that will influence your success? Approach them and exude how being your friend can add value to them. Make personal contact with people. Anyone can B.S. their way through a phone call or an e-mail, but it’s not until you meet and converse face to face that you can really earn respect.

This point of face to face contact was reiterated at an event last weekend. The seminar was focused around the internet business, but the lessons of building relationships applies in all facets of life. The seminar was run by two guys who are instrumental in my daily readings. Craig Ballantyne of Turbulence Training A New American Dream  and Matt Smith of Sovereign Man. They both have a hand in the Early to Rise publication. At the seminar, they spoke frequently on the importance of relationship building and making your business personal to others. I encourage you to check out the material they have to offer as Craig’s Internet Independence and Matt’s Sovereign Man both offer free daily e-mails. Additionally, in the coming week, I will provide you all with a ‘Top 10 Resources I use so that you can better prepare yourself for what is to come and achieve self-sustainment, empowerment, and security.

Back to the point. Santorum has shown again and again that he is able to accomplish more with less just by being personal and real with people. For now, think about where you want to go in life, and then think about which people you can surround yourself with to help you to get there. And always think of how you can improve THEIR situation. Nobody wants to hang around a moocher much less waste time helping one.

(note: The American Dream link above and Craig’s A New American Dream are unrelated)