Top 12 Information Resources for 2012

  • Posted May 6, 2012

If you get all of your information from mainstream sources, you are NOT getting all of the information. Procinctu will share with you the Top 12 Information Resources for 2012.

This may be the most important article you ever read. In it you will find many alternative resources pertinent to your survival and hopefully your prosperity.

Did you know that 6 corporations control the media? In the 1980’s that number was closer to 50, but through mergers and buyouts, that number has dwindled to 6! Most Americans are unaware of this and are easily conditioned because they are only getting the ‘approved’ news.

Since we are now into the Spring season of 2012, it’s a good time to provide you with the tools for a rebirth of your mind. Thanks largely to the internet, you do not have to be herded along with all of the other sheeple. There is a whole other realm from which you can arm yourself with knowledge. But keep in mind, as with any news or information you get, you always must THINK FOR YOURSELF. Even these alternative sources may have a certain viewpoint, controversial style, or conspiratorial nature about them. However, to get outside the domain of the 6 corporations, that is a factor worth enduring. Procinctu will provide you with the resources, the choice to use them is yours.

It’s not easy narrowing down the post to the Top 12 Information Resources for 2012, but we’ll do so assuming the web savvy are already aware of sites like Drudge Report, WorldNetDaily, Zero Hedge, Natural News, and Huffington Post. You need to have even more resources in your arsenal, even if they are considered fringe. Fact is, when you turn on your TV, you are most likely engulfed in the flames of Time Warner, Walt Disney, Viacom, News Corp, CBS, and NBC. Those 6 mega-corps control everything from TV to radio to movies….talk about mind control. Hell, you could actually get a more honest report on the American economy from the propaganda-laden, Russian-financed, possibly-KGB-linked, RT, also known as Russia Today.

Again, you may not always agree with these sources, Procinctu certainly does not agree 100% of the time. However, they will be beneficial in helping you to formulate your own opinion. These Top 12 Information Resources for 2012 will prove invaluable in helping you make the right choices for you and your family.

In no particular order….they are all worth checking out….Enjoy.



 Lucianne is a real time, user fed website. The registered users of the site act as the reporters and editors. A registered user may the post news, commentaries, and articles as they see fit. It kind of reads like a more in-depth Twitter. Anyone is free to become a registered user.



 The Economic Collapse doesn’t really need an introduction. It’s pretty much summed up through it’s tag line, “Are You Prepared For The Coming Economic Collapse And The Next Great Depression?” They report on topics such as unemployment, banksters, despair, federal reserve, housing gold, debt, etc.



 PakAlert Press reports with a New Age mindset. They see trends globally that point to a major war in which millions of people would die during the transition to the new age. The illuminati, New World Order, Survivalism, The Resistance, Strange, War on Terror, World War 3, etc. are some of the topics they have there. On the site, you may also find a story about jobs, followed by a story about a coming civil war, followed by a HAARP report, followed by an exposing of satanic images in Rihanna or Beyonce music videos.



 Blacklisted News is like a more fringe Drudge Report. It is actually similar in set up to Lucianne, the difference being that the user can not post the stories. Though BLN does welcome tips and submittals, they ultimately have the say as to what gets posted.



 Sovereign Man is focused on your own personal freedom through not being constrained geographically. They provide subscribers with a quality, free daily e-mail containing actionable information in securing international diversification. At Sovereign Man, you will be told that “in order to achieve true freedom, you have to be able to make money, control your time, and eliminate the mindset that you are subject to a corrupt government that is bent on degrading your personal liberty.” Then they’ll tell you how.




In Michael Savage you will find an outspoken, independent, conservative, radio talk show host. Being ‘officially’ banned by Great Britain and ‘unofficially’ by Fox News, he must be talking about all the right things(pun intended). His latest book, “Trickle Down Tyranny,” reads as an indictment on President Obama by showing proof and naming names of the international cabal out to destroy America. Savage, being 70 years old, keeps his radio show fresh by sprinkling in sarcasm, nostalgic stories, and life lessons right alongside his barrage of anti-leftist fomentation. He can start a conversation about things like cooking or his childhood, and then finish it with a seamless correlation showing how Obama is a Leninist. The Savage Nation airs weeknights at 6pm eastern. Oh, and he has a Ph.D in nutritional ethnomedicine, which led him to pen books like “Healing Children Naturally” and “Reducing the Risk of Alzheimer’s.”



Doug Casey’s “Casey Research” features “a team of highly experienced investors and trained economists who spend countless hours researching powerful economic trends and the very best ways to profit from some.”  They are believers of the free market, but recognize that governments try to ‘manage’ or ‘fix’ situations. They use their research to predict the consequences of this government manipulation and pass the knowledge onto their readers. They do post stories and commentary for free, but their subscription services are fee-based. You can look into their publications on Big Picture, Metals & Mining, Energy, or Tech to see if anything may work for you.



Independent Living is the flagship publication of American Lantern Press, chaired by Lee Bellinger. Independent Living is a (paid) monthly publication which is packed with quality info on health, investing, personal freedom, etc. ALP also publishes “Money, Metals, and Mining” as a (paid) monthly service. You can also visit the Independent Living website and get some material for free or sign-up for the weekly e-mail bulletin(also free). In addition to their publications, ALP also offers a variety of manuals for preparation and even have their own gold/silver/platinum business at Independent Living Bullion. Silver For Beginners, a division of Procinctu, recommends considering ILB for your large bullion purchases.



Gerald Celente has been forcasting trends globally for decades as a modern day Nostradamus. The Trends Journal® boasts of being the world’s #1 source for the most important trends that are shaping the future. “The Trends Journal® shows you how these trends will affect your life, how to profit from them, and what to do to avoid pitfalls. Regardless of business or profession, the Trends Journal® provides insights, strategies and opportunities to help you navigate these treacherous, unprecedented times.” You can get some free material at their website, but their bread and butter is in the (paid) quarterly publication.



Craig Ballantyne is involved in several projects. You can find him at as he shows you how to master your physique with Turbulence Training. You can also find him at where he gives a valuable daily e-mail for those who want to start their own web-based business. Some of the stuff in his daily e-mail can be applied not only to ‘internet business,’ but personal life as well. Also, Craig teamed up with Sovereign Man‘s Matt Smith to run and If you ever want to explore a supplemental income or a new carreer altogether in the internet world, their material could prove invaluable and save you thousands of dollars.



The People’s Chemist is run by Shane Ellison, who was a chemist left disenchanted by the practices of Big Pharma. Working for Array BioPharma and Eli Lilly, he ditched the Big Pharma life to become an internationally known consumer health advocate. On his website, you will find posts about natural cures, harmful pills, anti-sugar tirades, etc. With a BS in biology and an MS in organic chemistry, Shane has taken his knowledge to formulate his own ‘naturally sourced’ products. In addition to a natural protein powder, his other products target things like pain relief, cardiovascular function, joint relief, and blood sugar. He also has penned several health books like “Over the Counter Natural Cures.”



Gary Grinberg uses numerology percentages to forecast events with an undeniable accuracy. Addressing topics such as sports, global markets, and plans of the elite, Gary ties events together using numbers. For example, you can check this article and then the follow-up on how Gary correctly predicted a major injury in the NBA.

Whether you believe in it or not doesn’t really matter because Gary contends that those in the global elite do believe in it. He says that they actually chose certain days for an event based on its number. The examples can go on and on, but did you ever hear the conspiracy theory that all of the richest men believed to be opposed to the Federal Reserve were on board the Titanic? That the Titanic was built specifically to kill these men ‘accidentally’ in order to usher in the Federal Reserve and eventual collapse of the United States dollar. Well, we don’t know for sure, sounds like a crazy conspiracy theory, but we do know this…Titanic sunk April 14, 1912…4+1+4+1+9+1+2 = 22 = double 11 and 2+2 = 4 Federal Reserve created December 23, 1913…1+2+2+3+1+9+1+3 = 22 = double 11 and 2+2 = 4 … Is it a coincidence that both days are the same root number and that the supposed opposition to the Fed(Guggenheim, Strauss, Astor) were on board?..You decide..

Gary predicts the Federal Reserve will have reached its completion (99 years) within a year and the US Dollar will have been destroyed. Did you know that the US Dollar has already lost over 97% of its value since 1913?….Less than 3% left to go! …….and also, don’t fly on 11 days.


Honorable Mention: Stratfor, Before It’s News, Canada Free Press, Global Research, Don’t Tread on MeMark Dice, Jeff Rense

So there you have it, the Top 12 Information Resources for 2012. Well, it looks like we went over, Procinctu wasn’t really going to stop at 12. However, you now have well over 20 new resources to stay in the know, formulate your own opinion, and take action. Physically, Spiritually, Psychologically….Prepare for the battle of life.



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