2013 Silver Mid Year Report

  • Posted July 1, 2013

They say, “Time flies when you’re having fun.” Well we must have been having one hell of a good time, because the midway point of 2013 is already upon us. It’s been several weeks since I last spoke about silver, and a lot of news has occurred since then. This news mostly can be found printed in RED ink. So now that the year is half over, it seems like the perfect time to give an update on silver……here is the 2013 Silver Mid Year Report.

Fun leading up to the 2013 Silver Mid Year Report

Ahhh, summer fun. For anybody involved in the silver market, apparently, ‘fun’ is defined as losing 40% of your wealth. Yes, when we started 2013, the spot price of silver was just over $30 an ounce. And back at that time, Procinctu’s 2012 Wrap-Up/2013 Forecast was released. It touched on all the fundamentals of silver, which pointed to a higher price. Things like the gold:silver ratio, mining, commodities exchange, the fiscal cliff, and on and on. It was even mentioned that other forecasters were predicting a 30% rise in silver by year’s end (and admittedly, I even cautioned that may be a conservative outlook). However, one thing that was not said, is that the price would be “X” amount on day “X.” Why? Because the whole thing’s a big game. A big rigged game…..and we live in an upside down world.


silver 2013

As we sit now, the spot price of silver is a brutal $18.50 an ounce. No, that’s not a typo. But while I hoped not to see it go that low, I’m also not surprised that it did. In fact, in the 2013 forecast, Procinctu wrote:

We aren’t going to come out and say, “silver will be $50 an ounce in May.” No, the market will be manipulated for as long as it can. Weeks, months, or years…..we don’t know. We don’t know when ‘it’ will happen, but we’d much rather be holding physical silver when it does.

That sentiment remains the same today. Look….through all the years of spikes and dips, would I have liked to know (for sure) that silver would be $18.50 at the end of June 2013? Absolutely! However, even more than that, I’d rather have peace of mind. The peace of mind knowing that I held real money through it all. The peace of mind knowing that a portion of my wealth was outside of the system. I decided to sacrifice the maximizing of ‘profit’ for the assurance of holding physical silver…..past, present and future. Yes, even if I DID buy some at the last top of $48 an ounce (ouch).

Though I do want to add, there to help deaden the bludgeoning was Gary the Numbers Guy. Numbers what? Right, if any of you have followed me on twitter, you will notice that I occasionally retweet Gary’s market calls. Why is that? Because he’s frequently correct. (Gary was featured in our top 12 information sources on 2012) One great thing about the internet is you can easily verify someone’s claims. Here are 5 tweets from Gary….. beginning on December 19, 2012.






Does that qualify as the Call of the Year? But how many people reading this has never even heard of him? This is why it matters where we get our information. Even one of our latest author additions, Shawn Wood, correctly held his bearish ground on silver til it reached ‘his’ bottom of $18-19. I bring up Gary and Shawn for a reason. Though they use different tactics, they arrived at the same conclusion. Silver is just not ready for the stratosphere…..yet. Don’t get me wrong though, You WON’T find either of them on a shoebox in the street screaming about the soundness of the U.S. Dollar or other fiat currencies. But at the same time, they know that things go in cycles, take time, and have to develop. Many events need to take place before we see the hyperinflation numbers all the silver gurus talk about. And taking in their opinion has helped me to taper my own silver euphoria.

So there are several main groups of people by which you can get your info.

  1. The Krug-nankes – People like Paul and Ben will hate on silver and gold at all times. They only know what can keep the power structure intact, and that is paper money. Most of the people get their news from these types.
  2. The Silver Gurus – They have been talking for years about the skyrocketing metals prices. Shortages, ratios, Mining, Peak Silver and on. With them it’s all silver, all the time. They will be right…..eventually, on a long enough timeline. Many truth seekers get their info from this group, but sometimes they are led down the rabbit hole.
  3. The Realists – People like Shawn and Gary know what real money is. But they also aren’t blind to the fact that the world’s perception of money is flawed, and that the game is rigged.

I’ve come to appreciate the realists more and more.

The Silver Gurus | Buyer Beware

A lot of the silver websites will make outlandish claims or say things to excite their audience. I know I fell victim to it before, but you should understand their angle. You may see them say things like, “Silver is in a Shortage” “Supply Squeeze is Days Away” “COMEX Default is Underway” “Silver will Triple this Year” “Silver’s Real Value is 4,000 an Ounce” and so on. Hell, I think I even republished a few of those articles. But if you go back and look, I hope I gave the ‘nobody really knows when’ disclaimer when I posted it.

Anyway, I think we all would agree that silver and gold are real money, and history would confirm this fact. But in our current paradigm, there is a power structure hell bent on keeping you enslaved in their system. Many variables are at work and they won’t see their system die off, unless they are prepared for it.

Gold Market Allocation | 2013 Silver Mid Year Report

Silver market is even smaller??

And on top of that, the silver market is still very small relative to other ‘investment’ vehicles. Just take a look around….How many people own a home?…vs…How many people buy silver bullion? The housing market dwarfs the silver market. Or take the global mining output for an entire year, estimated to be about 1 billion ounces. According to today’s ‘prices,’ That small size allows for a relatively small amount of fiat dollars (via JP Morgan for one?) to come along and pressure it.

So if you don’t have ANY physical silver, you should start acquiring some. It just makes sense to protect yourself and your wealth by taking some out of ‘their’ grasp. But when doing this, don’t go crazy and strap yourself financially, especially based on some guru’s Apocalypse-esque prediction.

Prepare How?

the-cerro-de-pasco-mine-is-an-active-zinc-lead-silver-mine-in-peruTin Foil hat time…. When I just said above that the system may not die, until the elites are ready for it….. below is one theory.

Low ‘paper’ prices for metals do well in giving people a false sense of faith in the fiat currencies and the system, meanwhile, there are actually Currency Wars in progress, often aiming for the exact opposite. (I encourage you to check out Jim Rickards’ Currency Wars for more). But in addition to that, One hypothesis I saw, is that the price of metals are low for the reason of hurting the miners. The idea being, that when the mining companies can no longer mine at a profit, they will shut down or be sold. And who do you think will be the candidates ready to swoop in a buy into these mines? Yes, the very banksters and global elite who knock the metals. One thing about the banksters, blood-sucking as they may be, they are NOT stupid. They too know what real money is.

If this theory is correct, very nicely played evil banksters. So when the people finally wake up, they will see that the world’s elite control much of the world’s future production of real money. While distracted by ‘fiat’ money, the people allowed their ‘real’ money to be taken without a whimper.


What are you doing?

What am I doing? To be honest, for now, I’m sitting out of the silver charade. There are several personal reasons for this. I have some things in the works, and frankly, I now have more than most people (even if that’s not saying much).

However, moving forward, I’m seriously liking this ‘perceived’ elitist game plan. So when the time is right, I’m going to be looking at buying stocks in some of the miners myself. If you do your research and buy into the correct companies, you could realistically see a 5x, 10x, or 20x return. Although, you could lose the entire investment, high risk/high reward.

In addition, Procinctu is really close to launching a separate coin series. I think all future silver capital will be tied up in that venture. I’m not ready to announce it yet, but when it is ready, I will come back and fix this sentence.

All that said, I will not sell ANY of my physical silver for the foreseeable future.



hyperinflation 2016 got silver? | 2013 Silver Mid Year ReportI don’t KNOW when exactly silver will go kaboom. Gary and Shawn aren’t thinking it’s anytime real soon, and you can contact them for specifics (For my personal opinion, you can get an idea from the Procinctu ‘got silver?’ bumper sticker). I’m sure Gary will even have a specific date if you ask and pay him, or check out his website, Stock Market Numerology. I know it may seem odd to get caught up in numerology (especially coming from a Catholic), but if the elites use it, and everything runs on algorithms, why not give it a look? (For my intraday trading friends, check out Equinox Algorithmic Trading as well)

To wrap up, here are a few lessons to take from the first half on 2013.

Nobody knows for sure – Gary made the Call of the Year with gold, and he also has something to say on the market altogether, so really, see what he has to say. But as right as he is, even he will admit sometimes his timing is off. There are so many forces at work and everything is interconnected, that it is too hard to put a number and a date on everything. You should seriously scrutinize anyone who does.

The silver market is volatile – As I was writing this 2013 Silver Mid Year Report, silver jumped from around $18.50 up to $19.66 in one day. A more than 6% move in one day is becoming more and more normal. It could have just as easily gone down that much.

Fundamentals have not and likely will not change – Governments the world over are still ‘creating’ more fake money. There are no major increases in the global supply of precious metals, yet the global population and consumption is growing. Eventually, something has to give.

Know your information source – Will you listen to the Krug-nankes, the self-proclaimed gurus, or the realists?

If you don’t have ANY silver, I seriously recommend starting….like, now…not tomorrow. You may or may not get it at the lowest price, but you will have it. We may have reached a bottom, or there may be another knock down. Either way, the huge spike we all are anticipating very likely will NOT happen in 2013. But in the big scheme of things, getting silver at under $20 an ounce is still a good entry point.

God Bless