Egypt Revolution 2.0 | Which Side Is U.S.A On This Time?

  • Posted June 30, 2013

Just as predicted, Egypt Revolution 2.0 is on the brink of erupting. I was going to just say a line about this on facebook, but instead, decided to make a short blog post to raise awareness. I’m not really going to delve into the events leading up to the rekindling. But this is to serve my friends who may only get the mainstream media fly by.

rebel | Egypt Revolution 2.0 | Which Side Is U.S.A On This Time?First, I would like to point out that I’m forgetful at times. Lots of things are sprinting through my mind at once, and I need to carry a pocket notebook to write down ideas, thoughts, and tasks. That said, there are several things that I vividly remember. One of those things occurred 29 months ago. It was the revolt in Egypt in January 2011.

I remember working in a stairwell for an eventual rooftop deck we were building. And while most pundits were all excited and giddy over the next stage of the “Arab Spring,” I was listening to all of the caution, warning, and outrage from Micheal Savage (featured in the top 12 resources for 2012) on the Savage Nation as I worked. I then remember thinking the topic so important, that I scoured his archives when I finished work, and posted the clips on youtube……..This is why it really matters where you get your information from. Savage spelled out exactly what would happen. For the exact words, I had to go back and look up for accuracy. Savage started his shouts during an Obama live presser…

“Are you crazy?!…..Are you nuts?!…..Oh My God!”

“Here is the community organizer now, using community organizational mentality, for a nation of Egypt, which is flooded with the Muslim Brotherhood…This is Astounding!…We’re listening to the biggest mistake in U.S. diplomatic history.”

“This fool….This pin-headed fool running this country…either he doesn’t know his history or he is on the side of radical Islam.”

“…..He is on the side of the Muslim Brotherhood. He is on the side of radical Islam. Make no mistake about it my friends, there’s no other way to see it….”

“ sounded as though he wanted the government to fall. I’m telling you this happened before. We are watching history repeat itself. Jimmy Carter the communist, Jimmy Carter the lifetime America hater, Jimmy Carter the Jew hater, did this back in 1980 with the Shah of Iran. It is history repeating itself.”

“…..Santayana who said ‘Those who do not know their history are condemned to repeat it.'”

“Now either Obama is as shallow as I think he is, or worse, he’s in cahoots with the radicals around the world. I’m not sure, but it doesn’t matter to me anymore.

“How could this idiotic administration of ours call for the very same thing that happened in Iran, to happen in Egypt? Are they insane, or do they want another revolution to occur there. And if so, are they on they side of the Islamists?”


Here are the videos….


In the clips, you can see that Savage even addressed the Suez Canal and the International Crisis Group, but you get the point by now. Keep in mind though, this is NOT to say the Mubarak was an angel. He was not. And he did violate human rights. However, what would follow would be worse, much worse. Just like the situation in Iran in the 70’s when Carter put ‘human rights’ demands on the Shah. The Shah’s government was weakened and into power came Ayatollah Khomeini. The ripple effect saw an Iran-Iraq war (which once again the U.S. aided), a Dessert Storm war (in which the U.S. was directly involved), and hundreds of thousands of people dead.

Are the Egyptians revolting this time so that it does not go that far? Which side is the U.S. on now?


Which side is U.S.A. On This Time?

Another thing I remember is the news that the U.S. would be supplying Egypt with F-16’s and Abrams tanks. Yes, the U.S. has been supplying Egypt for years. This particular foreign aid deal was signed (in 2010) with the former President Hosni Mubarak. However, now with Mubarak out, and the Muslim Brotherhood in, you would think that all chances of that jet/tank delivery would be gone, right? Wrong!

Apparently, even though Obama and his cohorts work to disarm citizens in his own country, he is all too ready to supply tanks and jets to Islamist governments. So whose side is Obama on? The question posed nearly 30 months ago is the same question now. Will the very weaponry the U.S. supplied to Egypt, end up being used against the people in the Egypt Revolution 2.0? Morsi’s government is even due a big delivery of tanks in July. Will that delivery at least be postponed? Were you even aware that your tax dollars are being used to arm an Islamist government in Egypt?

It didn’t have to be this way. The U.S. didn’t have to have it’s hand in seeing Mubarak ousted. But it did.

Then later, it didn’t have to CONTINUE arming Egypt. In fact, Rand Paul even brought up a vote in the Senate to halt sales. But the majority of the Senate voted the amendment down, tabled it, and the jets were sent.

This time, the Egyptian people seem to be attempting to derail the repeat of history. Will the Islamist government be overthrown? Will the revolt fizzle? Will the Islamist government flex it’s muscle and become ruthless. Will the Islamist government use American weapons against the Egyptian people? What side will the U.S.A. be on? What will you say and do this time Mr. Obama?

Or maybe Obama and the International Crisis Group are on the side of chaos…..


 Egypt Revolution 2.0

The point of this whole post is to raise awareness for the Egypt Revolution 2.0, and also, to revisit where you get your information. Always consider the source of your news and their angle.

The rebels (Tamarod) claim to have over 20 million signatures for the ouster of Mohammed Morsi. Pray for the people who are going to be a part of the Egypt Revolution 2.0. May the persecuted rise and the subjugators fall.