Militant Monday | Miracles and the Resurrection

  • Posted September 26, 2016

militant monday | miracles and the resurrectionThis week’s Militant Monday is a 25 minute audio clip, recorded in the 1960’s, by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen. It should play automatically from this page. The following is a summary of this Monday’s topic, Miracles and the Resurrection.

As previously discussed, there are 3 motives of credibility we use in determining if one is sent by God.

The first was if he was preannounced, which is addressed HERE. The second is if signs or miracles were shown to attest his truthfulness, and so we now address Miracles and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Concerning miracles, God and universe are not opposites. The higher power can suspend the action of certain laws, by the very fact that He is the creator of those laws. If a child can bounce a ball, and use his arm to overtake the law of gravity….how much more pronounced is the will of God?

There are a few characteristics of the miracles of Jesus Christ:

  1. They were worked as signs. Signs were used to convince people where words could not. So people could see that the Father is in the Son, and the Son in the Father. That the one performing them, is the One who is promised.
  2. They were not unreasonable, but always in front of witnesses.
  3. They are inseparable from the person of Christ. Power flowed from within Him, as evidence of divine revelation. The power to cure physical disease, was a symbol of spiritual disease. Curing blindness is to open the eyes of faith. Power to drive out demons is to show power of evil….

While St. John says that the actual amount of miracles could not even be contained in a book, there are 35 actual miracles listed in the Gospels….. and the greatest of those is the Resurrection.

In the history of world, only the tomb of Jesus had a rock rolled before it, and  guard set about it, to prevent a dead man from rising! They said he was dead. They knew he was dead. Yet, they still kept watch.

Christ said he would rise again after 3 days. So his enemies worked to prevent any chance of even the perception of such. So with the rock and the guards, Christ’s certificate of death and resurrection was to be signed by His enemies themselves.

-to refute, some say that the Apostles lied about the Resurrection. But how could the world be convinced of a Resurrection, had there not been one? They preached of Christ’s crucifixion in the place in which it occurred. How could so many be willing to suffer and die for something that they knew to be false?
-others say that the belief of the Resurrection seeped into the Apostles subconscious, and so they ‘imagined’ it. But the Apostles knew a trance from a reality. The appearances with the Risen Christ occurred in trivial everyday circumstances, not when visions would likely occur. Plus, the Apostles were the hardest to convince of a Resurrection. They thought Christ was moved at first, and didn’t consider the Resurrection. Also, visions do not occur, all at once, to different people simultaneously.

His wounds were touched by Thomas. He ate food. He took bread. He gave them bread and fish, and they were satisfied. The Apostles had to be convinced the hard way, the were the biggest skeptics and doubters.

And once the Apostles were convinced, they were such believers that they were willing to have their throats cut, their lives taken, crucified, fed to lions for their belief. The Resurrection was real, and it was the greatest of Christ’s miracles.

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