Farm to Table Pittsburgh 2012 – Food Tasting

  • Posted March 27, 2012

Grass fed beef, organic eggs, cod liver oil, coconut oil, fermented drinks, good cholesterol, essential fats, kim chi……info on all of these and much more could be learned about at the 6th annual Farm to Table Conference in Pittsburgh, Pa. You could meet some of the people from which to buy your food directly, or you could just get educated and learn some of the benefits of eating organic, whole, and live foods.

Whatever the reason for attending the conference, another draw was the evening food tasting. For an admission of $30, visitors were able to sample the products of local vendors, restaurants, and farmers….and most importantly, put a face to their food.

The nearly 40 vendors offered:

  • Meats
  • Cheeses
  • Pasta
  • Dressings and Oils
  • Sauces
  • Hummus
  • Dairy
  • Juices
  • Coffee
  • Beer
  • Wine
  • Desserts



Chef Kate Romane of E2, Tara Rockacy of Churchview Farm, Manager Jason Thomas of E2 (pictured L to R)


Of these vendors was the restaurant E2 (pronounced ‘E squared’), which featured their Gorgonzola Mess with a spicy cheese spread, herb focaccia crostini, and roasted peppers. Or their salad of asparagus, mushroom, goat cheese, and onion. Procinctu is not exactly a foodie who will come up with slick food descriptions…. But let’s just say it went down pretty easy and I was forced to make several drive by snatches throughout the evening.

As the season allows, E2 uses locally sourced food as much as possible. One of the  partners from which they get their food is Churchview Farm in Baldwin, and their owner was on hand as well.

Looking for something to do on a Sunday Night? Don’t feel like coooking? Well, sign-up for E2’s Sunday Sauce! “It’s a monthly, free-form, family-style dinner designed to get people together to eat great food.” But they only have room for 20, so reserve your spot early.   –   412-441-1200   –   5904 Bryant Street Pittsburgh, PA 15206


 Greek Gourmet Marketplace

Mike Smalis of Greek Gourmet


Next up, meet Mike Smalis of Greek Gourmet Marketplace. Mike used to be in banking, but quit several years ago to become owner of Greek Gourmet and pursue of his true “labor of love.” For the food tasting, over 10  homemade hummus varieties were available. And flavors such as curry, jamaican jerk, cilantro jalepeno, smoked white bean, etc made it impossible to pick a favorite.


Aside from the shop that the small family owned business runs, you can also find Greek Gourmet’s hummus at the Whole Foods Market

Greek Gourmet Marketplace   –    412.422.2998   –   2130 Murray ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15217 


Beaver Falls Coffee & Tea Co. 


Another vendor using locally sourced ingredients was the Beaver Falls Coffee & Tea Co. They had a nice drink menu available with espresso, coffee, cappuccino, latte, and mocha. And the tasters were able to take advantage of the health benefits of cinnamon by trying the ‘mocha with cinnamon’ and ‘cinnamon cheesecake w/ chocolate chips, bacon.’


Beaver Falls Coffee & Tea Co.  –  724.843.4221   –   3219 4th Ave, Beaver Falls, PA 15010
Facebook: Beaver Falls Coffee & Tea Co.        Twitter: bfcat



Mike’s Kitchen

Mike Kalimon (L) and Dave Stewart (R)


Mike’s Kitchen offers a variety of homemade pasta sauces with natural ingredients and no preservatives. Though not at the tasting, they also have an assortment of soups from which you can choose.

What really sets them apart, though, is the full service home remodeling  business Mike was also plugging. It just goes to show you,  that even in a tough economy, you can pursue your passions and run several businesses in doing so.   –   412.446.0469   –   37 W. Main St., Carnegie, Pa 15106

PGH Kitchen & Bath Design Center   –   412.429.4448   –


Though the food tasting was for vendors in the Pittsburgh, Pa area, wherever you call home, you are encouraged to look for local suppliers for your diet and know exactly where your food comes from. Another thing to take from Farm to Table, was that all of these people were truly living out their passions. Whether it was leaving a banking job, or adding to a construction company, they didn’t make excuses.

Making a business out of what you feel passionate about is not easy. But if its something you’ve been thinking about, then get started now! There will never be a perfect time.