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  • Posted October 15, 2012

Whether we accept reality or not, there ARE perpetual threats of large scale disruptions, be it man-made or natural. Admitting that the possibility exists for flooding, EMP attacks, financial collapse, earthquakes, tornadoes, war, and so on, does NOT leave you captive in the land of conspiracy theories. Though it is true that your location will determine the likelihood of these threats coming to fruition, they are all real threats nonetheless. Survival preparation is paramount in ensuring you and your family are better equipped to handle whatever comes your way. That’s where Squad Survival School steps in.

Is being prepared for disaster worth your time? Is attaining the skill of self-reliance really gonna make much of a difference? Can it really ever get that bad? The answer to all of those questions is an unequivocal YES!

survival preparation | squad survival school |

Squad Survival School comes recommended by Sovereign Man who was featured in our Top 12 Information Resources for 2012. Why? Because Squad Survival School boasts a hodgepodge of instructors with backgrounds consisting of army snipers, hunters, martial artists, marksmen, marines and adventurers. We’ll just call the line-up organized chaos, which is actually quite fitting since they will help you to be organized during chaos.

The array of survival preparation skills to be learned is quite impressive. But what is even more notable, is their self-imposed instructor to student ratio, capped at 1 : 2.5. For the mathematically inept, that means for every 5 students there will be 2 teachers. This allows for a more personal experience in which you can maximize the time spent with instructors and gain more from their knowledge.


More knowledge? Great! What’s that you say Thomas Jefferson? “…the important truths, that knolege is power, that knolege is safety, and that knolege is happiness.” Yeah, we agree. So just what kind of knowledge can be gained from the Squad Survival School? Let’s take a look at an agenda for their next 5-day course, Intro to Survival.

If you were to lose EVERYTHING tomorrow, would you be able to survive?

Day 1:

  • Bug-out plan review and priorities
  • Scenario discussions
  • First Aid
  • What to expect
  • Gear analysis
  • Working with others in squad formation
  • How to escape
  • How to lead
  • Train to survive

Day 2:

  • Camouflage and disguising techniquesghillie NOT girlie | survival preparation |
  • Ghillie suit and approach
  • Target detection (how to spot one trying to kill you)
  • Target analysis
  • Field navigation exercises.

Day 3:

  • Bug-out exercise to the hills
  • How to build a debris shelter (where you will sleep)
  • Fire pit construction and maintenance
  • Kill the food
  • Prepare the food (this ain’t KFC)
  • Find the water

Day 4:

  • Mistake analysis and preparation for next night
  • Base defense
  • Move in formation
  • Rifle marksmanship training
  • Focus on Position, Sights, Trigger Control, Breathing, Repeat ability.

Day 5:

  • After Action Report
  • Review of what was learned
  • What works, what doesn’t, how to improve

There it is, the Intro to Survival course. This particular course runs October 17-21, but it is SOLD OUT. However, if you are ‘cool’ in any way, you are going to want to make the next one. Sign-up HERE to receive updates on future courses.

The only thing that is certain in these times is uncertainty. Though it is hard to predict which specific calamity will strike, having survival preparation will greatly increase your chances of prevailing.

So, if you were to lose everything tomorrow, would you be able to survive? Check out Squad Survival School for your survival preparation. And make sure the answer to that question is a confident HELL YEAH!