Do Clinton Podesta Emails reveal Child Sex Pedophilia Ring?

  • Posted November 3, 2016

While we have seen proof of collusion between Hillary Clinton and the mainstream media, we have had to turn to internet journalists to report unshackled news….and what they have just revealed may be Earth shattering.

child sex pedophilia ringWith the Clinton Foundation ethics, pay-to-play schemes, arming of al-Qaeda, Benghazi blunder, failed Russian reset, using a private server for state emails, ongoing FBI investigation, mainstream media collusion, Weinergate, and on and on……could there be any more scandal associated with Hillary Clinton? How about a child sex pedophilia ring!

I’m not intending to peddle a conspiracy theory, so you can make up your own mind. But the accusations portray such a diabolical outfit, that I had to share. This Reddit post connects the dots between Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Jeffry Epstein, John Podesta, Laura Silsby, and others… which exposes Child trafficking and satanic rituals such as “Spirit Cooking.” (Please don’t delve into investigating ‘spirit cooking’, just know it’s of evil)

Wikileaks twitter feed took a screen shot of the page:

We have written about the “Illuminatti” and other occultist symbolism which infects pop culture and how their sounds and pictures actually change our brain. So these kind of sick rituals that the Clinton’s are alleged to be a part of do happen. But even though we know how crooked the Clintons are, it is beyond unsettling to know that their crookedness leads to them actually taking part in these evil rituals.

Fortunately, we know who wins the ultimate ‘presidency’, and that is Christ the King. So call out the evil when you see it, and pray for the conversion of souls. God Bless.


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