CPAC, Empowerment, and the Taliban

  • Posted February 13, 2012

Procinctu has now officially launched and our debut didn’t come without  some controversy.

We had previously paid for and secured a booth at CPAC 2012 as a launch pad for the unveiling of CPAC did not endorse nor was in any way involved with anything we displayed at our booth.

We had featured wide ranging materials highlighting the revolving door with the government and Monsanto, investing in gold and silver, and cutting back on sugar consumption. We also had 6 silver coins to raffle off in exchange for joining our e-mail list. But the real attention getter was the Taliban shirt which we allowed to be displayed and sold at the booth.

The shirt referenced the incident a few weeks back, in which a video claimed to show Marines relieving themselves on dead Taliban. The media went into a frenzy and countless blogs decried the disturbing video.

Personally, we have no interest in urinating on a corpse. I’m not even particularly proud of the shirt, quite honestly. It was just an idea to illustrate how the media will spin an event, of which they know nothing… yet, here in America, tragedies like abortion continue… and they actually justify it!

Also, never being in combat, one can not properly judge the emotions of facing death in a firefight….especially against a group of people that treat women like cattle, take part in beheadings, and orchestrate suicide bombings. Further, against an enemy who would drag a brother-in-arms through the street without second thought, we don’t know where exactly the Geneva Convention fits in. You can’t expect to throw our soldiers into battle against a group whom has no regard for life, and then like a flick-of-the-switch, suddenly become everyday people when tensions cease.

OK, so what does all of this have to do with empowerment? Well, as the media will willingly deride the aforementioned incident, what they don’t give nearly as much press to, are the ‘peace’ talks with the US, Afghanistan, and the Taliban. The Obama Administration is even considering the release of 5 Taliban leaders as a ‘goodwill’ gesture! This is particularly myopic, as it seems the administration has never heard of ‘taqiyya’. The Taliban will just endure what is necessary for now, and when they gather the strength, will once again resume power. Lost in the shuffle, of course, are the WOMEN of Afghanistan.

Here are just a few of the mistreatments of women under Taliban rule:

  • forbidden to leave the home without a male (relative) escort, called a mahram
  • forbidden to work outside of the home
  • forbidden to study at a school or university
  • required to be covered in burqa from head to toe
  • banned from playing sports

Additionally, an article in  states, “Suicide bombings have ‘dramatically’ increased, and are now killing 80 percent more Afghans than in 2010.” And many of these suicide bombings are done via the kidnapping of children!


Now shifting back to the shirt. The shirt we displayed served several purposes. Aside from the obvious attention grabber, which was successful since American Prospect, Time, and Mother Jones all covered us in their columns… The other main reasons for the shirt were to ‘put into perspective’ (not exactly ‘celebrating’ Tim) the atrocities of the Taliban in regards to the ‘corpse desecration’ and also to highlight the struggles of the Afghan people, especially the women.

As such, 100% of the SALES (not profits, but total sales) of the shirt are donated to charities.

Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan is receiving 66%
Defending the Blue Line is receiving 34%

Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan’s main goal is to advance education and educational opportunities for Afghan women and their families. You can learn more about them HERE
Defending the Blue Line helps the ‘children of armed service members stick with hockey programs.’ You can learn more about them HERE

Though Mother Jones may never actually agree with us on anything, Tim seemed like a good enough dude, and ultimately, the next day more shirts were sold. So he got some hits getting the liberal bloggers/tweeters all riled up, we got some press, Afghan women are getting a few bucks for education, and military families are getting a few bucks for hockey. Everybody wins….well except for the Taliban.

So though we may disagree on the tactics we use, hopefully we can all find common ground on women’s empowerment and military families.

At Procinctu, you won’t always agree with our delivery or methods. Sometimes you’ll nod in approval, other times you may laugh, cringe, squirm, etc. In any case, while most people SAY something, we try our best to DO something. Thanks for visiting.

(final note: It is against moral law to commit and justify an ‘evil,’ for the purpose of reaching a resulting ‘good.’ Was the shirt evil? I don’t think so. Tasteless, maybe, but evil?)