Militant Monday | The Holy Trinity

  • Posted October 17, 2016

militant monday the holy trinityThis week’s Militant Monday is a 25 minute audio clip, recorded in the 1960’s, by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen. It should play automatically from this page. The following is a summary of this Monday’s topic, the Holy Trinity.

We were all involved with Original Sin just by the fact the Adam was the head of the human race. What he did, we did.

God therefore has repaired the original disobedience through the new Adam, Jesus Christ. When we are punished for the sins of Adam, that is not an injustice. An injustice would be a deprivation of something due. But what God gave Adam were gifts, he was not entitled to them. What God gives man through Jesus Christ is the greatest gift of all, as we are not due.

The Holy Trinity

Coming now to the Holy Trinity. The Holy Trinity means there are three persons in one God, and one Nature. (nature answers the question what, person answers the questions who)

Though not entirely, let’s explain some of the great mystery of the Holy Trinity through analogy. For example, we see the chemical symbol for the nature of water to be H20. Liquid, ice, and steam are three different appearances of that one nature.

Looking at life, What is it? At times it’s the greatest of all gifts, and other times the most burdensome thing. Life is that which we know best, and also which we know least. But one obvious answer is that we always associate life with movement, of some kind of action. This movement has to be from within. A rock rolling down a hill is moving not of itself, but from an external force, gravity.

Scientifically, the movement has to be from within the thing, as opposed to from an outside force.

A law to apply is: The greater the inner activity, the higher the life.

A stone on its own has no inner activity, but a plant does have inner activity. Higher than a plant, animals have the ability to move, and ability to sense. Higher than an animal, man has knowledge, love, contemplative thought, ideas within his mind, and speaks words. With man’s thought, he has a will, and he can love truth.

Higher than man, God is perfect life, therefore he has perfect activity. While man has many thoughts, God has one thought, and within His thought are all things that can be known. God does not need many words, but one Word. In the Gospel we see, “the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us..”

Who is the Word that became flesh? The Son of God, the second person of the Holy Trinity. When man generates a thought, it is a thought. So when God generates a thought or a word, it in an Eternal Word.

In the human order, we call the principal of generation the father. The term of generation in the earthly order is the son.

Therefore, instead of calling God who thinks the thinker, and instead of calling the word of God, just a thought…. Why not call God who thinks, the Father, and the person who is the thought, the Son?

“Thou art my son, this day I have begotten thee.” The Son of God, became the Son of Man, and that is Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Another analogy, love is a relationship. Love is a mysterious bond. Love proceeds from the thinker, and also the thought. God loves.

Love is not something in the Father alone, and love is not something in the Son alone. Love is mysterious bond, uniting the two. Since we are dealing with the infinite, this love can not express itself with anything we know on earth. This love can only be signified with the fullness and exhaustion of all giving….namely, a sigh….something that lies too deep for words. That which unites the Father and the Son is called the Holy Breath, or the Holy Spirit….the Holy Ghost.

The perfection of God the Thinker, is God the Word.

Just as we are, we think, and we love…and we have only one nature. In a much more mysterious way, there are 3 persons in the one God.

God is Life, Truth, and Love.

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