May Day 2013 | Buy Physical Silver!!…..or NOT

  • Posted May 1, 2013

May Day 2013 in here! On May 1, 2013, many of the folks in the ‘silver movement’ will be taking part in a concerted effort to buy physical silver bullion. This being in commemoration of the May 1, 2011 slaughter. That raid that began two years ago saw the ‘price’ of silver plunge 25%! It since has been taken down much more, much more as in 50%. And so on May 1st, 2013, the people strike back…… or not.

bankster | May Day 2013 | Buy Physical Silver!!.....or NOT

Well, as much as I’d love to destroy the banking cartel and restore silver to it’s rightful place, I don’t see how this will work. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s no secret that I am all about silver. And while I don’t enjoy raining on people’s parades, sometimes, you need rain for the flowers to grow.

May Day 2013

Sure, I’ll probably buy a couple of ounces today, but I will NOT be buying into the hype. May Day 2013 itself likely won’t change much of anything in the big scheme of things, and here are a few reasons not to be gung ho about May Day 2013…..

  • IT’S A FREAKING COMMUNIST HOLIDAY!!  –  Accidental as it may be, to piggy back any type of movement onto the same day as the internationally renown “workers’ day” is counter-productive. I know that the actual take-down was May 1, and so the fight back will be May 1, but can’t there be a little more originality in that date? I don’t know. Maybe those that came up with this idea wanted to supplant the Commies from May Day as the Christians supplanted the pagans from December 25 with Christmas… I would rather have the movement have nothing in common with Marx, Lenin, Mao, Stalin, and the gang.
  • Not on same Playing Field  –  The people being fought against aren’t just the elite. These people are the ones who decide who becomes elite. They control the central banks, they control geopolitics, and they can create ‘money’ at will. Some average guy named Bob is not going to put a dent in their plans. A bunch of Bobs may have a better chance, but even thousands of Bobs concentrated on one day are but a grain of sand to the beach. If something like this were to work, it would have to be more potent and longer in duration. And you’d have to involve not just all the Bobs, but the Larrys, Karens, Erics, etc…. You’ll need all of those people AND a mole. [here is where i invite any of the elite (you know who you are) to contact me to get this rolling]
  • Watch Your Shot!  –  Focusing on dealers of silver is the incorrect target. Even if wildly successful, how can wiping out the supplies of APMEX and IndependentLivingBullion and Scottsdale change anything? They will just restock when supplies become available, and then they’ll charge a higher premium over spot for it. (are you starting to get an idea of the target?)
  • The ‘HA HA told you so’  –  That is what we may hear when all this May Day stuff lands with a thump. Instead of changing anything, the outsiders will just view us a bunch of crack-pot wackos. Then they will be even harder to convince to our view. All we will have done is gathered future demand and consolidated it into one day, thereby resulting in less demand in the immediate short term??


Though there are things to be done, I don’t think the ‘Buy Silver on May Day 2013’ is it. Currently, a few other ideas are being tossed around in my head and i have since purchased a web domain for an eventual home for one of the ideas. It will be publicized after some structure is in place and only if it is even possible, legal, and original.

In the meantime, don’t get too excited about ‘End Game’ dates and other emotionally draining ‘events.’ (Though if you get all hot over specific dates, you may be interested in checking out my buddy Gary at Stock Market Numerology. He is correct more than he is incorrect, and that’s all I’ll say) The silver manipulation has been going on for quite some time and it’s perpetrators have a well thought out plan with lots of wealth riding on it. Maybe their hand can be forced, or maybe we can only profit on our actions when THEY are ready.

Whatever the case, we know that gold or silver has been money for thousands of years. We believe it will be regarded as money yet again. Accumulate the ounces for your liberty and wealth, not because some people want to have a special day.

disclaimer: buy into May Day, real physical silver, unfunded paper certificates, or fiat Federal Reserve notes at your own discretion. Procinctu is not responsible.