Nick Pineault

Nick Pineault | | Author ProcinctuNick Pineault is a Nutrition Coach, Writer and Author of a simple nutrition handbook titled “Healthy or Not”.

Even if some people think of him as the “living nutrition encyclopedia,” he’s no nutritionist.

For him, most nutritionist certifications are obsolete and based on old science. Hence the subtitle of his book: “Food Choices Made So Easy You’ll FIRE Your Nutritionist”.

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He always recommends what the latest independent research points towards, instead of marketing messages corporations try to push. As a result, he often goes against the grain, and isn’t afraid to ruffle people’s feathers if he needs to.He works with more and more people every day, and thrives to transform their
habits, lives, health and waistline.For info on coaching, programs, speaking engagements or to follow his weekly writings on his blog: