Militant Monday | Humanity of Jesus Christ

  • Posted October 10, 2016

Humanity of Jesus ChristThis week’s Militant Monday is a 25 minute audio clip, recorded in the 1960’s, by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen. It should play automatically from this page. The following is a summary of this Monday’s topic, Humanity of Jesus Christ.

We have already discussed the Divinity of Jesus Christ, but we must not forget the Humanity of Jesus Christ.

We must realize that our human nature was disordered in the beginning. We all struggle with a tortured soul, as part of the repercussions of Adam’s sin. Shall we deny that the Incarnation of our Lord has an even greater repercussion to heal us?

So everybody in the world is implicitly Christian….though they may not be explicitly Christian. As an example, let’s say there was a world wide plague, and there was a remedy for the plague. Everybody then would be potentially saved by the remedy….though some may reject taking it. This is not the fault of the remedy’s developer, but it is the fault of the people themselves. As Christ took on a human nature for ALL of humanity….some may reject His salvation. It is up to us.

He sees in us what we truly could be, like a bride and groom on their wedding day, prepared for each other at their best. But we know the bride or groom may fall from that ideal over time. Christ can still see that ideal, even though sin distorts our image.

3 Transferences in the Humanity of Jesus Christ

There are 3 kinds of transferences in the life of Christ. God needed to feel every kind of torture of the human soul…every pain. Else we could say “God has no idea what it’s like to suffer….to hunger….to thirst”.

  • Physical – God did take on a humanity to feel our worst pains. At the Passion of Christ, we dragged His lovely human nature down to our level. It can be said that he took on our sicknesses, as evidenced by his sighing/groaning while performing miracle. He knew what is felt like to be dumb. He knew what is felt like to be blind. He knew what is felt like to suffer on a cross.
  • Psychic – God took humanity upon himself to feel our emotions. He knew what it was like to be lonely, mentally ill, experience psychosis, be a sceptic, be a doubter, have hate. To redeem atheists, he had to know what it was like to be an athiest. He experienced the ultimate abandonment upon the cross.
  • Moral – God took upon himself every sin of humanity as if they were is own. Every blasphemy, theft, lust, etc. His flesh hanging from him was a token of all the rebellion of the flesh of the world.

In the Humanity of Jesus Christ, our every sin was redeemed in His bloody sweat, through His Sacred Heart. But we must accept this remedy and not turn back to sin.

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