Silver and Colloids

Once again, Procinctu is a big proponent of silver. Whether you are breaking through the chains the money masters have shackled you with, or declaring independence medicinally, silver is your weapon. You need to know about the medicinal purposes of silver as well as other metals, especially as colloids. Arm yourself with silver and colloids.

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The use of silver has been documented for millennia. Dishware, eating utensils, and drinking cups were made of silver before the onset of modern germicides. To prevent spoilage, wine was stored in silver urns. Silver has also been known as a water purifier. It has anti-bacterial properties and has been used frequently in that capacity for over 1000 years.

Today, you can induce it internally or externally. Externally, it is great on cuts to prevent infection, warts to kill the virus, or any type of fungal foot problems.

ss-32oz_1Currently, a great way to enjoy the benefits of silver is through colloidal silver. Colloidal silver is a solution, usually deionized water, in which silver nanoparticles are suspended. It can be both applied externally and taken internally. However, you must be very discerning when choosing a colloidal silver product because they are not all the same. Some are even ‘ionized silver’ but falsely advertised as ‘colloidal.’


Important info to know regarding colloidal silver:

  •  Particle Surface Area of the particle is how its effectiveness is determined. Smaller particles are better because the particle surface area increases as particle size decreases. The surface of the particle is what interacts with the environment; the silver contained within the surface does not actually contribute.
  • Other silver products, like ‘silver proteins’ and ‘ionic silver’, are not colloidal silver.
  • Silver proteins are silver particles suspended in a polymer protein solution. These particles are typically larger. While they boast of a greater concentration of silver, that is actually a bad thing. Larger particles just leave more silver trapped within the surface and unable to interact.
  • Ionic Silver – Silver ions are atoms of silver missing an electron, and in this form they are highly reactive. Ionic Silver will combine to form compounds within the body leaving it not dissolvable. Ingestion in high concentrations can result in permanent skin discoloration called argyria.
  • If you use a ‘Colloidal Silver’ Generator to make the solution at home, you are mostly ingesting silver ions. Instead, you should look to buy from respected, proven professionals when possible. (if you still have questions, feel free to e-mail
  • If you take colloidal silver daily, even in its true form, you should also take a probiotic.

Mesocolloids | silver and colloids |
Colloids are not limited to silver. They can be made with:

  • Gold – mental focus, motor skills, rheumatoid arthritis
  • Copper – healthy skin, cartilage, tendon, cellular energy, antioxidant
  • Platinum – mental focus, creativity, memory, increased libido
  • Iridium – mental acuity, cell function, tissue regeneration
  • Zinc – antioxidant, immune system, cell function, cartilage, tissue

Though relatively unknown to most people, silver and colloids provide practical means through which you can achieve optimum health. The photos above link to the respective products. Procinctu neither supports nor condemns these companies. There is no affiliation in any way.

The aim here is to make you aware. Do your own research.

Disclaimer: Procinctu can not be held responsible for your decisions. Whether you like to achieve optimum health through colloids, or you enjoy popping man-made factory manufactured pills, you do so at your own risk. 

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