In addition to the storage of water and food, you should also consider everything else you use on a daily basis.

  •  Medicines: pain relievers, colloidal metals, aspirin
  • Vitamins: basic vitamins A-D, supplements
  • Hygiene: soap, toilet paper, female products, diapers, deodorant, cleaning stuff

…….and much more


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In addition to their use while hunting for food, guns can also save your life. Obviously, we pray that a dire situation never arises. However, everyone should consider owning firearms and ammunition. This may be essential to your safety and that of your family. For example, some people may become jealous that you had the foresight to plan ahead. That jealousy could turn to anger and they could attempt to steal from, attack, or harm your family. Many people have been conditioned to receive handouts. They believe they are entitled to what you have just because it is unfair that you have it. If the gravy train stops rolling, you need to be prepared for how they might react.


Everyone in the family should learn about guns before purchasing any. Make sure they get proper training and education and don’t handle a firearm if you do not have the confidence to do so. If you don’t know what you are doing and don’t exercise caution, it will be more dangerous to you that it would be helpful. Also, ammunition may be a valuable barter item.




What if a situation were to arise in which you needed to flee your home? Whether it is a flood or an attack of sorts, having a car kit accessible is a simple precaution that could save your life.

Stock this kit with the following:

  • Small supply of food
  • Flashlight
  • Emergency radio
  • Hygiene supplies
  • Can Opener
  • Few small tools (shovel, screwdriver)
  • Blanket, extra clothing
  • Water
  • Pocket knife

Set aside anything that could sustain your health for 3 days with no contact. That way, if you had to flee without notice, your chances of success would be much improved.


While we all should be positive and hope for and expect the best, Procinctu recommends we prepare for the worst. Having this extra water, food, and other items not only increases chances of survival in times of emergency, but it also better equips you to handle personal hardships. Having a back-up food supply will allow you to better handle things like loss of employment, injury, and other unexpected personal trials. You can also be in position to aid family or friends with their troubles. And in times of famine or shortage, many of these items can be used for barter.