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Jorge Bergoglio “Pope Francis” has replaced Jesus Christ with a life jacket, and portrayed it as a ‘crucifix.’

As we know from basic catechism, a person commits a sin of sacrilege when he mistreats sacred persons, places, and things.

When the mistreatment is done to a person consecrated to God, it is a personal sacrilege. When the mistreatment is done against a sacred thing, like a sacrament, Holy Scripture, blessed objects, chalices, statues, etc., it is a real sacrilege.

Replacing Jesus Christ with a life jacket, according to what the Church teaches, is a sin of real sacrilege.

This isn’t the first rodeo for Jorge Bergoglio.

What makes the incident even more bold, in addition to it being public and published by the occupiers of the Vatican, is that like the Pachamama figurines, he actually ‘blessed’ this ‘life jacket crucifix’.

For those in union with Jorge Bergoglio and the Church created at the ‘Second Vatican Council’, the Pachamama figurines and this life jacket crucifix are actually blessed objects!

Of course, objectively, since Bergoglio was ‘ordained’ with the rite from the communist modernist Montini, he doubtfully was a priest to begin with. So those offensive things aren’t actually blessed.

The antics of this false pope are not the problem, but the results of it. The problem began with the false church created at V2. It contradicts the Catholic Church. The bad fruits of sacrileges, idolatries, and other grave offenses will only continue, because the V2 church itself is a rotten tree.

For more details of the differences between the Catholic Church and the novus ordo church, here is a series of side-by-side comparisons.