Lifehouse Everything Skit | Heavy Metal Version

  • Posted July 30, 2013

Back in April, I had an awesome trip down to Chile. I had wanted to check out the country for quite some time, and the impetus which made me go was the Sovereign Man Workshop. While I still have yet to finish the written recap of the visit, I wanted to bring up one thing (totally unrelated) that I picked up down there. Granted, I could have discovered it at home, or anywhere for that matter. But sometimes, things work out in ways you don’t expect. This thing I’m referring to have found, is the Lifehouse Everything Skit. I’ll first explain how I came to see it, and my initial thoughts.

Lifehouse Everything Skit | Heavy Metal Version | in chileWhen I made the trip to Chile, I was fortunate enough to have had a connection on the ground, and the best kind…..a priest! A friend from DC had a brother in Santiago, serving as a priest.

As it worked out, I was able to meet him on my last full day in the Chile. That was actually pretty appropriate since it acted more as a day of thanks to God for the trip. So hanging out on church grounds, and seeing the ongoing projects of the church, was a great top off for the visit to Chile. We talked faith, culture, and politics…and I was even treated to food. At some point during the day, almost instinctively, the priest pulled me aside to run the Youtube gauntlet. You know how it works. He showed me some lyric videos of Christian pop music and such, and I retorted with the ‘disconcerting’ Christian heavy metal videos. But when he showed the “Lifehouse Everything Skit,” I was thinking, wow!

Lifehouse Everything Skit

At first, I wasn’t sure what was going on, and pretty unmoved by it, but that quickly changed. Here is my range of thoughts during the video:

1:00 – Is he seriously having me watch this?
1:30 – Why is Jesus being such a wimp? C’mon Jesus!
2:00 – Oh, I see what’s going on.
3:00 – Ohhhh, damn.
3:30 – Well, this is pretty powerful.
4:00 – Don’t tear up in front of the priest. Don’t tear up in front of the priest.
4:30 – Praise Jesus!

Really, it was a powerful video. But personally, light rock and easy listening doesn’t agree well with me. And so I wanted to make this heavy metal version of the Lifehouse Everything Skit. Enjoy!

Choosing the music for the Lifehouse Everything Skit (Heavy Metal Version) wasn’t easy. But with so many options, I ended up picking a band I’ve had in heavy rotation as of late, Hope For The Dying. And coincidentally, they debuted their latest album when I was in Chile. So it already had that liberty/uplifting vibe about it to me, since I walked theLifehouse Everything Skit | Heavy Metal Version | hope for the dying alethia streets of Santiago while first listening to it on my Ipod.

I was going to use ‘Open Up The Sky’ as the song for the Lifehouse Everything Skit, especially because of it’s ending ‘realization’ scale. (if that makes sense) But I couldn’t ignore all that goes on in the song ‘Visions,’ so I used both. I ended up choosing Visions for the culmination part of the Lifehouse Everything Skit. I did have to manipulate the video a bit, making it faster in some areas, and slower in others. But overall, I think the music fit the video pretty well.

I think the video speaks for itself and needs no further description. So I hope you enjoy and can get something from it. But for the rest of you who find these vocals ‘disconcerting’, I included the original version as well.

God Bless.