LEAP2020 | October 2012 Global Economy into Black Hole | Geopolitics White-Hot

  • Posted September 21, 2012

This week, Leap/2020 sent out a public announcement of it’s latest GlobalEurope Anticipation Bulletin (GEAB). September’s GEAB N°67 reiterates the forecast from June’s GEAB N°66. That being, ‘global systemic crises in October 2012.’

Just a few weeks ago, Procinctu had included that June RED ALERT in it’s She’s Going Down Hard article, which explained why global depression is approaching.

We now see:

  • simultaneous recession in all economies
  • acceleration in geopolitical dislocation
  • Isreal-Iranian tension
  • widespread testing of U.S. power
  • massive resumption of arms sales

The LEAP2020 GEAB teaser continues:

For these reasons, LEAP/E2020 maintains its June 2012 Red Alert and estimates that, by the end of October 2012, the global economy will be sucked into a black hole against a backdrop of world geopolitics heated white-hot. Suffice it to say that the coming weeks will, according to our team, carry the planet away in a hurricane of unprecedented crises and conflicts.

Regarding the United States:

The very painful end of the US anaesthetic is at the crossroads of the seven key factors of a double shock of the coming weeks.

Because it is indeed that. As we have underlined on many occasions in the GEAB, the United States has, since the beginning of this crisis, refused to face reality by having increasing recourse to financial, monetary,… (and military) subterfuge to try and mitigate the consequences of the crisis. All this however is proving to be ineffective at the end of summer 2012, in spite of the trillions of Dollars thrown down what is proving to be a bottomless hole.


Only Wall Street, for a certain time, will be able to continue surfing on record levels until one “beautiful morning” everything collapses due to a sudden awareness that the real economy is sinking into depression.

Is the end game really approaching this quickly? Head over to Leap2020’s GEAB bulletin web site to subscribe in order to get the seven key factors driving this double shock of which they claim has no modern historical equivalent.

October 2012, Black Hole, White-Hot. Are you ready? Oh, and get some silver.