Militant Monday | Knowledge of God and Free Will

  • Posted September 19, 2016

This week’s Militant Monday is a 25 minute audio clip, recorded in the 1960’s, by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen. It should play automatically from this page. The following is a summary of this Monday’s topic, Knowledge of God and Free Will.

If we do not live as we think, we soon think as we live, suiting our philosophy to our actions. That is bad.

Atheism is not a doctrine, it is a cry of wrath. There are two types of atheists. Those who are swallowed in a false understanding of science, and those who are militant, who use atheism as a way to vent their hate.

Knowledge of God

One has the Freedom to hate God or obey God, and this is already known to Him through the Knowledge of God. God knows much like an architect knows. The architect knows all details about the building, before it actually exists. Likewise, God knows everything in the present, there is no future nor past.

As an example, one could walk through a cemetery, and see the succession of tombstones in order of occurrence. But to fly over the cemetery, one would see all at once.

Another example is that of a movie reel. If it were conscious, it would know the whole story, as the full story is contained within it. But we need to see the movie played out on the screen before we can know what the reel knows all at once. This is similar to the knowledge of God, he knows history outside of time.

But we must not confuse foreknowledge with predetermination. If one predicts the stock market to be a certain price, and it does attain that price, that person only had knowledge that it would, though they didn’t actually effect the price.

God knows all things, but still leaves us with freedom.

He will influence us though. Like the sun shining on a moistened seed, God works on our soul. His love inspires us to be what we were meant to be. The more we are lead by God’s love, the more we become our true self….all without ever losing our freedom.

What about evil? Why is there evil?

This is not the only kind of world God could have made. But this is the best possible kind of world God could have made, for the purpose that He had in mind.

If an architect was to design a bird house, he would design a house worthy of sparrows, even though there are many other designs that the architect is capable. Like so, God intended to build a moral universe. Here, with the right use of the gift of freedom, characters might emerge.

We have the choice of good and evil. We must be free, with power to say yes or no. Praise and blame can only be on those with control of their will.

By giving us the power to break allegiance with God, it makes it all the more meaningful and purposeful when we choose to keep allegiance with God.

Man who is free to love, is free to hate. Man who is free to obey, is free to rebel. Man is capable of virtue, only when it is possible to be vicious. Man can be a saint in a church, only when it is possible to be a devil.

For God to destroy evil, would mean that he would have to destroy freedom. But God intends for the development of souls, not the production of biological entities.

We make ourselves as sinners. The greatest gift God gave us, was the gift of freedom, the power to love him in return.

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