Militant Monday

We are the Church Militant.

The One Mystical Body of the Church has 3 aspects, the Church triumphant, the Church suffering, and the Church militant.

  1. Church Triumphant – saints and angels in heaven
  2. Church Suffering – souls in purgatory, expiating their sins
  3. Church Militant – the faithful on earth, in constant battle for their souls

We are the Church Militant, praying for the Church suffering, yearning for the Church Triumphant.

Militant Monday is a weekly publication, meant to provide the Church militant with the ammunition to fight the enemies of the Church. It is our duty and purpose to engage in the battle for our souls, and the souls of others. On a weekly basis, you will find sermons, audio clips, writings, etc. to replenish our arsenal for the good fight. God Bless you.

Church militant monday

Militant Monday

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