America is Dead | Mourning to Morning in America

  • Posted November 14, 2012

It used to be Morning in America, now there IS mourning in America. We are now a week since the 2012 US Presidential Election. So there’s been plenty of time to contemplate and admit that America is dead. The realization of this fact was made known when the country rejected for the presidency, a big government, liberal republican from Massachusetts, who advocated state involvement in healthcare. Wait, that didn’t come out right.


The realization of this fact was made known when the country voted in favor of corruption, graft, and socialistic policies of a bolshevik, snake oil salesman from Chicago. That’s a little better, but the point is that we are one step closer to a collectivist world government.

sun sets on a nation | America is dead | mourning to morning in america

sun sets on a nation

There is mourning in America. Half of the population voted on unbecoming marginal issues, willing to sacrifice the republic for their favor. Even jeopardizing their not-to-distant future which will have them struggling to put food on the table. True, it wouldn’t have been THAT much better with Mitt the statist, liberal republican. But we at least may have had enough time to get our act together. Not to mention, the impending police state may have been less obvious.

But now, it is too late. America, as you knew it, is dead. Sure, an argument can be made that 90% of the ‘land’ has people who are about 65% against the communism, but that number is canceled out easily by only a handful of jurisdictions. Miami decides Florida; Philadelphia decides Pennsylvania; Las Vegas decides Nevada; Denver, Colorado; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Madison and Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Chicago, Illinois; Cleveland, Ohio; and the DC suburbs, Virginia. Are we really going to let a handful of corrupt cities determine our fate? Yep!

3D voting map |

3D map of voting in 2012

America is a right of center country that will never again have right of center rule. Well, at least not until the gravy train comes to a screeching halt and the system collapses. The big inner city populations are liberal bastions where the majority is either totally NOT self-reliant, or they are so blinded by the uterus that they can’t see ANYTHING else.

And in these liberal bastions, fraud is not uncommon. I know, they claim that it’s voter suppression to require ID to vote. But instead, isn’t it voter suppression to water down LEGAL REGISTERED voters. Doesn’t allowing dead people to vote, ‘illegal aliens’ to vote, and some people to vote numerous times, water down and suppress LEGAL REGISTERED voters? We know of the accounts of precincts reporting OVER 100% turnout. We know of the Philadelphia precincts reporting turnout 30% above the Philly average, with those same precincts voting over 99% for Obama (absent GOP inspectors). We know some counties have MORE registered voters, than voting-age population. We also know the complicit republicans, aside from Allen West, are too much of cowards to do or say anything about it. So on with the post.


We are still trying to reason how defending the ‘right to life’ of a child in the womb is supposed to be a ‘War on Women.’ Aren’t nearly half of the aborted babies women? So we are declaring a war on women by advocating that they be permitted to live? That supposedly makes sense to a modern day liberal.

But the likelihood of a ‘Life at Conception Act’ actually being passed and signed was next to zero, especially with the ‘fiscal cliff” looming. So why make such an illegitimate topic an issue? Because they know that the sexual liberation crowd are actually slaves to their false sense of ‘freedom.’ We have expressed prior about the power of sex and sex transmutation, and this election shows the sexual liberators’ ‘fruits of labor’ (pun intended) are wretched.

To be clear, government has NO place in the sexual lives of its people, provided the acts are consensual and not with a minor. But to also be clear, we have the right to call out people if they have become a slave to their proclivity. That said, the ‘War on Women’ was not a legitimate reason to turn the country over to quasi-communists.


Again, it is difficult to reason how giving a measly stipend to a group of people somehow empowers them. A stipend that actually encourages them NOT to better themselves in fear of losing the stipend. Conditioning people to depend on the government cheese for survival is also another form of slavery. These are the ones who are incorrectly labeled as ‘disenfranchised.’

We aren’t saying the world is purged of discrimination, but in America, the disenfranchised ploy has run it’s course. Those who take part in the handout act are relegated to a perpetual cycle of pettiness and unhappiness. Constantly looking for the next program and next way to game the system, we have no pity for them. They know who they are. And those in power think so little of these people, that they believe they can buy them off for such meager amounts. Those in power are often proved correct.

Conversely, we believe that all men are created equal. In fact, it is contemptible that one would willingly consider themselves as ‘less able’ than another. It is a betrayal of their life and purpose on Earth. They really feel they were put here to be a parasite and live off of others productivity? We don’t deny that some people really need TEMPORARY help, but we are also not naive. When the system collapses, and the checks stop coming, or the checks are inflated and worthless, are we expected to be compassionate?

Freedom has no price.

Nothing Else Matters

So you can plainly see, the powers that be, played on the voluntary slavery wishes of their target groups. Making an issue of abortion/contraception, and guaranteeing more welfare/food stamps, are rouses that are an easy forfeiture to ensure their continued power. Their power to implement ANYTHING else of will. And the groups supporting such ‘tools’ are so fanatic about them, that (sorry Metallica) nothing else matters.

We used this video on several other posts, but it’s just so damn good, it must be included again. Obama supporters actually reject Obama’s policies as ‘unconstitutional’ and ‘messed up,’ so long as the policies were presented as Romney’s. But when Luke confesses that they are Obama’s, these mental midgets make excuses and defend. There you have it.

They got their Utopian dream facade which stands for slavery with reproductive authority and handouts for all.

They rest of us are confronted with the reality that America is finished.


What can we do? The house and governorships will probably continue to show a schism, since the select big cities can’t preside over ALL of them. But as we see, those (2) handfuls of cities determine the presidency and senate. The only way to get it back is to neutralize the fraud and corruption. Sorry to say, but it won’t happen until after the system resets. By that time, America will likely not be in it’s current form.

Yes, republicans gave us a bad candidate. Yes, a notable portion of the electorate voted on selfish trivial issues. Yes, the numbers do not add up. Yes, you lost your country.

But to be truthful, there is a sense of relief about the whole thing. Being able to prepare for what is next, with no glimmer of false hope, is quite empowering. Instead of the uncertainty planning for the prospect of no Obama, we now know our fate. Uncertainty was a bitch, but this is manageable.

If you’re sitting there scared of whats to come next, don’t be. We will be threatened with a police state. We will be monitored, at the least. But you can prepare and even prosper if you are smart and not too outspoken. Even marketing guru Dan Kennedy admitted that he likes high gas prices. Meaning, of course, that there are less people are on the road…blocking your way.

The sexual liberation crowd is too distracted by sex, and the parasites are to distracted by their government buyout aka handouts. While they’re attention is diverted, we can properly get our respective houses in order and get ready for the next storm. It IS coming. Buy yourself some silver even.

It will be ugly and painful, but at least we’ll finally get to see the Obama Civilian Security Force. You know, the one that will be ‘just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded’ as the military. Yeah, if this administration can purge numerous combat generals in only a few days, just think what they can do to you. Stalin is salivating.

The United States of America is dead. In the landmass which once contained her, faltering for quite sometime, America has been delivered the final nail in the coffin.


OK, now the REAL finish. This website was not made to advocate reservedness. So to be ‘smart and not too outspoken’ isn’t for everyone. Smart? Yes. But ‘not too outspoken?’ No. Honestly, that would also lead to a form of slavery.

This may be slightly before its time, but NO, America is not merely a land mass. America is an ideal, a set of principles, a spirit. To borrow a few terms from Churchill, it embodies an ideal that guarantees UNEQUAL BLESSINGS and rejects EQUAL MISERIES. Allows for the freedom to succeed and fail. True, the human government of America may be dead, but it lives within you. Will you take it to start anew in another land as your ancestors? Will you hunker down and fight for it here?

We are about to enter the dark days which will be full of light. Look to the first century Christians as an example. They took the burden of the cross and were freed by it. Knowing such a declaration would mean certain death, even during imprisonment, they were most free. This time of ours will see much trial and tribulation. Staying means that the forces of enslavement and evil will want to cut you down. In many places you will lose associations, lose employment, lose family, lose your life. But we will have to put ourselves not on the level of just mere men, but immortals. It will be hard. It will be painful. You may be imprisoned. You may be killed.

Whether you are a person of faith or not, every man has something inside of him yearning for liberty. We only imprison ourselves in our own minds to prevent its fruition. We are our own enemy.

But to the Christians, will you let your inner flame grow to a burning inferno? Are you willing to die for the Son who gave it all for you? Will you speak up or be mum in the face of the ‘legal’ genocide called abortion? Will will speak up or be mum when a bureaucrat decides who lives and dies? Will you speak up or be mum when an agency steals from a producer and gives to a parasite? Will you be compliant when they make you pay for a practice which is in violation of your faith? Will you continue to sit by and even be take part in an UNJUST WEIGHTS AND MEASURES system, by which the LORD is abhorred?

There you are, in your coffee shop, or office, or living room, reading these things called words. Is it just by chance that you were put here, in this place, in these times? Is it an accident that we have the opportunity ……. the privilege, to be the chosen ones? Feels great doesn’t it? Being emboldened by their false sense of victory. Knowing exactly what we are up against. Ready to change the world in our own way.

NO America is not dead at all. America was alive before we even called it ‘America.’ It is man’s pulsating desire for absolute liberty. It will never die, they can only hope to confuse enough people to temporarily contain it. They have succeeded…..NOW it’s our turn.

Whatever you decide, at home or abroad, Procinctu will continue to arm you with the knowledge and tools necessary to break through the conventional and truly empower yourself. It is a new morning in America.