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Essential Oils Primer | What are essential oils?




Are you too busy to attend a presentation, or read up on your own? If you just want to buy high grade 3rd party tested Doterra essential oils, click here. But to LEARN about oils, explore this page, and don’t hesitate to contact us.



Essential Oils Primer – This Essential Oils Primer is intended for those who are curious about essential oils. If you don’t have time to get to a presentation, or it is not geographically convenient, you can find all of the beginner information here. Learn essential oils and how you can use them as a natural form of health and wellness.




 Learn Essential Oils | Essential Oils of the Bible

Essential Oils of the Bible – Essential oil-derived plants are referred to well over 500 times in the Bible! Even more notable, specific use of essential oils comes directly from the mouth of the LORD! With such a prevalent use of essential oils of the Bible, how is it that essential oils are not a staple in our well being? Learn how to achieve wellness from God-given plants.




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Get Essential Oils – This is where you can purchase oils, contact us for samples, join our team, or just ask questions.





We are looking to expand, so if you would like a leadership position, or would like to earn extra income, or just earn free oils, this is the section for you. – Here is where we have provided a summary on how you can achieve financial liberty through essential oils! This is in the form of a book review, and it gives a general idea of what is possible. If you are just curious, already passionate about oils, or if you are driven to succeed, we would love to work with you and have you on our team.



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