Militant Monday | Purpose and Truth

  • Posted August 29, 2016

This week’s Militant Monday is a 21 minute audio clip, recorded in the 1960’s, by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen. It should play automatically from this page. The following is a summary of this Monday’s topic, Purpose and Truth.

This universe is a free universe..

We have the power to make ourselves saints or devils…it is up to us. We are free to obey the laws of God, or disobey them.

Purpose and Truth

What makes a thing Good?  What makes a thing bad?

  • A thing is good when it attains the purpose for which it was made.

Using a watch as an example, it’s purpose is to tell time. If it tells time correctly, it is a good watch.
In the matter of our ultimate end, our purpose is to be supremely happy, and that is through the unification with God. Anything that we do, that brings us closer to that purpose, is good.
On an organ, any particular key on it’s own is not right nor wrong. But in correspondence to a standard, a sheet of music, we know what note we ought to hit, and which note we ought not to hit.
Like so, we have our moral conscience. We know what we ought to do, and what we ought not do. This standard is not of our own making.

  • A thing is bad when it is used for a purpose for which it was not created.

Using a pencil as an example, if it were used to write, it would be a good pencil. However, if it were used to open a can, it would fail, and be destroyed as a consequence.
For us, when we are used in ways contrary to our purpose, we not only fail in attaining our purpose, but we destroy ourselves as a consequence.

Evil is not a positive. Evil is either an excess or a defect of what is good. Drink is good, too little is bad, too much is bad. Food is good, too little is bad, too much is bad.
Evil is like darkness…. it is the absence of light, having no substance on it’s own.

We should reason with Truth, but we see that we have a weak reason. Rehashing old errors, changing our ideology over and over, planting seed and tearing it up the next day. Some of us live as if we have no goal. Our mind is weak, so we need Truth.

Addressing our will…. A light bulb is useless, unless power is supplied from without. Our stomachs need food from the outside. Our ears need sound from the outside. So it is with our will, we need God to pick us up.

Finding Truth, and obeying God, requires our reason, and when verifying revelation of that Truth, we have 3 tests…

  1. The one sent must be preannounced
  2. He must work miracles to authenticate the message
  3. Nothing taught can be contrary to human reason

Beginning with just the first test, we judge men like Buddha, Confucius, Mohammed, Marx, Hindu philosophers, university professors, anybody who claims to have the truth, etc….Were any of these men preannounced? Was it known where any would live, how they would live? Did any of them have their death foretold? Was their character known before hand? Was the manner of their teaching expected?

Only ONE was preannounced. In great detail, in time and place, only Jesus Christ was preannounced.

Next week, to confirm our Purpose and Truth, we will study the historical documents….

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