Average American’s Voting Guide 2012

  • Posted October 25, 2012

Mitt Obama or Barack Romney? These guys are the same, right? Does it really matter for whom the vote is cast this November? Maybe you can protest the system and just vote for Gary Johnson. Wait, Gary who?…. This is the dreaded ‘who to vote for post’ from an empowerment website. We’ll call it….. “The Average American’s Voting Guide 2012.” If this is totally unamusing, at least scroll down for “THE REAL THREAT” and the “NDAA.”

As we are now less than several weeks from the 2012 United States Presidential Election, its about time we give a ‘realist’ approach to voting. This American Voting Guide will hopefully help you make the correct decision in November. Though if you are undecided in late October, you actually may be hopeless…


Yes, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are similar in many ways. At one point, they have agreed on issues ranging from abortion, stimulus, TARP ‘bailout’, National Defense Authorization Act, Ben Bernanke, Tim Geithner, healthcare, Iran sanctions, and even their race status (half of it, anyway). Both of them have even scored donations from the same big banks. You can see the somewhat embarrassing video below for an example of the whole charade.

So you can plainly see that there are many disconcerting similarities. That said, it was still quite enjoyable watching Obama get his ass kicked by Romney in the first debate. Romney subsequently made through the other debates with no major gaffe. But how do people who agree on so much have a debate? Well there are important things they DON’T agree on.

Just a few of the differences between them:

  • How to go about reducing the deficit (though its doubtful either will)
  • Prior business experience
  • View on role of the federal government
  • Taxation
  • Military tactics
  • Judge appointment credentials

So Mitt Romney, the establishment guy, the country club republican ‘chosen one’. What separates him from the usurper, and current occupant Barack Obama?

The Worst Best Story Analogy Never Told (Til Now)

One way to look at, is this. You have become stranded on an island, and it’s name is Fiscal. Fiscal is no normal island because it’s creator(s) made it a square with cliffs on all sides, and one of those sides also has an active volcano! This Voting Guide is centered around your first priority being to stay alive as long as possible.

Unfortunately, there are only three options you have as the lava is fast approaching. You can get into Barry’s car, Smitt’s car, or just stay there hoping Gary will bring his helicopter. You can’t really stay there though, because the lava will mumify you. But both, Obama’s and Romney’s car, can only operate in cruise control once started AND they cannot steer. So getting into their cars means you will be headed for Fiscal’s Cliff. The difference though is that Obama’s got a Lamborghini while Romney has a Chevy Volt.

Gary’s helicopter? Oh, it is NOT READY. Something about it breaking while Benny B. stole it to drop money or something? So that option is out, but if you stay alive long enough, maybe Gary will have his helicopter up and running in the future. Then, if you are still alive, you can choose again, this time between your current car and the helicopter.

Of course, there is one life line you have. You knew enough to get a Golden (Silver) Parachute in case this situation would arise. So you at least have that.


To recap the Voting Guide analogy, you want to get away from the lava, but delay going off Fiscal’s Cliff. But if you do go off Fiscal’s Cliff, you at least want to have a Silver or Golden Parachute to increase your chances of survival. Hope Gary hurries the hell up with his helicopter. Oh, and Barry secretly wants to raid your parachute, just something to keep in mind.

The summary of whatever it was you just read above is this: Romney sucks. Obama sucks A LOT more. Both will take us to THE FISCAL CLIFF. Obama will do it with more of a strike to the jugular. Romney will do so with a bunch of paper cuts. Gary Johnson has no chance to win. If you live in a swing state, yes, a vote for Johnson is a vote for Obama. Buy silver and gold as your fall back for when the system fails.


The Voting Guide’s libertarian, voluntaryist, and anarchist friends wont like to hear this, but most average Americans can not comprehend the truth at this time. We can tell them over and over, but it wont be until their world is changed that they will finally get it.

Sure we can educate more and more people, but its up to them to actually awaken and remove themselves from the unenlightened class. Too bad if that comes off as elitist to you, because its true.

We are working against a decades long concerted effort to dumb down America. The Average American is more concerned about replacement referee status in the NFL or Honey Boo Boo than they are about their own liberty.

“The choice for mankind lies between freedom and happiness and for the great bulk of mankind, happiness is better.”
― George Orwell, 1984

The Voting Guide is talking about people who cry and are emotionally affected by their sport ‘team.’ Meanwhile, those same people are mum in the face of wars, lost liberties, and currency debasement. Do you really expect them to get their act together and vote for Gary Johnson? Do you really think they’ll even notice that you did or didn’t.? No, they wont notice that Gary Johnson got 5% of the vote or 15% of the vote. But we all will notice another 4 years of Barack Obama as Commander-in-Chief.

You may have the moral victory of voting for Gary Johnson in 2012, but will there be a country left in 2016? Being the voice you are, will you be on the Obama government’s list? Or maybe even it’s Kill List? Could you even be jailed or detained before the next election even comes? Then what good will the ‘good conscience’ vote be?

Rand Paul figured this out. Whether we like it or not doesn’t matter, there IS a two party system. We can work to change it, but we need to be smart and work within the paradigm to advance our cause. Rand has campaigned for his father, Ron Paul, for years. But he also is playing a chess game. Rand realized that not endorsing Mitt would be the end of his time in Senate. He doesn’t exactly have the tenure as Lieberman to pull off going stag. Do you think Rand Paul is more effective on the inside, or on the outside? He is MUCH more valuable on the inside.


The Voting Guide contends that no matter who is president, there will be threat of collapse as long as the fractional reserve banking system and the Federal Reserve is in place. Perpetual expansion is unnatural. And prevention of healthy deflation and inflation is unnatural. Whether this system ends manually or automatically, it will end. But this isn’t even the greatest threat!

So what is the election really about? The Commander-in-Chief, Executive Orders, and Judicial appointments. On all 3 fronts Obama has shown to be a radical. Romney, though not ideal, has not shown to be a radical, but a moderate. And that is why he gets Voting Guide consideration. Again, this is not an endorsement of Romney, but it is a reason to vote for him.

The fiscal collapse isn’t even the biggest concern. The choice is between who we think will violate the constitution and take our liberties the LEAST. Romney wins in this area based on what we know Obama has already done. You only need to look at the executive orders and reaction to the NDAA.


The NDAA was signed into law on December 31, 2011, WHILE YOU WERE CELEBRATING THE NEW YEAR! The major cause for concern in the National Defense Authorization Act is the provision allowing for the detention/arrest of American citizens, WITHOUT CHARGE.

Before the bill was passed, Obama claimed to be against the provision. Then in May 2012, U.S. District Judge Katherine Forrest ruled the provision ‘unconstitutionally vague.’ The government argued that the addition to the NDAA was only to ‘reaffirm’ the Authorization Of Military Force (AUMF), which has been instrumental since 9/11. So Judge Forrest was careful to strike only the added language and still protect the original AUMF. The President would have the same war powers as before. Only the added ‘vague’ language, which would have included Americans, was cast aside. Obama was against the American detention, and Judge ruled it unconstitutional..So that should settle it, right?..WRONG!

In an apparent “Don’t blame me, I only signed the law” failed attempt, the Obama Administration actually SUED to KEEP the provision they were supposedly against. How do we know the actions of Obama are sinister in nature? Remember Judge Forrest kept the original AUMF. So the lawsuit is only for the ability to go after any person, anywhere, for anything. That includes you.

But Romney said he would sign the NDAA. So what is the difference? The ‘Average American’s Voting Guide’ can gauge Obama’s and Romney’s intentions for the provision pretty easily. When pressed on the issue by We Are Change, Romney Rep. Bob McDonnel at least can give a coherent answer and address the issue. When Obama Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is questioned, she plays dumb.

This is disturbing on the part of the Obama people and actually one of the biggest issues for the election. Your constitutionally protected, God-given rights are under assault. The fact that one side is open to engage in respectful discussion, and the other side is only interested in secrecy and censorship is a harbinger of things to come. Again, we don’t want to give anyone a pass. But frankly, the Obama people are too far gone. As evidenced by the Tea Party, there is at least an avenue to hold the other side accountable.

Economies rise and fall; socialism creeps, then is whacked back when its follies are rediscovered; fortunes are made, and they are lost. But the ability to speak out against your government or corruption? We need to guard that right with our lives because things will spiral out of control fast once it is lost.


‘The Average American’s Voting Guide’ is somewhat hopeful at the prospect of less socialism under Romney, even though he is a statist. Maybe we CAN turn the country around with someone who has actually run a business. Anyhow, as with any system, the cunning will find ways to make it. Really, the big concern is not unjustly ending up detained or even six feet under.

Those of us who are ‘aware’ will adjust to what comes our way. Those in a slumber will be in for rude awakening. The vote that matters is for which of the two will LEAST likely breach your rights. And so Mitt Romney, while you fall short of an endorsement, you do have the recommendation of ‘The Average American’s Voting Guide,’ don’t destroy our country too much more.

If you have spent any time on this site, you know that it is an equal opportunity offender. Democans and Republicrats both get knocked. But with that in mind, the Voting Guide realizes that the republicans of today are not the republicans of ‘the good ole boy network’ or even 4 years ago. The tea party and liberty movements have ushered in a more responsible class of republicans. This is where our hope of reform lies. The Rand Paul and Mike Lee types were not there just 2 years ago, and in short time are making hay in the Senate. There is hope NOT to throw away the country.

It is cliché, but this IS the most important election in your life. We didn’t even address 5.5 trillion more debt, millions more people on food stamps/welfare, Benghazi disaster, assault on religious liberty, Fast & Furious, Solyndra, and on and on… Will we delve deeper into a socialist utopian police state? Or will we have a chance to right the ship, albeit with a less than ideal commander? We are almost to the point of no return. When the threshold of those living off of the government versus those funding the government is breached, there is no turning back.

Let’s just focus on making sure we have a country in 4 years. Better to try a more liberty-minded candidate in 4 years with a dysfunctional country, than to end up with a police state or be detained. Johnson will end up on the outside. Obama is entrenched in his ideology, is a danger, and must be removed from office. Romney can be pressured from our liberty/responsibility movement and hopefully be reformed. You could take the Doug Casey approach, but “The Average American’s Voting Guide” recommends that we Buy/Vote silver as the protest, and Vote Romney as the president. Thank you for spending your time on “The Average American’s Voting Guide 2012.”