Maximize Uber Profit

Are you doing all you can do to Maximize Uber Profits for yourself?

Many of us are out at odd hours of the night, putting wear and tear on our vehicle, dropping much money on gas, paying for vehicle maintenance, and all too often getting stiffed for tips! Driving with Uber can be a nice side gig at times, but there is a lot of risks we take to make a decent profit. So why not do all we can to Maximize Uber Profits for ourselves?

Shop Your Way

One great way to Maximize Uber Profits is to sign up for Shop Your Way, and link it to your Uber Driver account. This can add $400 to your profit per year.

How it works… You get up to $100 cash back onto your Shop Your Way account every third month when you drive for Uber or Uber Eats. This comes as a $2 cash back per trip for your first 50 trips. Every three months, it resets and you can do it again.

Please check the current terms as they may have changed, but I personally have bought a table saw, vacuum, hoodies, and clothing items for the whole family with this offer. Things that I would have bought anyway, I was able to get them nearly for free.

Gas Buddy

Gas Buddy is the next no-brainer for any Uber Driver. This is also linked to the Shop Your Way account.

How it works… When you pump gas, you get 15% cash back into your Shop Your Way account. It is actually 30% for your first 60 days after signing up. Again check the current terms.

Once you sign up, you link your bank account to the Gas Buddy card, and use your Gas Buddy card at the pump. You will not only get cash back on all of the gas from your Uber driving, but it also applies for all of your other driving.

With Gas Buddy, you could easily Maximize Uber Profits by the hundreds. And you can download the Gas Buddy app to find the cheapest gas price near you.

Giant Eagle Fuel Perks

Another way to save on gas is to take advantage of Giant Eagle Fuel Perks. Personally, I have an American Express credit card which pays 6% cash back on the first $6,000 in supermarket purchases. If you have access to such a card, you can buy gift cards for a large portion of your everyday purchases.

Giant Eagle gives you 10 cents off per gallon for every $50 spent at their store. Retailers and Restaurants have no activation fee, but the Visa and American Express gift cards have a $7 activation fee. Taking the example with my American Express credit card, and buying retailer gift cards (like Home Depot and Amazon), you can add another $720 or more to your yearly profit.

6% of $6,000 = $360 cash back from the credit card

$6,000 in Giant Eagle purchases would earn $12.00 in fuel perks. With a 30 gallon limit, and at $3.00 a gallon gas, you can get 120 gallons of gas for free. $3 per gallon x 120 gallons = $360

Make sure you have gas cans to fill if your vehicle does not hold 30 gallons.

This strategy still works even if you don’t have such a credit card, but the profit obviously decreases…you will have to calculate it on your own to see what works for you.

50% off Oil Changes at Sears Auto Center

Linking your Uber account to your Shop Your Way account also gives you access to 50% off oil changes at Sears Auto Centers. (the closest Sears Auto Center to Pittsburgh is at Robinson Center Drive)

On top of that, if you ever have a need of a service or tires or anything else regarding vehicle work, you get 30% cash back on the LABOR (not materials) credited to your Shop Your Way account.

An additonal note: The Shop Your Way site, is a subsidiary of Sears Holdings Corp. While we have many perks available to us via SYW, Sears did just narrowly escape liquidation in bankruptcy court…so enjoy these bonuses while you can.


Let’s be real. Wouldn’t we all prefer to be doing something else with our time besides driving for Uber? For the weekend warriors, I’m sure there are many things we’d rather be doing at 2AM, one of which is sleeping.

Obviously, we use our Uber Profits to pay for our every day expenditures, bills, etc. But there is much more we should be doing to achieve financial stability and liberty. And it involves positioning at least some of your Maximized Uber Profits in a way in which they go to work for you…this would be leveraged (passive) income.

This can be quite in depth, but to keep it simple, imagine your financial stability in relation to a fortress with a base and pillars. The pillars will represent your different forms of cash flow or income to support your standard of living.

You see, if there was only one pillar, the structure could collapse on itself. Injury, job loss, personal catastrophe could wipe out your fortress. However, the more pillars you have, the stronger the fortress will be.

You don’t want to go filling your pillars with a bunch of jobs that require your direct labor, as there are only so many hours in a day, and so many dollars you could earn in an hour. However, You DO want to seek out ways to earn income that do NOT require your direct labor. Of course, there is labor involved in setting them up and maintaining them, but you can LEVERAGE the income far beyond yourself. And with that, I simply want to share a few leveraged (passive) income opportunities that you can generate cash flow.

Doterra (or other Network Marketing)

Multi-level marketing can be a great source of leveraged income. Really, the potential of income is completely up to you.

Personally, we are advocates for Doterra Essential Oils. We choose Doterra because their products are among the best on the market, and we really believe that everyone could benefit from natural health and wellness. Also, they have 5 different ways in which to earn money. You will see other companies around for things like clothes, cleaning products, candles, and on and on… but we really wanted to do something that would change peoples lives, and not just a materialistic accessory…so we choose Doterra. We view it as getting paid to share with people how they can improve their lives with Doterra Essential Oils. The FOCUS is on educating others, and the money takes care of itself.

Do you have any interest in natural health? Do you know anyone who could benefit from natural health? How many people are on meds, which create side effects, which put them on more meds, when all they needed to do was to address their issue naturally? These people can be helped…

Unlike other companies, through us, you can literally start your Doterra business for only $30. This is what I mean by saying that you can put your Maximized Uber Profits to work. While there are larger starter kits available, to eliminate any excuses or roadblocks, we personally offer a kit for those on a budget. For only $30, you get a Doterra 3 Oil Intro Kit, PLUS a membership. This is intended to remove money as an obstacle to starting your own business. Finally, our group offers free step-by-step coaching if you want to commit to building a business. This of course is NOT obligatory, it is just an offer.

We also can give you samples to try for yourself if there are any issues or general health maintenance you are looking to address.

In closing, this kind of leveraged income, while having the potential to be highly lucrative over several years IS a grind for the first year or so. I will be happy to answer any and all questions regarding Doterra. Please don’t hesitate to reach out at 724-681-3368. (call or text)

Here is a book review I wrote on network marketing.
Here is a secondary website I set up all about essential oils, Top Ten Oils.

Please contact me for any questions… there are many misconceptions and outright lies out there. It is best that you have all of the correct information to determine if this avenue is right for you or not.

Sell Call Options

You will notice ‘trading’ in one of the pillars. Trading in this case is the trading of stocks, options, crytpocurrencies, commodities, etc.

While day trading and swing trading requires much study and risk management, strictly selling call options is a low-risk way to earn extra income.

I can also explain this in more depth one-on-one, but to keep it short. Selling call options would require you to buy and own a particular stock. You then sell the option for someone else to buy that stock at a particular time and at a particular price. If the stock reaches that price (which is higher than the price of the stock when you sold the option), then your stock gets sold at a profit. If the stock does not reach that price, then you essentially got paid for owning the stock, and you can sell options against the stock again at a future expiration.

If that was confusing at all, I can certainly explain it better. But just know, selling call options against stock that you own is a way for make leveraged income.

I hope you have found this website helpful in Maximizing Uber Profits for yourself. I also hope to hear from some of you with questions or comments (Doterra, trading, crytpocurrencies, etc). And possibly, I could even loosely work with some of you on the Doterra Essential Oils front. Whatever you decide, thanks for your time and God Bless.