Militant Monday | Divinity of Jesus Christ

  • Posted October 3, 2016

Divinity of Jesus ChristThis week’s Militant Monday is a 25 minute audio clip, recorded in the 1960’s, by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen. It should play automatically from this page. The following is a summary of this Monday’s topic, Divinity of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ is the Son of God and Son of man. This is the mystery of the Incarnation, in which God assumed a human nature. The Word became flesh. But why did God have to become man?

Divinity of Jesus Christ


God became man in order to redeem man from sin, as this was the only way to do it.

We know that man is finite, and God is infinite.

Since man has sinned against God, and sin is measured by the one sinned against, that makes man’s sin against God to be infinite. Man then has an infinite debt towards God, and in the natural order, it would be impossible for a finite man to repay an infinite debt. Justice can not be satisfied unless the debt is completely paid.

If justice and mercy are to be satisfied , then God had to become man. Becoming man, God could be our representative, and share our nature with sin.

Like a broken clock, which can not repair its own main spring, we can not repair ourselves. As the clock’s mainspring must come from without, and placed within…. God must come from without, and take within a human nature.

This hypostatic union is 2 natures in one person. We see with the divinity of Jesus Christ that both the human nature, and the divine nature, are united in the person of God.

Further, a person is the source of responsibility. In this case for example, a pencil can not write, but with your hand, the pencil writes. The actions of the nature of the pencil is attributed to the person writing. In this way, pencil is like man. Like a pencil can not write on it’s own, man on his own can not pay his debt.

God taking on the human nature, allowed Him to act in our name. As a result, every action from Jesus Christ had an infinite value. When Jesus Christ became the Unblemished Lamb, the Perfect Sacrifice, man then had the ability to repay his infinite debt.

As God took on a human nature, He who was born without a mother in heaven, was born without a father on earth. He who made the world, restored it. He who was maker of the sun, abode under the sun. Healed the world, lying a manger.

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