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Internationalize | Dollar Vigilante & Casey Research | FreedomFest 2012

FreedomFest 2012 | procinctu.infoAt FreedomFest 2012, Procinctu attended a special luncheon with Dollar Vigilante’s Jeff Berwick and Doug Casey Research’s own Doug Casey. Along with the oft mentioned Sovereign Man, both Dollar Vigilante and Casey Research are great sources to internationalize your life. Casey Research was even featured in our own Top 12 Information Resources for 2012. There is a plethora of misinformation out there and your success is dependent upon where you get your news.

Our rights are constantly under threat by an increasingly desperate and growing government. It may be pertinent to take advantage of the vehicles through which you can internationalize yourself now. Waiting to act could result in these avenues being closed and you being stranded. So on with the luncheon recap.


Jeff Berwick’s talk contained a highlight of where he came from and where he is now. Jeff’s background includes a lucrative financial website, a lucrative financial website that crashed, living out of a sailboat, living out of a back pack, and currently living out of the Dominican Republic. Does that description startle you? Well it shouldn’t because it’s very likely that Jeff has enjoyed and currently enjoys more freedom than you do. His conscious effort to internationalize has led to greater personal liberty.


It wasn’t always like this though, Jeff was once conditioned like many others. However, one meeting that aided in his transformation was one with Doug Casey. It was through a series of questions by Doug in which Jeff realized he was a libertarian slash anarchist. Further, the 2008 financial crash validated Jeff’s Austrian economic viewpoints and the Dollar Vigilante was born not long after.

Lose Your Passport to Obamacare? MAP-21

Can you really lose your passport to Obamacare? The Federal government in the United States is growing at an alarming rate. For many who see the writing on the wall, the answer is to get out of dodge. But what if you aren’t allowed to leave?

Lose your Passport to Obamacare | Map-21 | |[UPDATED at bottom] Here we are, Independence Day 2012. Yet, while celebrating the Day of Independence, we need to be mindful of the fickleness of LIBERTY. In fact, many liberties are lost everyday through little noted ‘bills’ in Congress, as well as through Executive Orders that aren’t worthy of your nightly news. An argument can even be made that less than a week ago, America actually died! Is that a little extreme? Well, please read on and decide for yourself. On this Day of Independence, let’s explore a very real scenario in which your own independence is restricted and you can lose your passport to Obamacare.



If there were any doubts that the government in the United States is compromised, they were wiped out on June 28 2012. We saw with the Supreme Court ruling on the ‘Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act,’ that the Judicial Branch has taken it upon themselves to not only interpret law, but to actually write the law.

It has become known, even to disinterested people, that the government can longer be relied upon to provide the proper checks and balances we should expect from them. This merging of executive, judicial, and legislative branches spells TYRANNY.

Fortnight of Freedom

Fortnight of Freedom | Fortnight for FreedomThe Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, affectionately known as Obamacare, was signed into law in March of 2010. As Nancy Pelosi said at the time, we needed to pass it to find out what was in it. Well, it has led to provisions which violate the conscience of many. Most notable among the ‘violated’ are the numerous Catholic organizations who administer to the less fortunate. Read more about the assault on liberty of religion.

We wanted to update on what you can do to fight this massive overreach by the federal government. Again, this is not a Catholic vs Protestant vs Atheist vs Buddhist issue, because it could be any one of these groups on the side of persecution.

The Sovereign Man Website | Actionable Information | NYC Meet-up

Sovereign Man, the international diversification website, invited its confidential members to a meet-up in New York City this past week. It’s founder, Simon Black, travels the world as an international investor and does not frequent the States often. So given that yours truly almost flew to Denver to meet him last month, the plot to make a visit to New York City began immediately upon receiving the invitation.

Justin Bieber Rockefeller | Barack Obama Ground Zero | The Sovereign Man |


No, this isn’t just a cover to mask my attendance at Justin Bieber’s performance at the Rockefeller Center the next day. Nor is it to hide that I went to see President Obama at Ground Zero, also the next day. The trip really was just to see Simon Black. I guess that is an illustration of the disconnect of so many Americans. Millions know the Biebs and the Baracka, both of whom positively contribute little to people’s lives. Yet, only thousands know Simon Black, who contributes life changing information. Oh well, on with the post.

Through the Sovereign Man, Simon provides subscribers with FREE valuable daily content. Of course, Simon Black, uses an alias. Why? Because the content he provides is empowering in that it shows people HOW to not be subject to their respective corrupt governments. This type of info is dangerous to the status quo, especially as more and more people discover that they are just pawns in the game. However, personal liberty can be attained, you only have to be open to it. Basically, everything that the system conditioned you to believe is not true.

Alabama’s Defeat of Agenda 21 and ICLEI + Wisconsin recall result = Good Week

Last week saw two major events take place which could propel new trends in the future. One was highly publicized, the other not so much. The first event took place when for the FIRST time, a U.S. Governor actually survived a recall election. Scott Walker had been recalled following Wisconsin’s budget repair bill which he proposed. The other event is lesser known, but is probably even be MORE important. The state of Alabama became the FIRST to take significant action in banning the United Nation’s Agenda 21 and ICLEI.


Before and After | Agenda 21 and ICLEI | Wisconsin recall |


The Next Sequence is Near | Silver and Gold

Procinctu has recently launched Silver For Beginners. It’s a website dedicated to teaching people about the value in holding silver. Last week, SFB published a 3 part series explaining how we got here, where we are, and where we are going. The Next Sequence is set to begin, so check out the series because you may learn life-saving information…really.
Future In Silver Series


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